f Six Hundred & Eight; 4 different looks with the color liners! (Pssst.. L'Oreal Beauty Kits worth $300 each to be given away!)


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Six Hundred & Eight; 4 different looks with the color liners! (Pssst.. L'Oreal Beauty Kits worth $300 each to be given away!)

January 9, 2014 / ,

Remember my Instagram post where I mentioned that 
I will be sharing with y'all a few different styles with the new 
L'Oreal Gelmatic Pen Liners & the new Butterfly Mascara?

I'm usually quite a boring person because 
I always depend on my black or dark brown eyeliners only.
Liquid or pen liners are both fine for me,
so long as they are smudge-proof.
Especially important for me because I have quite oily eyelids.

Nevertheless, I have decided to be more adventurous & I created 4 different looks
with these 6 coloured crayon liners.

 Besides the usual black & brown,
there were also Gold, Turquoise (prolly gna be my new favourite!), Blue & Silver.
The colours seemed 'safe' for me;
as in they are the colours that I wouldn't mind trying for different occasions.
Glamorous, yet not too exaggerating.
(P.S the brown was already used before the photo was taken.
Oops seemed like I was too eager to try it.)

I categorized the looks according to the kind of occasions which
I will prolly put them on for.
Of course, it varies for individuals!
As in.. for instance what I will wear for a party, 
may also be worn for wedding dinner.
You get my drift...... :D

 Look 1: For wedding dinners/dates

Before application of eyeliner(s) & mascara:

I think my lashes are okay in length,
but not enough in terms of thickness & volume.
& what I dislike about 'em is how they always stubbornly point downwards.
I need a good mascara (& curler of course) to lift the lashes up
& give my eyes 'life'!

For the first look,
I used Black, Silver & Gold.

1. Started with the black liner

2. Added another layer with the Gold liner above the Black liner
3. Blended the top eyelids with Silver + Bronze + Dark brown eyeshadows
4. Used the Gold liner to go over it lightly once again to make it even more outstanding

5. Lined my lower eyelids with the Silver liner, especially on the inner area
6. Blended the lower lids with brown eyeshadow at the outer area

The silver liner helped to brighten my eyes & made them looked bigger.

7. Eyes still seemed lifeless without application of mascara,
so of course, the next step was to curl the lashes & then apply the first layer of mascara

The Butterfly Mascara has an asymmetrical brush,
which were designed to help to spread out the lashes,
and to create the False lashes illusion.

  • Flexible Arches lifting up at the outer corner, which helps to stretch out the outer corner lashes
  • Erconomic Lash Line Shapre to catch every lash 
8. Curled the lashes again after the first application
(I have stubborn lashes you see!) Applied the second time.

9. Applied a nude shimmery lipstick for a simpler look,
so that the focus will be on the shimmery eyes.
*blink blink*

Put on a simple white or black dress,
& you'll be ready to attend a wedding dinner,
or any dinner date!
 Outfit: White dress from DIDD (to be launched)

Look 2: Party/Event

Used only the Brown eyeliner this time

Look at the difference that eye makeups do the eyes!
Right: Before
Left: After

1. Drew on the Brown liner on the upper eyelid
2. Lined the lower outer eyelid with the Brown liner
3. Blended in Dark Brown & very very light Pink eyeshadows on the upper eyelid
4. Blended in Dark Brown eyeshadow on the lower outer eyelid
5. Used white eyeshadow on the lower inner eyelid & a bit on the corner of the eyes
6. Same steps for the mascara part

7. Added on red lipstick, to give it a stronger look.

Look 3: Rock

Decided to be a lil' different & bold

1. Lined the upper AND lower eyelids with Black liner
2. Added a layer of Silver liner above the black liner on the upper eyelid
3. Blended in with silver & medium brown eyeshadows
4. Lined with lower eyelids with Turquoise liner
5. Blended the lower lids with brush
6. Same steps for the mascara part

For this look, you can go even bolder & wilder
by playing around with your eyeshadow,
& vary the thickness of the turquoise liner at the lower lids.
For me, this was bold enough.
Ended with the same lipstick used for Look 1.

Look 4: For a casual day (especially when you feel bright & cheery!)

1. Lined a thin layer of Black liner on the upper eyelids 
(just a light layer along the lash lines)
2. Lined a thicker layer with the Turquoise liner above the black liner.
(In this case, the liner acts just like a eyeshadow!)

3. Blended the upper eyelids with a very very light blue eyeshadow
(& I only put one light layer, because I wanted the Turquoise liner to stand out more)
4. Blended the lower outer eyelids with brown eyeshadow,
& the lower inner eyelids with white eyeshadow
5. Same steps for the mascara part
6. Ended with a nude lipstick

I have never tried blue eyeliners before,
& look 3 and 4 were definitely my first time!
Surprisingly, I kinda liked Look 4 quite a lot!

Verdict for Gelmatic Pen Liners
- I loved how they glide on the eyelids easily.
(You'll have to glide them once on the back of your palm 
the very first time you use them. Tried & tested.)

-Tried wearing the pen liners for 6-8 hours,
& they did not smudge!!!
Waterproof & smudge proof indeed.
Very important for oily eyelids like mine.
(Note:When I wore them, I spent more time indoor than outdoor (shopping malls, home),
so I am not too sure if the result would have varied if I was out in the sun for long hours.)

- Easily removed with eye makeup remover

- The thing with pen liners is, no matter how thin it may be,
it still becomes 'round' at the tip,
thus not so good for drawing the 'wings' desired for the upper outer eyelids.

- I had to be gentle with the liners because they broke twice at the tips
(it was prolly because I twisted out too much)

Verdict of the Butterfly Mascara
- I liked how it doesn't clot the lashes together,
& really spreads at each lash.
- Smudge-proof (I had it on together with the Gelmatic liners)
- Easily removed with eye makeup remover

- Volume wise.. not so satisfactory.
But it is acceptable since the main focus of this mascara is how
it helps to lengthen & spreads out the lashes.

-My lashes were not very a lot to begin with,
especially at the outer corner.
so I probably could not obtain the ultimate desire 'butterfly' effect of the mascara.



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