f Six Hundred & Twenty Three; Feeling good should be THIS easy!


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Six Hundred & Twenty Three; Feeling good should be THIS easy!

March 18, 2014 /

You might have seen from my social feeds that.. 
I was recently involved in a video shoot with 
Amore Fitness, Wong Fu Productions and Tree Potatoes.
The video has been released!


Eunice and I, with Phil and Wes :)

It was such an honour to be able to work with the two talented groups.
I love working with people who are so dedicated to their work, 
all because of the passion they have for what they are doing. 
You can feel it! 
& their passion so strong, that you get an extra boost of motivation to keep going too.

 With Sheena, Hayden and Eunice :)

with Janice from Tree Potatoes :)

With Eunice and Darryl.
Watch out for his yoga move in the video clip. hahahah.

I hope you enjoyed the video! :)

Anyways, I just came back from my personal training at Amore Fitness.

Been some time since I last went for the personal training..........
So tiring yet so satisfying!!!!!!!
My personal training aside,
the first thing I noticed once I stepped into the outlet..
Amore Fitness is sporting a new look!

After finding out more about this new holistic package,
I think whoever came up with this idea is splendid!
Basically, this new Amore Holistic Package allows you to choose from ANYTHING
under Amore's services (gym, personal training, group classes, spa and more) 
to create your very own personalized package.

Not sure if you knew..
but yes, Amore offers both fitness (Amore Fitness)
and spa (Amore Boutique Spa) at the very same location.
This holistic package is introduced for us to enjoy the best of both worlds!
I think the spa serves as a brilliant motivation to push ourselves to work harder during the workouts;
& then enjoy a full relaxation by having a good spa/massage after that.
The idea of having a good massage after a tiring workout is just..
*inserts heart-shaped emoticons*
or simply.. "shiok beyond words". 
You work hard, & then reward yourself afterwards.
Rejuvenating to the max!
On top of that, I heard there will now be higher birthday discounts and promotions too :)

One of the best things about the Holistic Package is that you can now 
customise your package to what you like and according to your schedule
This is specially designed for Singaporeans in mind – that if you are too busy 
to attend to gym classes this week, fret not. 
You can utilize your package next month if this month you are not able to :)

If you are keen to experience this for yourself,
good news is......
You can now try the latest Promotion Package!
And even for the promotion package, 
there are a few options available.
Customization at its best. hahahah.

Option 1: 2 Choices (A + B) at $69
Option 2: 2 Choices (A + C) at $69
Option 3: 3 Choices (A + B + C) at $89

Choice A
4 Entries
(utilised in 2 weeks, worth $90)
 Access to state of the art gym & fitness classes at all Amore outlets.

Choice B
Botaroma Swedish Massage
(45mins, worth $94.16)
 Soothe all aches & achieve ultimate relaxation 
with a therapeutic blend of Geranium, Sweet Orange & Lavender.

Choice C
Purity Facial
(75mins, worth $90.95)
 A clinically proven purifying facial that revives the complexion. 
For oily, dehydrated or sensitive skin.

 Terms & conditions apply.
For new customers only.
Valid from now till 31 April 2014.
Reservations required.

I think this is a good deal,
and a good chance for those of you,
who have always been keen in trying out Amore's facilities and services.
(On a side note.. I really want to try the swimming pool at Tampines soon!!!!!)
The City Square and Tampines outlets are for both genders,
while the rest of the outlets are available to ladies only.

"The Amore Holistic Package. Feeling good should be THIS easy." 
Indeed :)

I hope to see more of you at Amore!!

Amore Fitness
  1. Hi Shine! haha may i ask how much (just give me an approx amt will be alright :D) is it to have a personal trainer? and is it ok to have just one personal training, and then gym on my own after that (whenever I go to the gym) ?

    1. Hihi Jiaxin! :)

      For personal training (PT), Amore Fitness has several different packages/promotions to choose from, so I am really not sure what are the different rates for PT.. It would be best if you drop them an email at info@amorefitness.com to enquire about that! :)

      And if you are keen in trying out the gym and the classes, do consider the holistic package!! I really think it's worth it :D http://www.amorefitness.com/holistic/