f Six Hundred & Sixteen; Le Buddies Hokkaido Journey Part II (Niseko)


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Six Hundred & Sixteen; Le Buddies Hokkaido Journey Part II (Niseko)

February 10, 2014 / , ,

Day 3
Started my morning with this view at the hotel pantry.
I was so so excited to see this!
This was the kind of view that I had imagined to see,
& I finally get to see the snow piling up on the ground on the third day!

Left our hotel and headed to Niseko.

Took the JR Train 

& we arrived in Niseko!

Yes, the train station was right beside the houses.

I was so famished and was so glad to find a restaurant at the station.
Grabbed a pumpkin salad.
I have a thing for pumpkin, yam & sweet potatoes.

Took a free shuttle bus from Niseko station to our hotel,
One Niseko.
We arranged for this shuttle bus service with the hotel, via the email.
 Thank you, One Niseko Resort Towers, for partially sponsoring our stay in your hotel.

The lobby area.

This was one of my favourite corners. 
hahahah I think I forgot to mention that,
throughout my whole Hokkaido trip,
I spent quite a bit on buying snacks.
 I was just snacking non-stop on the junk food!!
I don't know how I could have survived the two nights in Niseko
if not for this corner;
because there was no convenience shop around.

We stayed in the Premium Suite (with Tatami),
& I was so in love with this suite!
It was so spacious.

Kitchen, fridge, electric stove, oven, TV, tatami, heater were all available. 

& these were our views from the balcony:

Serenity at its best :)

 I really wanted to build a snowman,
& so..
we decided to explore the area before the sun set.

:) :) 

Everything still felt so surreal..
A white (early) christmas.

Outer jacket + Black woolen jeggings from i.t Singapore

Building a snowman was definitely not as easy as I thought!

Tried holding the snow with bare hands when the temperature was at least -4 deg Celsius.
(my gloves was not water-proof hahahah)
I was already freezing in my 3 layers of clothes!!
In the end, we managed to build a really small snowman,
which appeared not so mini at all because of my good angle. 

Went back to wash up a little,
& went to have our dinner at Restaurant Tura in the hotel,
which was actually very pricey to me..
but we thought that we could pamper ourselves once for this trip.

Ordered one set of their Dinner Course,
& another ala-carte main course + one appetiser.

It was the fine-dining style..
(which was honestly not my preferred style)

This was the ala-carte main course which le buddy ordered.
It was some pork chop thingy which tasted so amazingly good!!
I think it was SGD$30 for this, but the pork was really well-marinated,
tender, succulent and of the right texture.
Very tantalizing.

Outer jacket from i.t Singapore.
The zips can be zipped up too.

Headed back to the hotel and had an early night because..
it was skiing/snow-boarding the next morning!!

Day 4
We decided to go to Nook Annupuri for our skii-ing/snow-boarding.
Arranged for a shuttle bus service from our hotel to Annupuri.
It was just less than 10 minutes drive away.

Before it started snowing heavily:

So excited when I saw this huge piece of white land!

After it started snowing heavily:

I was actually feeling quite sick that day,
prolly because my body was not to comfortable with the weather.
So when it started snowing heavily,
I was freezing (yet loving the falling snow at the same time!).

I chose to go for skii-ing while le buddy went for snow-boarding.
He has tried snow-boarding before, so he was totally looking forward to this part of the trip.
As for me..........
I decided to sign up for the coaching course on the spot,
because I had zero knowledge of how to skii,
& there was nobody around to guide me.
It was very expensive though!
Approximately SGD$180 (off-peak price) for a 2 hours session,
because it was a private lesson.
It would have been much cheaper if it was a group lesson.
We rented the entire outfits and equipment too.
You can find out the prices here.
We paid a slightly cheaper price because it was off-peak,
and they gave us a further discount (or at least that was what they said hahah)

Warming up

I struggled quite a bit in the beginning,
because I was feeling rather weak yet I had to use some strength.
especially when going up the slope!

Falling into the knee-deep pile of snow (they call it the Japan Powder) was shiok,
yet not so shiok at the same time,
because it took me much effort to climb out of the pile.
I chose to detach my feet from the ski-boards each time,
as I found it easier,
than struggling to get up in the soft pile of snow with the boards attached.

My instructor 

A short clip of me skiing: Here

I only stayed at the bottom mild slopes area
because I was not confident to take the cable car ride all the way up.
We were there from 9am-3pm,
and after the 2 hours course,
I only skii-ed a bit here and there,
and took a lot of breaks
because I was feeling really weak and cold.
Such a waste!!!!!!!!!

Next time hopefully?

I took the cable car ride up just to have a look at how far the rest of them went to go down the slopes
(I secretly used le buddy's pass. OOPS)

It took me 15minutes to get to the top 
& I swear it was the longest 15minutes ride EVER.
After 5 minutes, I started to get really scared.
I mean, I was alone in the cable car..
What if the cable car broke down and I got trapped right in the middle of nowhere?!!
After 10 minutes,
you could imagine my very very worried face,
especially when it started to get very blur & I could not even see the outside anymore.
When I finally reached the top,
you could imagine my joy and relief. 

The trip down was much more relaxing.

Captured by le buddy with his GoPro while snowboarding down all the way from the top:

Anyway, most importantly,
it was le buddy's birthday that day.
So I was just glad that he had a good time snowboarding.
(which helped him a tiny bit in reminiscing his wakeboarding days hahah)

Left the place and went to tour the area,
in desperate search for.. FOOOOD!
We chanced upon this lodge, Frying Pan.

I fell in love with this lodge.
Basically, you can stay here for accommodation & there is a kitchen,
with meals provided.
When we arrived, it was actually not their meal hours yet,
but upon knowing that we were desperately looking for food,
the very friendly owners and chefs whipped out two main courses just for us.

Turned out to be the best meal we had in Niseko :')
& the prices were so reasonable! I think it was 1200 & 1400 Yen respectively.

Had our late dinner Gallery Cafe,
which was just beside the main lobby.
A simple bowl of ramen & carbonara pasta for us this time.
(& yes, no images of the food)
There was onsen available in the hotel too.
We did not try it though.
Headed back to the hotel room,
caught the Newcastle vs Man United match,
and le buddy had his best birthday present because his favourite team won.
He is a hardcore Newcastle supporter.

All in all, it was a really comfortable stay in the Premium suite in One Niseko.
Thank you Masahiro-san, for being so welcoming and friendly,
over the emails and in person! :)

One Niseko Resort Towers
Facebook | Website

Le buddy grabbed a shot of Mt. Yotei, while on our bus back to the Niseko station.
I left Niseko with very beautiful memories etched in my mind.
The snow powder.. the skii-ing experience..
the feeling of warmth in a lodge after a cold freezing long walk.. :')
After Niseko, we traveled to Otaru & then Sapporo, the city areas.
Will be back to blog about the very last part of this trip.

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Part III: Sapporo

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