f Six Hundred & Twenty; I believe in beliefs. {Rings from DIDD + Rainbow ombre nails by Sensual Nails Spa}


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Six Hundred & Twenty; I believe in beliefs. {Rings from DIDD + Rainbow ombre nails by Sensual Nails Spa}

March 2, 2014 / , ,

"Hard work beats talent when talent fails to work hard."
--Kevin Durant

I realized I have been neglecting this space quite a bit.
I have not really been motivated to update this lil' space of mine,
with my updates and personal thoughts..
Advertorials aside,
I have some food tasting backlogs to clear and one last post for my Hokkaido trip,
but even for these.. I have kind of lost the motivation to blog about them..

How has 2014 been for you so far?
Keeping in mind the reflective thoughts I had for 2013
and the self-reminders for 2014,
I have been quite successful in reminding myself to stay positive.
Since expectations almost always lead to disappointments for me;
I constantly remind myself to kill those thoughts of expecting this/that to happen.
Trying my best to 'live in the moment' as of now,
but inevitably, I still faced days when I feel discouraged and unmotivated.
As determined as I may be in pursuing what I really love and enjoy,
I can't help but to be deterred from the pursuit sometimes..
On days like that,
I would then visualize myself doing something else,
i.e. a full-time job that could fetch me a high income,
and I would try to imagine how my life would have been.
Such thoughts are helpful.
Not because they entice me to give up on what I'm currently pursuing,
but instead, almost 95% of the times,
such thoughts would help me to realize that,
I made the right choice to hold on and do what I truly love.
I guess it's only because my heart is still so determined,
that it always win whenever it battles with the mind.

I have been receiving emails and tweets/instagram comments from 
some of you, leaving me kind words of encouragements.
Thank you, from the bottom of my heart. :')
You have no idea how such simple words 
have kept me going. < 3 

Ahhhh.. those thoughts aside now,
I can't believe it's March already!
To start off my March positively,
I decided to have the happy colours on my nails again.
I love seeing happy colours :)

Elaine knew that I have been wanting to have a rainbow design for months,
so when I gave her a few options and 
asked for her advice on which nail art design to do this time,
we eventually decided on this.
I was secretly happy that she gave me her assurance 
on doing this rainbow ombre design this time.
My manicurist this time was Peiwen.
And like always, she never disappoints.
This design looked simple,
yet much tedious work were required!
She ensured that the colours blended in naturally.
Only 4 colours (purple, blue, yellow, pink) were used,
but all thanks to her skillful techniques, 
it seemed like I also had orange and green painted on.
My nails were completed in 1.5hours. :)

They are currently having a promotion:
Free Paraffin Treatment (worth $25) with every mani + pedi.
Blk 507 Bishan Street 11 #01-398 Singapore 570507
(5minute walk from Bishan Interchange)

Call 6259 0889 to book your slot! :)
Quote 'Shine' to get 10% off regular manicure, pedicure & waxing services!

Went to find Melissa and Melvin after this appointment,
for our food tasting session. (will blog about it soon!)
& while they were busy doing an advertorial shoot,
I started practising a lil'..
I am really not musically-inclined so I guess it's gna take me a long time
to get the hang of it!
'Dust in the wind' is first up on my learning list :)

Took this shot with self-timer mode.

After Mel and Mel (hahahah) were done with their advertorial shoot,
Melissa helped me by being my personal photographer for a short while.

& this was what happened behind-the-scene,
sneakily captured by Melvin from a distance away:

My special friend being so professional and serious,
that I could not stop laughing!!
'Triplefolds' in action!
(because Melvin is the owner of Multifolds. Get the drift?)


So much love for this new set of nails!

 & you may have noticed,
these are my current arm candies/essentials
A classic small watch from Naked Glory,
which changes colour according to temperature :)
I remember having a watch like this when I was young,
so you could imagine my excitement when I spotted this piece.
Black, blue, green and brown are the colours I have seen on the watch so far!

& the rings..
when I received these dainty rings from DIDD,
I wore them out immediately the next day.
I initially planned to wear one each day;
& since I received 3 designs, I planned to wear a different one each day.
But I found myself torn between the anchor design and the diamond design,
that I eventually just kept wearing these two.
Sometimes on the same hand,
sometimes one on each hand.
I love how these rings are so versatile,
and they match with almost all my outfits.
As cheesy as it sounds, but all 3 designs that I chose,
hold a special meaning to me.
These new delicate pieces, Délicat, which DIDD recently brought in,
are such dainty and timeless pieces.
I think I would wear them for a long time!
Each design is produced in limited pieces,
and all of them are made from 925 sterling silver,
plated with 14k or 18K gold,
available in three colours: White Gold, Rose Gold and Yellow,
and available in two sizes.

The 'Infinity' design, is embellished with Swarovski crystals.
Simple, yet exquisite.
I believe in beliefs,
and I would try my best to hold on to certain beliefs, for infinity.
For some, it may signify infinity love too.

I chose White Gold for the Diamond design.
'Shine bright like a diamond'?
So cliche, but no doubt it means something to me,
especially since this phrase has my name in it.

& the anchor piece?
"A ship is safe in harbour, but that's not what ships are meant for."
This quote which I hold close to, says it all.
And it also sums up my thoughts at the beginning of the post :)


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