f Six Hundred & Twenty Two; working towards a healthier scalp with L'Oreal EVERSTRONG Hair & Scalp Series


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Six Hundred & Twenty Two; working towards a healthier scalp with L'Oreal EVERSTRONG Hair & Scalp Series

March 15, 2014 / ,

A journal update about my current hair condition:

Day 0

I have lost track of how many days it has been without rain already.......
Not only are the plants, trees, grass & shrubs suffering from the drought,
my scalp has also been crying for help due to the humility. :(

I have mentioned about this before..
that oily scalp and thinning hair have always been two of my main hair concerns.
In fact, I just came back from a scanning of my current hair scalp condition..
As you can see:
(but be prepared..... it's an extremely close-up view!!)

The white flakes around the roots of my hair are signs of oily scalp,
and the slight red veins are signs of slight sensitive scalp.

The crazily humid weather is not helping me on my hair issues,
especially when I am out for a long day of appointments, castings & work.
It is so tough to keep my hair in tip-top condition!
My hair would usually end up looking hideous (slightly oily + flat)
especially if I skipped using hair crimper for the day. 
My hair crimper has been a great help,
because it helps me to make my hair appear more volumized,
but what I really want, is to cure the roots of the problems!

So when I heard about L'Oreal Hair Expertise's latest 
EVERSTRONG Hair & Scalp series,
I was interested to find out more especially 
because it was targeted at scalp care & hair thinning issues. 
It was even more timely that L’Oreal was having a 30 Day Challenge 
that promised thicker and fuller hair. 
So I knew it was the right time to give these products a try.
*challenge accepted!*

Hence, I embarked on the 30 Days Hair Challenge.
It’s been at least a week already
 and I have been diligently using the products every day. 
For those of you experiencing hair thinning issues like me, 
you can read on to follow my progress and check out the results!


Day 1

Do not be too taken aback..
but this is how flat my hair can be,
before I used my hair crimper.
Imagine this look + an oily scalp..
I really hate it........... 

So yes, today, I started using the EVERSTRONG products.

My first feeling once I rubbed the shampoo onto my scalp & hair was:
"oooohhhh, minty feel. I like this!"
So by then, I was sure that mint, which revitalizes the scalp,
was present in the shampoo.

After drying my hair, the next thing I noticed, was the fragrance.
I love the smell!!
& that was when I found out that it was due to the presence of Rosemary,
commonly used for aromatherapy.
Rosemary is also known for soothing dry and sensitive scalp,
its hair-stimulating purposes 
and it's ability to add shine to dull hair.

Last step, was to spray the hair tonic, onto my scalp.
A total of 6 pumps, 1 at each area,
before massaging the tonic into the scalp thoroughly for it to be better absorbed.

My scalp felt revitalized and energized instantly.
I'm not even exaggerating.
The key ingredient: amino acid complex,
which is present in all 3 products,
helps to fortify & thicken the hair,
and also energizes the scalp.

I was already liking this new series from just one day of usage!
By the way, I have been using one of their series EVERSLEEK conditioner, 
for a long time.
What I really like about this brand,
is the guaranteed 100% Sulfate-Free rule that they adhere to.
(Just google 'sulfate' and you will see what they are commonly used for.
i.e house cleansing products, to create the foam.
and yes, many hair products include it in their ingredients...........
The foamier the better? No way!!)
This is important to me since I have slight sensitive scalp,
such harsh ingredients e.g. sulfate, silicones, parabenes 
(which are all not present in the L'Oreal Hair Expertise series) are a big no-no.
I think.. many people tend to neglect scalp care in their hair routines.
My friends around me usually use hair products targeted at 
dry hair/frizzy hair/coloured hair/etc;
but you know.. without a healthy scalp, 
you will not be able to have your hair growing healthily.
You know how plants need fertile soil to grow well,
our hair needs a healthy scalp to be strong and healthy too!

For instance, if you are facing hair fall issues,
instead of just using products targeted at strengthening your hair,
you should be using a good scalp care product!
By properly cleansing your scalp, it helps to prevent hair thinning and controls hair fall.
Your hair will then grow out stronger and healthier.
I'm stating this example, because I used to fall prey to it too.
I used to think that the reason my hair is so little and flat,
is because my hair dropped quite too much.
Ever since I acknowledged the fact that I should work on scalp care instead,
my hair fall problem has significantly improved,
and hence is no longer a main concern for me.

As for the progress for the next 30 days?
We shall see.......


Day 7

I just came home from my scalp scanning again.
And seriously, seeing is believing.
I was so surprised by the result!!!

The past week of using the products has been good for me so far,
I could already feel the slight difference.
The products have indeed helped me to control my sebum production,
and my scalp felt less oily by the end of the day.
However, I was not expecting to see much differences in the scanning results.
I mean.. it has only been 7 days?
This was supposed to be a 30 days hair challenge remember??

Take a look at these two images,
taken from two different areas of my scalp:

& now.. if you were compare the before & after:

The white flakes were significantly reduced!!!!!
I was so glad to see the results (and shocked hahahah)!

So looking forward to a healthier scalp with stronger & fuller hair!! :)

For more info, you can check out HERE


You can join me in taking part in this 30 days hair challenge,
& retrieve a $50 hamper incentive! :)

1. Purchase tonic to get a free 59ml set of shampoo + conditioner

2. Register particulars HERE
L’Oreal will contact you shortly on 
how to redeem (at L’Oreal office. Must provide a before shot) 

3. After redemption, use regime for 30 days.
At the end of 30 days, return 
to L’Oreal office to retrieve $50 hamper incentive,
in exchange for testimonial + after shot

Another piece of good news!

For the month of April, you can purchase the EVERSTRONG products
at discounted prices, at these places:

Guardian/Cold Storage/SASA/selected departmental stores: 
20% off the EverStrong Thickening range

Watsons (from 27th March to 23rd Apr):
3 for 2 (Buy 2 get 3rd item free),
as part of the L'Oreal Professional promotions.

You can now purchase the whole range here too!

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