f Six Hundred & Twenty One; 7 restaurants/cafes which I visited recently.


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Six Hundred & Twenty One; 7 restaurants/cafes which I visited recently.

March 12, 2014 / ,

I know I know..
My Instagram feed has been kinda filled with food pictures lately.

& now, I'm here to share all about my recent food hunts!
Will share my opinions,
but of course you gta keep in mind, 
I am not a professional food critic, okay? 
Just my personal opinions :)


I gotta be honest:
I visited MEDZS before (just once though),
and my first impression of the place was just.. average.
Perhaps it was just a wrong choice of food item that I made that day;
but this second visit to MEDZS, left a completely different impression.
Tried this with Melissa, Melvin & Elaine;
& I was so certain that I will be back again for their latest brunch menu!

The brand new weekend brunch menu is a pastiche of authentic 
French, Spanish, Moroccan, Italian, Greek and Turkish cuisines. 
What surprised us, was the price range ($12.90 - $14.90) 
for such pleasantly decorated items.
I thought the price was really reasonable.
I would have expected a $16-$20 price range.

Our favourite item among all the other brunch items that we had:
Stacked Brunch Torte (S$14.90)
This flaky pastry puff is a potpourri of eggs, ham, spinach, cheese and bell pepper, 
served with a side of creamy sautéed mushrooms.
The ingredients in between the flakes were a splendid combination
& this dish was simply delectable.

My second favourite has to be:
Bouncy Benedict ($14.90)
Such a cheesy name!
Flawless poached egg, topped with the flavourful hollandaise sauce.
What was worth mentioning was that the muffins were not soggy at all,
even after all our photo-taking (which took pretty long, honestly.)
There was rosti (albeit not seen) as one of the sides,
which was quickly finished up by all of us.
No doubt Rosti is one of their popular items!

Pork & Mini Sliders
I have a weakness for eggs with runny egg yolks,
& I really loved the tomatoes topped with garlic & herbs.
The mini burgers were pretty alright, 
but I guess I was just too busy savouring the first two items.
This dish was kinda neglected since it was served with the other two.

Round 2

Poseidon's Wrap ($14.90)
The scrambled egg was a hit for me, 
but I can't say the same for the wrap (with prawn, fish & squid),
even for a seafood lover like me.
It felt a tad too dry & the wrap was lil' too tough.
But then again, this may be an ideal dish for me on days when
I feel like having something lighter and healthier :) 

Toasty Tortilla ($14.90)
Loved the fluffy and soft omelette.
This would be good for sharing;
otherwise you may suffer from eggs overload.
Loved the tinge of sweetness from the onion bits,
& the bacon bits in between.
The garlic bread was pretty good too.

Egg-crowned Shakshouka ($14.90)
Lamb kefta, tomatoes, eggs tagine & some garlic toast on the side.
Somehow, the gamey taste of the lamb was not fully covered by the strong spices..
This dish was not quite to my liking.

We had an additional Salmon Rosti,
because we loved the rosti too much.

Round 3: Desserts!
Didn't manage to capture an individual photo of the Earl Grey Crème Brûlée,
but all of us enjoyed the rich earl grey delight.

A Berry Pancake Gala ($12.90)
To be frank, this dish just appeared less appealing to us,
because it was served together with the rainbow cake & other desserts.
Topped with a variety of fresh berries & sauces,
the pancakes were actually much better than what I expected them to be.
Mango sauce with pancakes was a first time for me,
but I liked the refreshing taste to it.

Small cakes: 3 for $16.90;
we had the Red Velvet & Rainbow Cake

Unexpectedly, the rainbow cake was the show stealer.
All of us were engrossed in snapping pretty photos of it.
What I liked about this cake, was how the cream between each layer was spread thinly. 
Truth be told, this lil' piece looked prettier than it tasted,
because it tasted like any normal sponge cake with some cream frosting.
That being said, I really would not mind getting it as one of the three cakes,
because the happy colours of this cake really brightened up my evening!

The best dessert of the night goes to.....
Oh Fruit Crepe! ($12.90)
A combination of mango, peach, chocolate chips, almond,
caramel sauce & vanilla ice-cream.
I totally did not expect much from this crepe,
not even when Melissa took a bite of it & praised it immediately.
Until I tried the very first bite.
I don't know why and how,
but this combination was splendidddddd.
I guess the flavourful mango sauce played a huge part.

MEDZ @ Orchard Central
181 Orchard Road, #B2-01 to 03 / #B2-30 to 43, 
Singapore 238896
(They have an outlet at Millenia Walk as well.)


2. Ramen Kagetsu Arashi

I have been looking forward to good ramen in Singapore,
ever since my trip from Hokkaido
(just got reminded that I still have yet to update the Sapporo post....)
There are already a few good ramen outlets to name in my list, 
but I am still hungry (puns intended) to try out more!

The first dish that came was this Dry Curry Rice.

I loved the crispy part that stuck to the pan the most!
The spices blended pretty well and gave the dish a fragrant punch.
It would have been better if the sausages were replaced with real meat.

Ginjiro Ramen
Apart from the pork bones which were simmered for long hours,
dried bonito, kelp and several other ingredients are also tossed in to achieve the flavoursome goodness.
This ramen is said to be rich in collagen.
Good excuse to gulp down the sweet broth.
Melissa, Melvin and I all voted this as the best among all three!

Arashi Genkotsu Ramen
This is the No. 1 favourite ramen in the Japan outlets,
and also the signature dish for the restaurant.
It was extremely rich in taste (richer than Ginjiro Ramen)
& the combination of pork marrow bones, fat, collagen 
and the various spices used, 
was the result of this unique broth;
but it was too strong for my liking
(somehow, it had a lil' bit of burnt taste to it,
prolly from the garlic & spices,
which some people may have a liking to)

Arashi Genkotsu Sio Ramen
This ramen had a milky white broth with natural sea salt added,
hence a lighter and refreshing broth.
I chose this as my second favourite!

In general, the slices of charsiew were pretty satisfying.
Tender, with the right amount of fats.
(Yes, I do like my ramen charsiew to have some fats!)
You might have noticed by now,
that the eggs used for the ramen are hard-boiled eggs,
 instead of the usual Hanjuku eggs with runny egg yolk.
The reason being that, they believed that this way,
the broth will not be affected by the egg yolk.
I.. still prefer my Hanjuku eggs though.
In fact, I always look forward to those runny egg yolks in my ramen. hahahah.

Side dishes:

One of the best that I've tried at a ramen outlet in Singapore.
The pastry skin was of the right thickness,
and the meat filling was juicy and tasty.
(would be better if there was more meat filling inside though!)
Crispy yet chewy at the same time.
Could not help but to request for a second serving.
*rubs tummy*

The other two fried dishes we ordered were just as sinfully delicious.
A lil' on the oily side though.

Buta Moyashi
The special recipe seasoning used to combine the beansprouts and minced meat,
was quite impressive.
A refreshing way to end the heavy meal, 
and to cleanse the taste buds a lil' from all the rich taste from previous dishes.

Ramen Kagetsu Arashi
2 Handy Road, #B1-01/02/03,
The Cathay,
Singapore 229233
(They have outlets at Star Vista and Tampines 1 too)


3. Brunetti Pasticceria

The meal started with the Wild Mushroom Soup ($8).
I loved the freshly-baked multi-grain bread that came with it.
The mushroom soup on the other hand,
seemed a lil' bland & diluted,
albeit tasting pretty good initially.

Main Courses:

Linguine Seafood S$19

Homemade Tagliatelle with Chicken, Mushroom, Truffle and cream sauce S$18

Chicken and Asparagus Risotto S$18

Wild Mushroom Risotto S$18

My pick: Wild Mushroom Risotto.
I can't believe I missed out an individual shot of this.
The mushroom taste was done just nice, 
flavourful yet not overpowering.
& the tinge of truffle taste made it quite addictive.
Melissa and I both loved this the most.
My second pick would be the 
Homemade Tagliatelle with Chicken, Mushroom, Truffle and cream sauce.
I guess Brunetti handles the dishes with mushrooms really well.
As for the other two,
they were bland in taste and rather disappointing.
Donna Regina $19.90

Proseuitto Conrucola $20
 This is not in the menu, but you can request for it.Basically, a margherita pizza with additional topping of prosecuitto ham & rucola.
I only managed to try this pizza, because I was (surprsingly) full.
I liked the thin ham, which had the right level of saltiness,
but the crust could have been better..


The huge variety of desserts available at this Italian outlet,
made me go a lil' crazy.

I was definitely spoilt with choices!
FYI, there were much more choices than what I captured.

The assorted macarons ($2.25 per pc) were irresistable.
I chose the happy & bright colours!
The salted caramel (white) and vanilla (blue) were my favourites.

Melissa and Melvin chose the other sweets.
A combination of hit & miss for these items.
Some were pretty good, while some were average.
I'll say.. you just gotta try your luck!
There are soooooo many to choose from anyways :)

Brunetti Pasticceria

163 Tanglin Road

#01-35 Tanglin Mall


4. Sun Ray Cafe

The next that I'm recommending,
is a pet-friendly cafe.
Melissa and I brought Tinkerbell out,
and she was so excited when she realized she could go out with us this time!

The super manja girl,
who loves her mummy so so much.
She refused to sit on my laps,
and would rather be on Mel's laps.

Look at her adorable face,
resting on Mel's elbow :')

We didn't try the food this time,
because I had lunch at home,
and it was Ash Wednesday for special friend.
I ordered a Matcha Latte though.
It was a lil' too rich for my liking.

Look at the other adorable lil' puppy,
actively chasing after Tinkerbell.
Tinkerbell is already pretty small in size,
so you could imagine how small the other puppy was.

Pet food are available here.
Mel bought some chicken food for Tinkerbell,
who gobbled down the whole plate in less than 3 minutes.
And that is not something that she would usually do!

Plugs, wifi, pet-friendly environment,
so ideal for staying there the whole afternoon to get work done.
We will definitely be back to try the food soon!

Sun Ray Cafe
79 Brighton Crescent, 559218


5. Common Man Coffee Roasters 

Decided to pop by this place for brunch on one of the weekends.
I love the ambience!

Common Man Full Breakfast for le buddy

He said he was way too full from this.
The dish was living up to its name indeed.

Turkish Common Man Breakfast

I decided to try this only because of the runny egg yolk, which I've heard ravings about.
Forgot to capture a photo of it,
but you can see it from my Instagram video
The phyllo-wrapped soft-boiled organic egg 
was indeed a pleasant delight!
I loved the seasoned tomatoes and veggies too.
I cant say the same for the pita bread and crispy feta (white-brined curd cheese) though......
I actually kinda disliked the feta. :/
The pita was quite tough to bite/cut too.
I guess I'm not quite used to Turkish taste. 

The prices were pricey for brunch,
but I guess that's justified because of the organic ingredients used. 
Le buddy also ordered some special coffee,
and the total bill amounted to $67 I think.
Would love to come back again,
but I guess not anytime soon,
unless I feel like pampering myself.
Not so healthy for the wallet, you see.

Common Man Coffee Roasters 
22 Marin Road #01-00,
Singapore 239058

We went to take a walk around Chinatown,
and chanced upon this street artist.
I literally stood there for a good 5minutes to admire his art piece..
His art piece felt so "alive". 

6. Mei Heong Yeun Dessert 味香园甜品

This sesame red bean snow ice was perfecttttt for the humid weather.
Each bite was soooo heavenly. 

ordered the Mango rolls,
& felt cheated. hahahah.

only because I imagined it to have some mango ice-cream
inside, but it was just pure mango fruit,
with some jelly wrap.
Refreshing la.....
but i would rather spend my $3 on a whole mango. :x

Carrot cake + pumpkin cake + yam cake
Gosh. I loved this so so much!!!
Been some time since I last had such tasty ones!
The carrot cake (together with the sambal chilli) was da bombz. 

Mei Heong Yeun Dessert 味香园甜品
67 Temple St, Singapore 058611


7. Habitat Coffee

Second visit, with Hayley this time.

Big Breakfast for her
I grabbed a bite of everything though. 
It was good!

Cappuccino for me
loved the caramalized biscuit that came with it. 

The churros ($9) was quite satisfying!

& this cake, which i forgot the name...
Will stick to Carrot Cake (their carrot cake is good!) next time.

Habitat Coffee
223 Upper Thomson Road
Singapore 574355

Hope you enjoyed reading!
And if you happened to try any of this, 
do share with me the items you tried 
and your reviews! 
Happy mid-week :)

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