f Six Hundred & Nineteen; Premium passes to Three Blind Mice Flea + Wimbly Lu + The Coffee Daily + Short hair again


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Six Hundred & Nineteen; Premium passes to Three Blind Mice Flea + Wimbly Lu + The Coffee Daily + Short hair again

February 19, 2014 / , , ,

The Three Blind Mice flea  is happening this weekend,
and here is a piece of good news to share:

I have TEN premium passes to be given away! 

Each pass will allow the holder + TWO of your friends to
(1) Priority access to the event on both days
(2) Carpenter & Cook Voucher
(3) Sakura Day Cream Minis by Garnier
(4) Wingstop Vouchers www.wingstop.com/
(5) A chance to win a Nakedglory vintage watch worth $32

To participate, simply leave this comment on this Instagram post,

"I would like to win the premium pass to Three Blind Mice flea 
this coming weekend! @ThreeBlindMiceFlea" 
& include your email address.

I will select the winners by this Friday morning!

On top of what I mentioned in the previous post,
there will be a new section included this time. 

For the first time ever, a flea brings you the essence of street shopping!! 
Vintage lovers and enthusiasts will be in for a treat :)
TBM has specially collaborated with boutique styling 
and vintage rental company heavenwildfleur.com
to design the entire section. 
Along with your favorite and biggest street brands in Singapore
such as Butteredgun and Ashincans, 
expect to find a variety of sale items and new arrivals,
plus a collection of ray bans inspired shades, shoes, bags, snapbacks, 
and even a guys rack!

There will be also be food stalls selling pastries, finger food and drinks.
Popular local cafe Carpenter & Cook will also be present at the event.
Live performances by budding local singers and bands 
such as Youtube sensation Daryl Aiden Yow 
and The Final One Top 8 finalist Debbi Koh.

See y'all there! :)


Wimbly Lu + The Coffee Daily + Shorter hair again!

Hope your V'day went well! :)
Gave my Mummee, the love of my life, chocolates as usual,
& this time, albeit not an expensive one,
it's one of her favourites. That's all that matters, right? :)

Met special friend, Melissa, and Melvin for a quick grab at Wimbly Lu

Love the fun that we always have through our silly conversations and moments :)

We tried the Root Beer Cake, Carrot Cake, Fish nuggets, and the Waffles with Ice-cream.

I am not a fan of root beer (or sarsi), 
so the root beer cake,
which was basically brownie with ice cream and some root beer sauce at the bottom,
did not appeal to me..
I think you might find it otherwise if you are a root-beer lover :)
The carrot cake was actually pretty good,
if the thick icing was excluded!
The fish nuggets were like mini fish&chips,
which Melvin really loved!

I would prolly recommend you to.......
skip the previous three which I mentioned and go straight to the waffles,
because they were seriously the bomb!!

We only ordered one serving of waffle initially,
but we were so in love with it that we ordered a second serving next!
The waffles were warm, light, fluffy and fragrant.
I am already craving for it again!!
We tried the sea-salt caramel and honey cinnamon flavoured ice-cream,
and all of us preferred the sea-salt caramel :)

Wimbly Lu
15-2 Jalan Riang Singapore 358987. 
Tuesday - Friday 1pm - 10.30pm. 
Saturday 9am - 11pm. Sunday 9am - 10.30pm.

Met le buddy for our v'day dinner after that! 
& yes, I have a new skill to pick up now! :')

By the way, the winners of the Supreme Q.X Beauty Spa giveaway are:
@adelinenileda & @huiijunn 

Congrats on winning the free treatment for yourself and your partner!! :)
Please remember to reply me your email address!


Tried on a new lip colour + my grumpy morning face

I have been trying out the different hair lengths very daringly recently.
Just trying to find out which length suits me best!
I really don't mind doing bold changes to my hair :)
Also did my usual scalp treatment, targeted at my hair thinning/loss concerns.

Some of you have been asking me about my progress so far,
& I will gladly tell you,
that I have definitely seen improvements!
My hair loss has reduced for sure.
On top of that, Gary (director of Salon Vim!) and my hairstylist, Lilian,
both felt that my hair feels fuller than before.

I have now moved on to the next step of home treatment:
This Kerastase anti-hairloss spray is to help me in maintenance of my hair thickness :)

Thank you Salon Vim, for keeping my hair and scalp healthy!

Salon Vim @ 313 Somerset
313 Orchard Road 
 Singapore 238895 
Quote 'Shine Koh' for 10% off regular-priced services :)

Special friend and I both made arrangements 
to our hair salons (both at 313!) to get our hair pampered,
and we went to The Coffee Daily for some good food 
and discussions for our upcoming overseas trip!

We will be heading to Korea next month,
together with Melvin from Multifolds Photography for work + holiday!

We have already taken up some advertorials for this trip,
and so, we will be hunting for the beautiful locations in Seoul and Jeju Island,
and with the help of a very professional photographer 
(Melvin! & we are paying him!),
we will be doing some photoshoots there! :)

We still have some slots for advertorials,
so if you are keen in engaging us to feature your items,
you can email me at shanshine@shinekoh.com! :) :)

To be frank, Korea was never in my "Top Countries to Visit" list,
but I am still very looking forward to the trip!

We have been cafe-hunting recently,
and boy, were we glad to chance upon The Coffee Daily!
On top of the pretty decent food,
there were several plugs available!!!!!!!
AND, free wifi!!
Gosh, such a gem.
Quite a number of cafes which I visited recently,
have either blocked off their plugs to prevent customers from camping there
and using the electricity, 
or do not have plugs available at all.
And I find that quite a disappointment..
I understand the situations that the cafe owners face,
especially when people hog at the spot for several hours with probably just one cup of coffee..
but I was thinking, it will probably be better if you will
provide an option for the users to actually pay for the usage of the plugs?
I will not mind paying a reasonable amount for the usage,
because sometimes, I really just want to chill at a cafe 
and get my work done..
Okay enough of ranting!

 No price for guessing what made our day 

This rainbow cake was a mood-lifter, albeit a lil' too pricey ($10).
We loved how it was not too sweet, and did not have too much cream/icing on it :)
It was a lil' dry though.
Nevertheless, satisfying enough.

On top of the rainbow cake, we also tried the Ham and egg sandwich,
and laksa lasagna. 
They were in small servings in my opinion,
but we felt that they were to our likings.

The Coffee Daily
75 Brighton Crescent, 559216
Mon-Fri: 12pm -1030pm
Sat & Sun: 930am - 1030pm

Alrighty, that summed up my post!

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