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Six Hundred & Eleven; Bloggers Cook-Off with Boy Thunder.

January 16, 2014 / , , ,

Today, I'll be sharing with y'all about a cook-off challenge which I had recently.
Some of you might already know that I enjoy cooking quite alot 
(except the dish-washing part.....),
so when Freda from Gushcloud asked me 
if I was interested in this cook-off challenge,
I was more than willing to take up the challenge!

Outfit for filming:
Annora Cut-in Illusion Romper from Vaingloriousyou

I thought it would be really interesting & fun to finally have a chance 
to experience such cook-off filming. 
I have always enjoyed watching cooking programmes, 
& have always wanted to be involved in one!

So yes, for the very first episode, 
Boy Thunder & I were put to a challenge against each other.

It was the first time we meet!

This is BoyThunder (BT) with his apron. hahahah!

While the crew was setting up........

So for the first challenge,
we were supposed to prepare a "Phad Thai" according to a recipe given to us beforehand.
Instead of the rice noodles, we were given yellow noodles to give a 'twist' to the dish.
So.... we were supposed to remember the ingredients by heart,
& could not refer to the recipe while cooking.
So here is the gist:

1. Follow the recipe given
2. 20 minutes time limit
3. Each of us could add in a secret ingredient
4. Guest judge would taste the dishes and award points accordingly
5. Winner for Challenge 1 announced

Prior to the filming day, I did some research online ('last minute hug Buddha leg'),
& I couldn't decide on the 'secret ingredient' that I wanted to use,
to make my dish more special.
I thought of pineapple/egg/beansprouts/shrimp paste with chilli, etc......
Eventually, I decided on something else,
which I thought could add an extra 'oomph' to my dish,
thought it was something that can never be found in a normal 'phad thai'.
Reveal the secret ingredient later!

Host for the programme was Claire.

I'm more used to cooking chinese dishes.. so Phad Thai was a first!
& no.. I didn't try out the recipe at home beforehand. OOPS.
But I guess..
BT was more inexperienced than me in the kitchen :p
From what I heard, he kept peeping at what I did all the time,
so that he could follow!!

 Sadly, I overcooked my yellow noodles!
I knew I placed them in the boiling water for way too long.
It's just a personal thing...... because..
I kinda have a phobia for yellow noodles with the strong alkaline taste.
you know, that terrible taste if it's uncooked.
(I had a terrible experience in primary school before!)
So I tend to put it slightly longer when I cook them to rid that taste;
but I forgot that I was supposed to stir it again with the sauce at the later part,
which means it would get even softer,
so it should not be overcooked!!
Ahhhh.. terrible mistake on my part. :(

In addition,
because I'm used to cooking with lesser oil, salt & other seasonings at home,
(for health reasons! 
I am just very naggy & always try to make my family members eat healthier)
I realized I was a lil' too stingy with the ingredients for the sauce.
Hence, my 'phad thai' seemed a lil' bland I felt.

Good thing was, I remembered the ingredients & steps,
& most importantly, I managed to finish the dish within the time limit.
At the very last 3 seconds, BT just grabbed a bunch of the coriander 
& dumped it on top of his noodles for garnish!
So STYLO yo~

& tadah!!!
Our final outcomes:


I gotta admit.. I grabbed a plate from the drawer below,
instead of using the given plates used for this challenge.
I didn't know that the plates were at the side so I just grabbed one at the very last minute!
Thus... I had a better-looking plate.
My bad on this part.
But hey, im honest!

My secret ingredient was.. scallops!
(which I cooked & marinated beforehand at home);
& BT chose seaweed as his secret ingredient.

BT's version
(note the garnish hahahahahah)

&.. the aftermath of my area. 

The guest judge, Alec Wing, gave his comments about our dishes.........

So.. who do you think won this first challenge?!

OKAY NOW, to find out,
you need to take a look at Episode 1.
To see what eventually happened!!

Did you have a good laugh at us?!
& yes.. I won!
But of course, I wasn't satisfied with my dish!!!!!
I definitely need more practices with cooking noodles!
Now I truly know how different it is to cook while filming
as compared to cooking at home at your own comfort with no pressure/stress!
Don't pray pray, this BT seemed inexperienced in handling the ingredients
& all, but he only lost to me by a point!
He followed his gut feelings & you know what,
sometimes, that's the best way to go! :)
When I cook at home, I don't usually measure the amount of ingredients exactly too,
I follow the rule of "Agar-ism" aka "roughly".
In other words, I follow my gut feelings/experience/taste buds.
It was fun nevertheless!!

The second episode with our second challenge will be out on 23rd January:)
Lemme share with you about the second challenge.

For the second challenge, both of us received a same 'mystery box'.
& we were supposed to prepare a dish on the spot within 40minutes, with the given ingredients.
There were 3 main ingredients that we had to use,
& the others were optional.

BT was really afraid that there will be 'live prawns' in the box,
which he was terribly afraid of.
So... were there really live prawns in the box?!
Not telling you!

Look what he did to one of the ingredients!!
He used his fingers to break them because he could not find the scissors!!!!!
Please do not try this at home.
(actually you can, nobody will know......... hahahah)

I was too focused in trying to use almost all the ingredients to whip up a dish,
which I did.
hahahah all the ingredients seemed appropriate for a good dish of.......
From this second challenge, I learned my lesson:
If the main ingredients were mentioned,
make sure the main ingredients were properly handled with!!!!
hahahah what happened was...
I marinated one of the main ingredient (lets call it 'A'. I don't wanna spoil the suspense yet :D),
but I neglected it & allowed the taste to be overpowered by another sauce.
AND most importantly!! 
Once again, I was too used to cooking with less seasonings,
so I was honestly way too stingy with the seasonings for the marination.

Did I win eventually?
Wait til 23rd January to watch & find out!!

We also had our interviews, to share about our thoughts.

Thank you Freda & Dora for all these behind-the-scene shots!

That's not all!!

For Episode 3 & 4, 
KayKay and Brad (aka LadyIronChef) will be having their challenges.
So.. eventually,
an overall winner will be announced!

stay tuned to Food For Life TV
 because it's gonna be really interesting & fun to watch! :)

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