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Six Hundred & Six; My first Personal Training experience @ Amore Fitness

December 30, 2013 /

I'm here to blog about my very first Personal Training at Amore Fitness!
This is not an advert at all,
but I just really wanted to share my experience.

I have been gymming on my own for almost a decade,
& have never had a personal trainer before.
When Sheena, one of my Gushcloud managers, 
asked me if I wanted to try having sessions with a Personal Trainer at Amore,
I replied with an immediate 'Yes!!!!'.
I have always wanted to try training with a Personal Trainer.

1. To help me focus on toning my target area(s).
In my case, I've been wanting to tone my arms & to lose those armpit fats.
Honestly, I am quite insecure about wearing sleeveless tops/dresses usually.
I get exceptionally self-conscious about my arms.
In photos, I can find my angles, put my arms on my waist etc.
But I cant possibly do that when walking rightttttt.
You get my drift?
I have a bad tendency to slouch,
partly because I feel that when I stand straight,
my arms will seem to be sticking to my body and they will seem bigger.
I don't know if you get what I mean........
actually this slouching problem of mine is getting quite out of hand. :O
& yes I have been trying very hard to correct it.
(Because I realized when I slouch, my back will look thicker which will make me look even bigger.
Anyways, in short, I want  to tone my arms but do not want them to look
too muscular/bulky!
The next target area would be my abs!
I have been working hard on them on my own,
but I think with the guidance of the personal trainer,
I will be able to improve on them even further.

2. The Personal Trainer will push me to go further & make sure I do not slack 
Oops. I admit that there were days when I was in the gym,
but had no motivation to work hard.
I could be physically present in the gym,
but my workouts were not intense enough.
Are you feeling guilty of such circumstances too????
So i thought, having a personal trainer will help to make sure 
I make full use of my 1 hour session to fully work the body.

3. New routines
I was looking forward to new routines, new workouts that 
my Personal Trainer will introduce to me.
Working with the machines alone can get a lil' too boring.
I have been browsing on youtube videos to find out new workouts to try,
especially with the TRX;
but it is always good to learn even more!

So now.. lemme share with you more about my first session
with Alfa, my personal trainer.

Compiled a video out of the videos recorded by Hayden (thanks love!)

Now.. back to photos!

It started with the Body Composition Analysis.

I have introduced this machine before in my previous posts,
but once again, 
this machine tells us our body weight,
& further analyzes the fat/muscle composition.

My last measured weight was 49.3kg.
Standing at 1.68m tall, my targeted weight is 59.3kg,
which *gulps* seemed a lil' too heavy for me.
Alfa mentioned that we shall aim at 53kg instead,
&  work on increasing my muscle mass while maintaining my current fat percentage, 
and not to be too bothered with the weight.

Next, I had to go through 3 'tests' for Alfa to know what routines to plan for me in future.
1. Endurance Test

3 minutes on this

I started fast, but obviously slowed down halfway through. hahah.

My heartbeats were measured.

2. Strength test



Last but not least, 
3. Flexibility Test

So.. after analyzing on how much/how far I can go for my trainings.......

The real training began!

No idea why I was grinning hahahah

Act yi ge tough. hahahah.

Jogged for 8minutes at 8.5km/h,
& ended with a 2 minutes walk at 6.5km/h with a gradient of 2.0.
You know, the best way to lose fats,
is to jog at a slow speed, for at least 30minutes.
Usually, when I gym on my own,
I would aim at improving my stamina more instead of losing the fats.. 
so I would usually run at 10-12km/h,
or go for speed intervals 
(2 minutes of 13km/h, 2 minutes of 8.5km/h, & repeat the cycle for 20-30 minutes).
To me, these two routines are okay because I have been playing sports for more than a decade,
so I am already used to the speed..
If you just started training,
I would suggest that you start slow :)
Don't have to go fast!!!!
It doesn't mean that 'faster = better'.
Choose something that suits you best,
because each individual will have different routines that work best for them :)

Moved on to Core training next!

Worked on the arms


Back to the arms!

This was the killer for me.
Watch the video and you will know why!!!

Back to the core.
Now you see how the personal trainer has planned the routines nicely,
all in an hour, to work on different areas :)

The aim for this was to balance the two steps in the middle.
It is somehow similar to climbing the stairs.
(And honestly.. im not a fan of stairs. :X)

Round 2!

I really 'died' at this pole thingy.
It seemed easy but it was not so easy for me at all!
I think my arms are really my weakness.
During the second round, I found it so tough to keep my arms straight 
while moving up & down the pole.

Repeated all the other workouts.
& finally.........
the personal training ended with a massage + stretching session!

my epic expression.

My 'KO-ed' face + Alfa + Hayden (my client, who is now just like a friend! :) )

I left the gym feeling really satisfied!
By the way, as I was blogging about this personal training experience,
I received an email from Sheena.
Here's a good piece of news to share!

Amore Fitness is having a promotion in January!!
Simply quote "Amore Fitness Love Fitness"
at any Amore outlets,
to be entitled to purchase EIGHT gym entries for just $48!

P.S For new customers only.
P.P.S Promotion is valid from 1-31st Jan

This is good for those who have been wanting to sign up a package with a gym,
but still deciding on which gym to sign up with.
Give it a try!
You can even persuade your good friends to join you for this!
& after 8 gym entries,
if you think Amore is the gym for you,
you can then consider signing up for longer packages! :)

I've been repeating this for many many times,
but really, the best way to keep fit & achieve your ideal body shape,
is to exercise!!!!!!!!!
Skipping of meals or restricting all your meals to just veggies & fruits may work for a short while
(due to loss of water mass & hence the illusion of weight loss),
but in the long term, it's harmful for the body!!
Your body still needs other nutrients to function properly..
I mean,
it's okay if you have just veggies/fruits for dinner,
but it is NOT okay to have them for all three meals for days.
I know I can get really naggy when it comes to this..
but once you start eating normally,
your weight will bounce back even more!!
start exercising!!!
We can all motivate each other along the way! :)
  1. any idea whether they are having promotion for personal trainers ? ..:)

    1. Hi!

      Sorry for the late reply. Missed out on this!

      I'm not too sure if they have promotion for Personal Trainers at the moment, but you could call in to check :)

      Tel:6308 9822
      Email: info@amorefitness.com