f Six Hundred & Eighteen; River Safari


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Six Hundred & Eighteen; River Safari

February 16, 2014 /

Family outing to River Safari today,
because sis had free entries from her workplace.

Here are some pictures of the animals we saw today :)

Alligator Gar

You should know what this is!

Mississippi Paddlefish

Not too sure about this

Indian Gharial

which was really huge. There were two of them.

Mekong Giant Catfish

Giant Freshwater Stingray
(& it said hi to me! See the video. hahah!)

Yangtze Alligator

Red Panda

We were anticipating to see Kai Kai and Jia Jia

(not sure if this was KaiKai or JiaJia)
It greeted us with the butt!

We only saw one of them;
& I would like to think that it was just chillaxing instead of being really bored.

Grabbed some bites at Mama Panda Kitchen

Panda Pau for $2.90 each

& this tray cost approximately $30.

My panda cappuccino $5.50,
which tasted pretty good!

Squirrel monkeys

There were a lot of them, and they were allowed to run freely.
I like!
I think so long as you do not attempt to provoke them, 
they are really a joy to watch :) 

There was a boat ride,
which would take you to see even more animals,
but we skipped that because it was not that convenient for mummy.
So.... we missed out on quite a bit of animals.
Basically, we just saw a lot of different fishes.....
& we were disappointed to see only one panda. hahah.
Nevertheless, it was still quite an interesting experience.
I may not visit this place anytime soon again,
but I think it is a place where you could visit at least once,
with your family especially! :)

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