f Five Hundred & Ninety Two; {Anticlockwise} Sweater Weather.


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Five Hundred & Ninety Two; {Anticlockwise} Sweater Weather.

November 4, 2013 / ,

I've been wanting to look for a casual hoodie,
especially since the weather has been rather chilly lately.
&.. I found one, from Anticlockwise!

Anticlockwise provides a range of casual outfits,
with a tinge of uniqueness in their prints & designs. 
I had a tough time deciding on my choices,
but eventually decided on two jackets!
Heading to Japan in December, & it's the Winter season,
I reckoned the jackets will definitely be of good use!
I think I'll be wearing 5 layers of clothes hahahah
so they can be one of the layers ;p
Besides, I can wear them in Singapore as well.
Killing two birds with one stone. *grins*

This 'Palm Tree Printed Hoodie' was too adorable,
I couldn't resist!

P.S Blue wedges was on sale at @findyourtreasure.
Posted it on Instagram, & now it's sold! :)

The other item I chose was 'Too Cool for School Jacket in Navy'

I love it alot!
Simplicity at its best.

I'm sorry the photos seemed a lil' harsh with the flash on..
It has been raining in the afternoon lately!!
& I was busy the last week,
so I could only snap these photos in the evening.
On the other hand, the point is..
 the rainy season is exactly why you should stock up on the jackets/cardigans!
P.S White shoes (size 37) selling at $20, with registered mail charges included.
If keen, please email to: contact.findyourtreasure@gmail.com

Anticlockwise has launched its 7th Collection yesterday (3rd Nov), at 8pm.

Pssst.. they have new shoe arrivals too!


They will be sending out a discount code every week to all their mailing listees only!! 
So, remember to join their mailing list for a weekly special discount code! 

For this week, quote SHINE to get 5% off your total bill. 
Valid from 4th November – 11th November 2013 

Have fun shopping!! :)

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