f Six Hundred & Thirteen; Eggs & Berries + New nails & hair for CNY!


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Six Hundred & Thirteen; Eggs & Berries + New nails & hair for CNY!

January 24, 2014 / , , , ,

So happy together!

It was the first time that le buddy & Jonathan met :)
Special friend and I have been wanting to arrange for them to meet.
And we were amazed for 3 secs when we found out that they both have their names
starting with 'J'.
So we said,
our special connection is so strong that our partners 
have something in common too.
We just have cheap thrills like that hahahah.
So anyway,

we made a visit to Westgate, a new mall at Jurong, last Saturday;
& we gave Eggs & Berries a try.
Apparently, this is their second outlet 
(first is at Changi Point),
& what sets this outlet apart from their first,
is the addition of Gourmet Burgers into their menu.

Started my meal with Berries Berries Smoothie,
which tasted really good initially,
but not so after awhile,
when two layers were seen:
One layer of water at the bottom 
 & another pink layer on top.

Avocado Smoothie (I forgot the name),
which is one of their specialties,
has a combination of avocado, pollen & vanilla.
Very refreshing taste!
A side note.. do request for a spoon to scoop up the smoothie,
because we found it quite difficult to drink from the straw.

The first dish that came: Truffle Fries

The first thought that came to my mind,
"Hmmm.. it doesn't look appealing."
I was proven wrong.
Albeit a lil' on the soggy side,
(I love my fries brown and crispy!),
the fries were well-covered with the truffle taste.
If you are a mushroom lover like me,
you will like this because the mushroom taste was a lil' strong.
You can even spot real bits of mushrooms.

So loving yea?!
We had so many versions of 'Lovescapade' that night.

Italia Eggs Benedict Solo ($14.90)

Italia Eggs Benedict Doppio ($18.90)

The only difference between Solo & Doppio was in the serving.
I wouldn't mind paying an additional $4 for the latter.
I can be quite greedy when it comes to food!

Not one of the best eggs benedict,
but definitely one of the decent ones at a reasonable price. 
The addition of caviar on top distinguished it from the rest that I've tried. 

Beef & Caprese Burger with Baisamic Reduction ($14.90);
Pork & Sage spiked Burger with Paprika ($12.90)

The best dish for the night that ALL of us voted for?
The pork burger.
What a surprise!
We LOVED the pork patty. 
It was juicy & rich in flavour.
Even the beef burger couldn't compete. 
Very satisfying & value-for-money. 

Aglio Olio King River Prawn ($19.90)

The king prawn was fresh & tasty,
but I wouldn't give a high rating for the pasta.
Special friend liked the sauce though :)
To each his own! 

Dessert was served in a cute egg.
Crème Brûlée

& then..
We surprised Melvin with a birthday waffles!

Happy happy birthday Melvin!!

Your sincerity and genuine-ness is what most of us really liked about you,
so please keep it that way.
And, we will be supporting Multifolds Photography alllllll the way.
(Possessive 'girlfriends', Melissa & I.
Inside joke.)
Keep capturing the real beautiful moments,
& continue to touch the hearts of many with your photos. :)

The colourful waffles!

Hmmm but in all honesty..
the waffles was rather disappointing. 
It tasted quite bland..
Maybe it would have been better with ice-cream! 

We had a really good time!
They have a 'Rise & Shine' breakfast set for $3.90, available from 8am-11am.
which I really don't mind trying if I happen
to be in that area in the morning!
In addition, 
they have dinner takeaway promotion sets, priced at $9.90,
which are available from 6pm-11pm.
You may find out more from their Facebook page

Eggs & Berries
3 Gateway Drive #02-06,
Jurong East
(near to Jurong East Mrt)

Special friend and I felt that we didn't take enough photos together,
so we decided to have an impromptu 'shoot',

which ended up to be like a 'lovescapade' shoot heheheh

For the Nth time,
no we are not related by blood,
even though our surnames are both 'Koh'!
'Special' because we share a really psychic & special connection.
We met during a shoot,
& that was years ago, 
way before both of us stepping into the 'blogging industry'. :) 

We have been there for each other throughout the different phrases of our lives in these few years,
& I couldn't be more thankful that we met.
(Public Display of Affection!) 

& then.. the guys decided to have their lovescapade too!


& then.. the real lovescapade.

Jon was trying to act like,
"Gosh what is this lady doing."
hahahah gta love his expressions! 


Chinese New Year is almost here,
& I'm glad I managed to book an appointment with Sensual Nails Spa just in time.

I had a hard time deciding on the design,
because I wanted something that had a bit of relation to CNY,
yet I did not want anything to fanciful/bling or too CNY-ish.
I found out that my lucky colours for the new year are:
Blue, Black & Yellow
(my zodiac is snake!)
& I am quite superstitious when it comes to this,
so I decided to have blue this time! 
I had my toes pained blue too. 

I am not too sure about the accuracy,
but if you are curious, you can
find out about yours too :)

So.. this was the eventual design after MUCH discussions 
with Elaine and my manicurist this time, Pei Wen.

I added on one of their latest additions,
the pyramid studs,
which I thought were really pretty! 
The flowers and laces were hand-drawn by
the super talented PeiWen,
who completed my nails in less than two hours!
Fast, efficient & precise as always :$ 

Thank you Sensual Nails Spa!

Call 6259 0889 to book your slot! :)

Quote 'Shine' to get 10% off regular manicure, pedicure & waxing services!

Blk 507 Bishan Street 11 #01-398 Singapore 570507

(5minute walk from Bishan Interchange)

I also had my hair trimmed, 
dyed to a darker tone,
& did a PRIVY treatment at Salon Vim!

This current hair length is so easy to manage,
I'm in love with it!!
The PRIVY treatment left my hair feeling really smooth and silky,
& I had a few people asking me if I rebonded my hair.

Salon Vim @ 313 Somerset
313 Orchard Road 
 Singapore 238895 

(call to book your appointment!)

Quote 'Shine Koh' for 10% off regular-priced services :)

Honestly, I have yet to do any shopping for CNY.
Just.. not in the mood to shop at all?
Shoes, bags, accessories all not bought yet.
*panic attack*
I was supposed to shop yesterday,
but I was suddenly attacked by a virus called the,
"Emotional virus" :/
Posted this on Instagram yesterday,
"you know that feeling when you just feel really down, down, down no matter how you've managed to convince yourself to be positive? ive been really happy & positive almost everyday for the past 1+ mths, but today i just feel really down. i know i will get over this terrible feeling & pull myself up soon enough; but for now, lemme just vent & sweat the stress all out. if you are feeling the same as me today, jiayou & keep going. please know that you are not alone, and we shall all rid that negativity away."

Yea.. that was how I felt yesterday.
Oh wells, gym did work for me as usual.
But most importantly, 
I managed to brush aside those negativity once again,
 & as what KayKay reminded me,
"Find something to look forward to,
no matter how small."

Moving on..
I will be busy baking next week..
& I cant wait to eat all the CNY goodies! 
Alrighty, have a good weekend y'all! :) 

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