f Six Hundred & Five; new hairstyle + Jay on the Hay's 22nd Birthday


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Six Hundred & Five; new hairstyle + Jay on the Hay's 22nd Birthday

December 29, 2013 / ,

I was getting bored of my previous hairstyle,
& had been contemplating for months to 'chop' off my hair to a much shorter length.
I headed to Salon Vim before my Hokkaido trip,
to colour my hair.
Since I was done with the dramas/productions I had on hand,
I wanted to change my hair colour too.
& while I was having my hair coloured,
I was still deciding whether to cut my hair.......
It takes courage yo!

After bleaching

 I had black previously,
so my hair had to be bleached for the new colour to be absorbed fully.

All-time favourite Kerastase treatment was done immediately after the colouring,
to protect and nourish my hair.

The end-result?!

Warm Macchiato Brown,
which Lilian chose & mixed for me!

As you can see.. my hair is very fine,
& although it was long,
it lacked the volume which made it seemed 'lifeless'.
I decided to go with my gut feel & told Lilian to go ahead & chop it away!


I was so satisfied with the end result!!!!!!!
It made me looked much more refreshed,
& a total different feel,
which was exactly what I wanted.

Thank you Lilian & Gary (because right before I chopped the hair,
I asked & double confirmed with Gary if I should go ahead with it.
He reassured me that this new length would be good for me,
& that gave me some courage. hhahah!)

More photos of my current hair length + colour :) 

I really loved how my hair looked much healthier & 'fuller' at this length.

Salon Vim @ 313 Somerset
313 Orchard Road 
 Singapore 238895 
Tel: 68847757/68847767

(call to book your appointment!)

Quote 'Shine Koh' for 10% off regular-priced services :)

Le Twins' aka Jay on the Hay's 22nd Birthday

Surprised dearest Hayley on her birthday,
arranged by Chengxi.

Poor girl who was working on her blog post.

She gave me a belated bday present as well,
together with a hand-drawn card,
which I really love! :')

Thank you for allowing me to look manga-ish for once heheheh < 3

On the 27th Dec, 
Hayley & Jayley held their birthday celebration at Ice Edge Cafe.

Natalie is their BFF, & we became friends over the two days.
She is easy to talk to, so we could click :)

What happened when I asked Chase to help us take a photo..
& you think only ladies are into selfies?

& he took this photo for us.

the happy ladies!

With Nick,
whom I knew many many months ago.
Glad to see you progressing this far..
JIAYOU okay!!!!!

These guys are basketball khakis for years.
I decided to include myself in the photo 
because we are also the 'W' khakis (except Chase!)
(Carrie, you should be included too!!)

With Noah, & the pretty yet very humble ladies, Rachel & Peishi,

Same same, but different.
We were in similar tops. 
Partners yo!
By the way, we were saying..
we think It Takes Two will be repeated on Channel 8 pretty soon............
It was the first drama for both of us with heavier roles.
So.... we were both really raw.
Nevertheless, it was good memories.
A bit paiseh to watch the repeat but looking forward too! :)

Happy happy birthday to you both!!
May 2014 be an awesome year for your career especially :)
& I truly believe, it's the time for y'all to shine.
< 3 

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