f Six Hundred & Twelve; Bloggers-Readers Get-Together Session + The Body Shop Drops of Youth review after 5 days of usage


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Six Hundred & Twelve; Bloggers-Readers Get-Together Session + The Body Shop Drops of Youth review after 5 days of usage

January 23, 2014 / , , ,

Remember my post about the The Body Shop's Nutriganics Drops of Youth,
which promises results after 5 days of usage?

I'm back to give my review!

Honestly, I would not say that there were drastic changes in the five days for me.
In fact, the changes are not very visible in photos.

First of all, here is a close up shot of my current skin condition,
exactly 5 days after usage!
No makeup (except the brows), no filters.

You can still see my dark circles, eyebags, pores and pimples..
But hey!!
My skin felt rejuvenated definitely!

The reason why I did not insert a 'before' vs 'after' photos,
is because I felt that the changes in these 5 days were not exactly 'seen' but 'felt'.
This pre-serum worked really well for me,
but it is not 'magic potion',
so it does not magically correct all my flaws in 5 days in the most obvious ways.
But it improved my skin conditions a bit,
and I was already impressed by the small changes it did in a short span of 5 days.

I could feel (not see, but yes, feel) the difference in the skin texture,
but you might not be able to spot the differences in photos.
My skin felt tighter & bouncier.
Like literally a "boinkkk" feel when I pinch my cheeks.
I love that feeling! 
& I could also see a slight improvement in the glow & radiance,
although not very obvious yet.
The best part of this pre-serum is that..
it is non-greasy AT ALL,
& it gets absorbed into my skin very quickly.

Lemme show you how I used it (twice) in my daily regime:

1. Drop 2 drops onto the back of the palm 
(front also can la!)

2. Rub a little with the fingers
This is my current skin condition w/o makeup!
(except the brows)

3. Spread & rub onto the skin gently

 4. Tap the remaining amount on the surface into the skin gently

5. Do not neglect your neck too!!
 (Sunlight was in my favour & made my skin looked really smooth & bright.
No filters done to these photos at all!!!
If you zoom in the photos, you can still see my pores & pimples.)

I am really satisfied with this product til date,
& I will continue to use it in my daily regime.
Hopefully, there will be even more improvements to my skin 
after using it for a longer period.

From left to right: Jun Ying, Audrey, Shine, Roseanne, Yuki

On 17th January, with the help of Gushcloud's arrangements,
The Body Shop collaborated with Amore Fitness & Yellow Cup Coffee,
and we had Bloggers-Readers Get-Together Session held at these two venues.
The bloggers & selected readers came together for an interactive session;
it was an interesting experience!

Thank you each & every one of you for participating in this contest :) 

What keeps you youthful?
For me, exercise is definitely one of the main things that keeps me youthful.
I guess most of you should know by now,
that I love adrenaline rush alot & I exercise at least 4-5 times a week.
Exercise is the best way for me to keep my mind off from the worries/stress,
it works ALL the time.
It recharges my energy levels and helps me to be productive in my work too.
Times when I'm busy with filming/work 
and unable to visit the gym at least twice a week,
I will feel lethargic and sleepy.
It's true! If I don't get to exercise for more than 3 days in a row,
I will feel listless & energy-less.
Need the adrenaline rush to be productive yo!

We had a special session which included Kickboxing, Zumba & StretchFit.


With Bernard, our instructor for the day.

I was laughing terribly because I failed terribly at Zumba.
hahahah.. im not very good with dance.

BUT, the thing about attending the classes here is that..
you do not even have to bother about 'embarrassing' yourself.
Just go all out to have fun!
Especially since I usually go to the 'ladies only' outlets,

I had so much fun & kept laughing with Audrey throughout,
I hope the readers enjoyed themselves too!!
Looks fun right?!


We had a quick shower/wash-up,
& headed to the next location: Yellow Cup Coffee

What keeps you youthful?
Casual chilling sessions with my good friends keep me youthful.
 I love such sessions to relax the mind and soul;
& I love visiting the cafes.
Such relaxing sessions usually leave me feeling revitalized :)

Some of the readers :)

The pretty designs of the latte made my day! 

Peacock for you? 

 Audrey, two of the readers, Stephanie & I

It doesn't really matter which reader reads which blogger's blog,
thank you ALL for participating and coming for the event :)

Junying, Hayden & Sheena

With Xeun, one of my managers.
Cute right? Sorry, taken. hahahah

us, doing the 'Xeun' face

All the readers & their friends brought home a goodie bag,
which contained the The Body Shop's Drops of Youth,
& a few other products for them to try.

We certainly had fun, I hope that all of you did too! :)

Gushcloud: Website | Instagram | Facebook
The Body Shop Singapore: Website | Instagram | Facebook
Amore Fitness: Website | Facebook
Yellow Cup Coffee: Website | Instagram | Facebook

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