f Six Hundred & Three; Back in Singapore!


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Six Hundred & Three; Back in Singapore!

December 15, 2013 /

This space has been a lil' too quiet.. Sorry for the lack of updates. I'm back!!!!!!
In the past ten days, I was truly happy & carefree. 
I was genuinely happy & relaxed.
I didn't think about work (except for the few emails/messages which I had no choice but to reply to),
I had no worries, & I truly lived in the moments. 
That is something that I am not good at: Living in the moment. 
I ought to learn to do that more often. 
This trip has been rejuvenating and I can't be more thankful that it happened :) 

Traveling has never been my priority in the past few years;
I have placed other things as my priorities 
& I always thought that traveling can be left til a later date.
Somehow, my thoughts on this has changed a lil'.
Now, I tell myself that I don't have to be rich to travel;
I can always set aside a part of my savings (no matter how much/little) for traveling.
Now that I have experienced how such holidays are beneficial to my heart, mind & soul,
the more I want to travel and see more of the world.

You know, in Singapore,
I am so used to walking fast (especially when walking alone) 
& I don't usually allow myself to 'waste time' by walking slowly;
but during this trip, I noticed how fast the people around me walked,
& how stressed they looked
while I get to slow down my pace and just strolled down the streets.
I felt comfortable, so comfortable.
That kind of feeling etched deeply in my mind & served as a good reminder to myself
to learn to slow down my pace at times
and not add additional stress to myself when I'm off-work.
Incidental soul-searching trip, somehow.

Of course, I do wish that these ten days would last forever,
but reality tells me that it is impossible,
& now that I am back,
I gotta continue to walk on,
and stay stronger & get even better.

Now that I'm back.. I need to work doubly hard in the gym!!!!
Been eating so much ramen/sushi/rice aka carbohydrates for the past ten days. Prolly the amount of carbo that I would usually eat in a month. hahahah. 

When I go on holidays, I just eat and eat and eat with no constraints. I will make it up after the holidays (which is from today onward. boooo) by eating healthier and heading to the gym even more regularly. That being said, I will be sharing about my first Personal Training with my instructor right before my Hokkaido trip & yes if you noticed, I chopped off my hair & dyed it to brown too; & last but not least, I will be breaking down my Hokkaido trip into three posts. Will be back to update this space asap. Gotta crash now!

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