f Six Hundred & Ten; Penny's University, Little Part 1 Cafe, La Pizzaiola


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Six Hundred & Ten; Penny's University, Little Part 1 Cafe, La Pizzaiola

January 11, 2014 / ,

This entry is gonna be about food, food, & more food.

1. La Pizzaiola
15-3 Jalan Riang, Singapore 358987

Met up with 'Mushroom' aka Jasmine back in December for lunch.
(She used to have mushroom hairstyle but is now a bowl head. hahahah)

We were kinda down on luck that day:
Went to Lola's Cafe but they were closed for a private event.
Wanted to try Wimbly Lu, only to find out that it was closed because it was a Monday.
Eventually decided to settle with La Pizzaiola,
which was just a few units beside.

Shared the 'Prosciutto e Funghi' pizza ($15.90)

Filling enough for 2 pax.

Taste-wise, I thought it was okay..
Not fantastic, not bad, just okay.
The price seemed reasonable for this huge serving.
The fillings were quite generous,
but the crust was not quite to my liking.
I still prefer Peperoni Pizzeria.
Anyways, go easy with the chilli flakes!
I love adding chilli flakes to my pizza,
but their chilli flakes are REALLY spicy.
Jasmine warned me about it,
but I totally ignored her warning & almost died at my first slice of pizza.

Melting Chocolate Cake $9.90

I was expecting the chocolate to ooze out quickly,
but to my disappointment, it didn't.
Does that mean that it was not brought to the right temperature yet?
Nevertheless, the taste & texture was good.
But would be even better if the size was bigger. hahah.

2. Little Part 1 Cafe
15 Jasmine Road Singapore 576584
(just beside Thomson Plaza)

This indie cafe was a surprise discovery for me.

Love love love the decorations!

There are outdoor seats,
which seemed cozy for chilling at night.
They sell draft beer and other beers too!

Big-mug hot chocolate was really shiok!
A little too sweet for me, but it was really good.
Loved the melting marshmallows on top.
Nobody talks about calories when it comes to hot chocolate,
just savour it!

Chicken Schnitzel:
Seasoned parmesan breaded chicken in clear wine sauce,
served with fresh organic salad & mashed potatoes
Instead of pouring the wine sauce all over the chicken,
we dipped each bite into the sauce because
we did not want it to turn all soggy.

Pomodoro Chicken Crepe:
Chicken, tomato, ricotta, mozzarelle & spinach,
served with fresh organic salad.

Tasted just like pizza.
Just that it was the wrapped version.
hahahah. this crepe dish was VERY filling.

Decent comfort food, nice indie music & a cozy ambiance,
so glad I gave this a try!

3. Penny's University
402 East Coast Road Singapore 428997

Been wanting to try this cafe & finally had the chance to try it!

Espresso with milk
Le buddy was raving about the espresso because he had it before, 
& that was what brought us here.
He really loved it.

Hot chocolate ($4) for me because I was having a really bad cramps
Realized I'm slowly starting to like hot chocolate more recently.
Have always been a cappuccino person........

Eggs Benedict with Smoked Salmon ($12)

I thought $12 for this was a reasonable price.
The thing about eggs benedict is that you can get 'sick' of the thick sauce after some bites.
This eggs benedict was not particularly 'fantastic',
but it was good because it didn't give me the 'sick' feeling.

Was told that this bread was used instead because they went out of stock.
Smoked salmon sandwich ($8)
This bread was tasty, but a lil' too hard to cut..

Banoffee Pie ($7)

I loved how the banana taste was not overpowering,
it was a right combination of banana & toffee taste,
& the flaky crust was delicious.
Huge chunks of toffee added a different texture to the pie,
but they were a lil' too sweet.

I found out that the "Turkish eggs" is a popular choice,
but both of us were not tempted to try it, somehow.
Next time maybe? :)

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