f Six Hundred & Seventeen; Le Buddy's first facial experience + GIVEAWAYfor you!


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Six Hundred & Seventeen; Le Buddy's first facial experience + GIVEAWAYfor you!

February 15, 2014 / , ,

ALOE! Happy Valentlime's Day!! :)
hahahha. I randomly chanced upon some e-cards on Instagram,
and decided to draw them out to include in my V'day card this year! 

 I know how Valentine's Day can get a lil' overrated..
& yes, we should express our love on any other normal days & not just V'day,
but I just feel that, there is no harm putting in some extra effort on this day too.
Celebrate your love with the special ones in your life,
with your other half, good friends, or even family members! :)

There is really no need for extravagant gifts/dinners/flowers,
but rather, it is the thought that goes into planning/DIY-ing cards or gifts that counts.
Those jewellery/bags/something-along-the-line? You can buy them for yourself.
But drawing a card for yourself? Hmmm.
It just makes a whole lot of difference when someone gives you a DIY card.
I hope you get my drift! :)

In case you are still fretting over what do get for your other half....
lemme share with you what I did for le buddy this year!
On top of a DIY card and a gift,
I also brought him along for a facial session recently.
Yes, it was his very first facial session!

Founded in 1999, by former beauty queen Icemichelle Chen,
Supreme Q.X Beauty Spa is dedicated in using the natural approach to beauty and health.
The owner truly believes in treatments from inside-out.
The treatment which I chose for le buddy and myself,
was one of their signature treatments:
TCM Bo Jin Face and Eye Lift Therapy 

Before I go on explaining what this treatment does,
I believe in 'seeing is believing',
so, lemme show you the photos first.
And if you are keen in knowing more about this TCM Bo Jin Face and Eye Lift Therapy,
you can then read the details to find out more :)

'Before' photos:
As you can see, le buddy had quite a bit of outbreaks due to stress from work,
resulting in the big red spots.
In addition, his eyebags were really obvious even when he closed his eyes
(when he smiled.. they were 20kg heavy. 
just kidding, but you get my drift)

As for me, as mentioned in previous posts before:
"dull skin" has always been one of my main concerns.
I also had quite a bit of dark circles under the eyes,
probably due to poor blood circulation.

Using a tool to scrape the face along the meridian points,
this treatment is targetted at clearing of meridian blockages and removing of toxins.

Pure plant herbal cream was used

The treatment first started with the jawline to the lower part of the ears,
and then down the neck to clear the toxins.
The exact same points where I would massage every day with my face lifting cream. 
Some of you ladies should already know by now,
massaging of that area is really important for face lifting!

Then she proceeded with the forehead,
and slowly worked down to the eye, cheek and then lower part of the face.
She focused on half the side of the face first,
and then moved on the the other side after.

My therapist was really skillful,
and in case you are wondering, 
there was no pain felt at all!
In fact.. it felt really shiok.
Just like massage..
but on the face this time.
Apparently, I found out from buddy afterwards that he fell asleep throughout!
He enjoyed it alot!!

The therapist then proceeded to cleansing of the face
(to remove the essential oil),
followed by application of a cooling mask with charcoal as the main ingredient.

The end-result?
I don't know if you can spot the difference,
but my face felt tighter, 
my eyes area especially,
and the dark circles lightened a little!
Most importantly, I loved the radiant glow.

I think the differences on le buddy were more noticeable:
First of all,his red spots were obviously lightened!!
(The mask had helped in soothing his sensitive skin)
His face looked much more radiant and healthier,
and his eyebags were also reduced by a bit.
I couldn't stop praising his glowing skin after that.

So now, lemme tell you more about this treatment :)

TCM Bo Jin Face and Eye Lift Therapy
How it works?

This treatment mainly aims at removing the blockages in blood flow,
which could be caused by stress that lead to cell death.
These blockages can result in dull and tired skin.

Unlike ordinary facial treatments which may usually only work on the skin epidermis level,
resulting in temporary effects,
this TCM Bo Jin Face and Eye Lift therapy works deeper into all 4 layers below the skin.

In simple terms, the techniques used for this treatment,
will help in clearing the blockage and draining the toxins,
allowing better blood circulation,
and thus a radiant and healthy glow for the face.

Benefits of Face “Bo Jin”

- Dull skin, acne, spots, yellow patch,
- Wrinkles and sagging skin,
- Spots and pigmentation,
- Tinnitus(ringing in the ear), hearing loss,
- Lack of concentration and memory loss.

Benefits of Eye “Bo Jin” Therapy”

- Clear up Dark Eye Circle
- Reduce Puffy Eye Bag
- Improve Eye Sight, Floaters
- Remove fine lines near the eyes
- Drain metabolic waste toxins

If you are keen, you can watch a video regarding this treatment here.

So so glad that his first facial treatment turned out so pleasant for him!
He has been so tired and worked out from work,
I think this pampering session came just in time :) 
I asked him for his thoughts after this first facial experience,
and he mentioned:
Refreshed, relaxing and SHIOK!
Psst.. he had a good deep sleep that night too. 

And now.. I have great news for y'all....

 After some discussing with Supreme Q.X Beauty Spa,
they have decided to reward TWO of my readers (and your other half!!)
with the same treatment (worth $198)

How to participate?

-Leave this specific sentence on my photo on Instagram
(Previous photo deleted due to minor error spotted in caption.
Those who have already left your comments,
do not worry because I have already recorded your usernames!)
-Hashtag #ShineKohSupremeQXgiveaway
-Tag your friend/boyfriend/girlfriend so that they can know about this giveaway too!

"I hope to win the TCM Bo Jin Face and Eye Lift Therapy 
so that I can bring my boyfriend/girlfriend along to try it!" 
@abcde (your friend/boyfriend/girlfriend) 

I will select the winners by 19 Feb, 8pm! 

Supreme Q.X Beauty Spa
Address: Blk 513 Bishan St 13 #01-510
Singapore 570513
(Beside Bishan Interchange/CPF Building)
Contact: 63583029

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