f Six Hundred & Nine; The Body Shop - Drops of Youth concentrate.


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Six Hundred & Nine; The Body Shop - Drops of Youth concentrate.

January 10, 2014 / ,

Still can't believe we are ten days into 2014 already.
This year, I am turning 25.
*inserts horrified emoticon*
I can convince myself that I am only 24, with the self-denial for a while, 
since I just turned 24 a month ago.........
Hahahah but aiya, truth is, I AM hitting my quarter-life at the end of this year!

To me, 25 (or 24. :p) is an important age,
& for some, it is the peak age for their career.
It is the year where most of us will be working really hard to achieve our goals.
This year, I will continue to pursue what I love i.e my acting career.

Besides work,
25 is also the year when I will seriously start to worry about..
I am not exaggerating!!
Especially since ageing will be shown clearly on the skin.
I think 25 is an important age for our skin,
which is sometimes neglected due to our busy lifestyles.
How we take care of our skin since young will truly reflect when we grow older,
especially when we start hitting the 30s.
I used to be out in the sun a lot back in school days due to netball,
& back then, I do not care about skincare at all.

Tanning in the sun? I loved. 

Sunburnt? Didn't matter to me.

But now that I am in my twenties, I start to worry.
3 years ago, I started to see some side effects 
due to the negligence in skincare back when I was younger.
Fortunately, it was not too late for me to salvage the situation.
I started to be more diligent in my skincare routine,
especially since I started modelling & acting.
I wanted to protect and take better care of my face;
I want to be a hot mama, who looks like my daughter's sister, in future! hahahahah.
Radiant, smooth & young skin, COME TO ME!!!!!!!

I used to be really tanned back in the school days.
I've been avoiding sun-tanning sessions for at least 3 years now..
Now that I am fairer than I used to be,
(but still nowhere near 'fair'........
It takes me 1 year to get 1 shade lighter, 10mins to get 2 shades darker. LE SIGH.)
my skin is still on the 'dull' side.
I've been working on improving this problem,
& it is improving, slowly (but surely I hope).
I've moved on from blindly trying to 'whiten' to focus on 'youth' & 'radiance' instead.

besides the 3 essentials: Cleanse, Tone & Moisturize,
I've started incorporating serum, essence & mask (when I feel hardworking hahah)
 into my skincare routine.
My usual daily routine?

-Cleanse my face with water (yup I only use facial wash once a day!)
-Face-lifting cream on the jaws, chin & neck
(hahahah yes ive been using this diligently. helps a littleeeee i think)
-Eye lotion

-Remove makeup (if any) with cleansing milk & eyemakeup remover 
-Cleanse with facial foam 
(I've been alternating between two different brands. not sure if it's advisable but it works for me.)
-Face-lifting cream on the jaws, chin & neck
-Eye lotion

I received a package from The Body Shop few days ago, 
& I was delighted to know that
I will be trying out the Nutriganics Drops of Youth.
Since one of the facial wash that I am currently using 
is from the Nutriganics series as well (Nutriganics Foaming Facial Wash),
I thought that it would be good to include this concentrate into my routine.
Furthemore, I've always been proud of The Body Shop for its Cruelty-Free Campaign.

Known as their best-selling youth concentrate,
they are now available in the 30ml and 50ml bottles.
Enriched with Criste Marine plant cells, 
these drops help to optimise our skin’s youthful beauty 
by helping to enhance surface skin renewal,
the skin’s natural process of replacing the uppermost dead skin cells
with new ones beneath.

Which part of the skincare routine?
Apply them before the usage of serum/essence/moisturizer.
So it would be:
Cleanse, tone, Drops of youth concentrate, serum/essence, moisturizer.

How to use?
Simply drop 2-3 drops onto your palm
& massage it into the face (& neck!), 

allow the concentrate to sink in for a few seconds
before applying your usual moisturiser or serum

The best part?
It promises results within FIVE days.
Five days to a smoother, fresher & healthier skin!

This is only my first day of trying, so I am unable to share the result with you yet.
All that I can tell you is that:

1. The concentrate gets absorbed into the skin very quickly
2. It gives a light refreshing feel once applied

I will share the final results with y'all again very soon!

Well, trying is believing..
Do you wish to have a try at this product too?!

Here's an awesome news!!

This is a contest for you to join me for a keep fit session at Amore Fitness,
have food/coffee at Yellow Cup Coffee
you can also receive a Nutriganics Drops of Youth concentrate!

Roseanne Tang, Audrey Lim, JunYing, Yuki Teo & I will be there too.
Wheeeee I love this collaboration because you ladies can get to try out 
the classes at Amore Fitness,
& I've always wanted to encourage more of you to try out the classes!
What is even more awesome is..
You can bring a friend along!

Contest prizes:

Five of my readers/followers (plus a friend each) will:

1. Win a goodie bag, worth $80,
(which includes a 30ml Nutriganics Drops of Youth)
for yourself and a friend!


2. Enjoy a 1/2 hour kickboxing session 
+ 1/2 hour StretchFit session at Amore Fitness


3. Enjoy a chilling session with food at Yellow Cup Coffee

Date of events: 17th January
Venue: Amore Fitness (City Square Mall) and Yellow Cup Coffee
(Transport will be provided from City Square Mall to Yellow Cup Coffee!)


How to participate in the contest:
1. Leave a comment on my Instagram post or this blog post,
& tell me: What keeps you youthful?!
2. Leave your email address in the comment
3. Deadline for submission: 15 January 2013, 1159pm


FIVE winners will be selected from my side,
& you will each get to bring a friend along.
(yes, your friend will also receive a goodie bag & get to join us for the events!)
The winners will be notified by emails :)

GOODLUCK!!!!!!!!! :)

  1. The happiness given by my family and my friends .. keeps me youthful.. we laugh , we love together with lots of positive vibes --


  2. Hi,

    Positive Attitude & Satisfaction towards the Life,
    Zeal to Learn & Explore
    Love & Support of my Family...
    Keep me YOUTHFUL..

    Thanks for Awesome Giveaways..
    Ashmika Jain (jainash483@gmail.com )

  3. To maintain a healthy lifestyle and keep ourself happy in order to be youthful.
    Cause, it lies within ourself to be youthful. Young at heart!

    My email add:kahming90@gmail.com

    Thanks for organizing such a giveaway !


  4. In order to make u look youth, first of all is to maintain a worry free mindset! --> the more u think, the older u look!

    Secondly, is to be cheerful everyday! --> it will make u shine from inside out which is then a 'Real ' u.

    Lastly, is to maintain a healthy lifestyle! --> eat full, sleep well! ( very impt) without healthy lifestyle it make u look dull!

    Hope I will be chosen by u! To share the joy with my sister.

    Email: libra_girl_1989@hotmail.com

  5. My secret to being youthful is having healthy radiant skin, staying cheerful and of coz dressing well and keeping up with the latest fashion trends ! :)

    Thanks for holding this awesome giveaway, Shine Koh! Love reading your blog ~ :)

    Hope to win this contest ! :) *fingers crossed*

    Email: rae.khor@gmail.com

  6. My secret to being youthful is to be happy & healthy every day! Surrounding myself with my family, relatives & friends that I love makes me very happy!! :) At the same time, spending some time to exercise and stay healthy whenever I can!!

    Email: tanserlee94@gmail.com

  7. Thanks for choosing me to attend ur event! However, I have something urgent on 17th.

    Really Sorry!

    Hope I have the chance again in future.

  8. Hi shine! I'm kinda disappointed as i'm selected among the 5 but unfortunately, i need to work, so i can't join u guys. :( but i'm most upset that gush organized this contest, but i can't take my goodies for other option. And they replied to my email, that i have to go for this event then i will entitled to this goodies. Such a disappointment. But anyway, thanks for giving me this lucky chance but sad to say i have to give up. :( Hoping there will be more similiar contest that i can attend. Enjoy yourself tomorrow ladies!!! :):)

    1. Hi Deniece! Thank you for your feedback :) I understand your disappointment.. but to be fair to the other contestants, they can only give the goodie bags to the ones who can attend. Perhaps we should improve by clearly stating that only those who attend can get the goodie bags during the event itself. Nevertheless, thank you for participating and giving me the feedback! hopefully you can join us for the next :)