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Six Hundred & Four; Notre Dame de Paris; (working title); Open Door Policy

December 19, 2013 / ,

Decided to do a post before the list of entries I had in plan.
Met up with special friend & Melvin at (working title) cafe,
caught Notre Dame de Paris,
& visited Open Door Policy with Lin.
& I wanted to share with y'all!
So here goes :)

1. (working title) Cafe
48 Arab Street 
Singapore 199745

We decided to meet at Haji Lane that day,
& randomly walked into this cafe.
I loved the concept of this place!

(working title) is actually a cafe of a backpacking hostel,
So the reception you see in the picture below
is actually the reception for the hostel.
I had a chance to visit the second level because I needed the washroom,
& I think it seemed pretty cozy for backpackers!

Two of my favourite people, 
the two "Mels" i.e Melissa & Melvin :)

hahahah "competitive mode" once the food came.
Table shot: Shine's version

Table shot: Melvin's version

Table shot: Melissa's version


I had a try at the Cappuccino,
which wasn't really to my liking.
There was a distinct taste to it which I could not quite figure out,
but it tasted a lil' like herb?
I reckoned it was due to the powder on top?
I am not too sure..
The cappuccino was not bad at all,
it was just that taste that I didn't quite like;
some of you may like it though!
In any case, kudos to the effort in making such a pretty design!

Most of the food items are below $10.
 Muesli with yogurt was average..

Smoked Salmon sandwich 
The Nachos were not crunchy at all.. (we call that 'Lao Hong'; 
you know like how chips taste if the bag is left exposed to the air for too long)
As for the sandwich, i'll say.. opt for another sandwich if you visit.

We thought we were just unlucky and did not make the right choices for the food.......

Until we tried the Pizza (with chicken ham, etc.).
$16 for a whole pizza, served warm.
It was pretty good.
It was just a simple, normal kind of pizza
made from the simple ingredients.
Good enough for a casual afternoon.

They surprised me with an Earl Grey Cake :)

I understand that the cakes were catered from elsewhere.
This Earl Grey Cake had a pretty good icing,
but the sponge were a tad too dry.

This special connection we share,
I cannot describe with words. :)
Maybe the word 'Psychic' describes it best.

Genuine laughter, joy & fun with them, all the time.
Thank you, my two 'Mels' :')

(working title) is relatively new,
& despite the fact that the food we chose were not fantastic,
somehow I just felt like this cafe deserved the recommendation,
& the chance to improve.
There is an open 'courtyard' at the back which seemed really cozy too.
Just give 'em more time to improve on their food.
I would visit the cafe again, prolly 1-2 months later.

Notre Dame de Paris

Thanks to Gushcloud & Base Entertainment,
we had the privilege of catching this musical on the very first opening night.

Perhaps most of you would have fond memories of The Hunchback of Notre Dame.
Truth be told, I am not a Disney fan..
& because I did not even know about the Disney version,
I did not quite know what to expect from this musical.
I was just looking forward to the musical because it seemed interesting
and I love observing the expressions of the casts.

The musical spectacular Notre Dame de Paris is based on the author of Les Misérables, 
Victor Hugo's classic novel.
Basically, it is about t
he love story of Quasimodo, the Hunchback of Notre Dame, 
and his love for the beautiful gypsy Esmeralda, 
object of desire of the Priest Frollo and the Soldier Phoebus.

I was especially impressed with the man (Robert Marien),
who played the role of Priest Frollo.
He grasped the role so well!
Happy ending to this musical?
Nope. Not the usual "and they lived happily ever after".

Despite the technical glitch,
the casts and the crew handled the situation pretty well.
The casts' professionalism deserved our applause.
caught Hayley, who was at MBS for another movie's premiere :)
dramatic moment we had when we saw each other,
but it doesnt matter.
I was just glad to see her.

The Guschcloud peeps!
Valerie, Szes, Lin, Eunice, Collette, Joanna & Audrey (our manager!)

Lin & Eunice are like my lil' sisters;
I always nag at them.
& I nag because I care!
Audrey, Eunice & I were from the same batch (new paper new face 2012),
& it's so awesome to have Audrey with Gushcloud too :) :)

Group photo!

Just had to do this 'pageant pose' to show the unique slits of this beautiful dress:
Lana Bustier Slits Maxi from Vaingloriousyou.
(backorder is available!)
The dress has a really flattering design & I love it way too much!!

Thank y'all for staying behind for the small surprise < 3
Thank you, from the bottom of my heart,
especially the few of you who have been ever so supportive.

Open Door Policy
19 Yong Siak Street, Singapore 168650

Finally had a date with this dearie of mine.
I actually teased her about forgetting to wish me on my birthday,
which made her felt guilty about it.
Silly girl!
Thank you for the beautiful sunflower & the birthday treat :)

Lin suggested trying out this place,
which we taught was a cafe but turned out to be quite a 'fine dining' kinda environment.
It was full-house for the table seats (on a Wednesday night),
but we were lucky to get two seats at the bar table.
So I suggest that you make a reservation before you head down.

It was a lil' awkward to be sitting right in front of the chefs
hahahah it was not that bad because they were really friendly.
Told them to pose for my camera & they did!

It was interesting at the same time because you get to observe how they prepared the dishes.
Open Door Policy, literally.
More restaurants/cafes should operate this way!!

The ODP burger with all the trimmings, garlic fries and japanese mayonnaise

You can choose how cooked you want the patty to be,
I chose well-done because somehow I prefer my burger patty to be thoroughly cooked.
The burger was satisfying!
I expected the burger to be a lil' dry since the patty was well-cooked,
but it turned out to be just fine.
The fries would be tastier if they were crunchier & more golden brown.

Lin's choice: Saffron and prawn risotto with fresh tarragon and parmesan

She loved it because it was cheesy enough.
No pun intended. hahahah

There will always be room for desserts.
Instead of going for their popular apple crumble and the ice cream 'why just sunday',
we decided to try something new on their menu:
Mango soufflé with bitter chocolate centre

It was not bad for sure,
but both of us were somehow just not impressed with it.
There was no 'wow' factor to it.
You know how some desserts can make your eyes pop,
mouth wide-open (dramatic descriptions)
at the very first bite?
Our first reaction was just, "hmm.. okay lor."

I guess it was because we had higher expectations after observing how the waiter
poured in the sauce right in front of us.
photo credits to Lin

There was no mango taste to it, 
and the chocolate tasted overly sweet 
when it was supposed to be bitter chocolate.....
 The airy texture of the souffle was the saving grace!

One of the chefs placed these cute tomatoes in front us!

Total damage: approximately $80
The food were generally good, but a lil' too pricey, 
especially for the desserts.
Nevertheless, we had a pleasant dining experience (despite feeling under-dressed).

Wore a Duckie pullover from DIDD.

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