f Five Hundred & Ninety Three; Amore Women's Day Out + Peperoni Pizzeria + November Nails


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Five Hundred & Ninety Three; Amore Women's Day Out + Peperoni Pizzeria + November Nails

November 11, 2013 / , , ,

Here to blog about my eventful Saturday :)

Started my day early with a Bloggers' Cook-off Session with Alce Nero, 
held at Food Playground.

Glad to have Xavier in my team!
But oops...... caught busy with our phones while waiting.

We cooked two dishes in total: Laksa Pesto Pasta & Thin-crust Pizzas.
I will be blogging about this & will share the recipes in another post soon!
Meanwhile, here is a team photo,
with the other two lovely ladies, Diana & Cherie.

Wore this scallop skorts (Skirt + shorts) 
from VogueAvenue to the cookoff session!

Rushed off at 1230pm to head to Ngee Ann City for Amore Women's Day Out!
Photo credits to: Amore Fitness

It felt really awesome to see all the ladies, who spontaneously signed up for this event,
working out together for hours on a Saturday!

Photo credits to: Amore Fitness

Photo credits to: Amore Fitness

Too adorable!
Photo credits to: Amore Fitness

Spot me!

Some of the Amore instructors performed a dance for the crowd.
Thumbs up!!

Guest-of-Honour: Dr Amy Khor

Besides the main workout area, there were several booths with lotsa on-going activities!

& a photobooth of course!

With my fellow Gushcloud ladies!!!

happy ladies :)

A pity I didn't stay for the whole AWDO event because I had something else to attend to.
Rushed off at around 4pm!

On a sidenote, I've been hearing quite a number of people telling me that
I have lost weight recently.
Honestly, my weight is still pretty much the same;
I guess it is only because I have become slightly toner than before..
Before I signed up with Amore Fitness,
I used to gym once or twice a week.
I have been more disciplined in visiting the gym even more, 
like three to five times a week,
sometimes for the gym, sometimes for the classes like kickboxing, yoga, etc,
sometimes for both gym & classes.
The thing about signing up with a gym is that it really motivated me
to exercise even more than before.

I really love food a lot,
so there is no way I will sacrifice my food hunts totally;
(& you shouldn't torture your body by choosing to not eat to lose weight as well!)
but I love exercising as much too.
And the reason why I've been constantly uploading photos on Instagram,
is because I wish to encourage you guys to exercise too!!

As cliche as it sounds,
there is really no shortcuts to achieve the fit & toned body
(READ: Toned, NOT skinny)
The beginning is always the hardest, but once you get started,
you will find it much easier to maintain the exercise routine,
trust me!
You just need to get started!!!! 
& if you can, fall in love with exercising too ;p
 Because once you do, you won't find them a drag at all!

I will be starting my training with a Personal Trainer soon,
because there are some target areas which I wish to focus on.
& I will share with y'all more about my exercise routines,
& probably some workouts that can be done at home as well,
& I really hope they will be useful for y'all too!
Meanwhile, you can check out my hashtags on Instagram,
#shineamorejourney #adrenalinerushmakesmehappy
for some of the exercises that I do in the gym & also some workouts that you can do at home!

& finally, to end the day-of-rushing,
I had a good late dinner with le buddy. :)
We headed to Peperoni Pizzeria,
which he had told me about many months ago.

We went to the outlet at Binjai Park.

They have indoor & outdoor seats.
We did not make a reservation (I guess it's safer to!),
but was lucky to get a table once we reached.

Chefs making the pizzas on-the-spot!

Pina Colada: Rum, malibu, pineapple, milk
Le buddy ordered it.
Apparently............... it's not my cup of tea  drink,
didn't quite like it. :/

Soup of the day was Minestrone Soup.

& we also ordered the Mushroom soup.

The mushroom soup was not the white creamy kind with chunky mushroom bits that I was craving for,
but the soups were both good nevertheless!
A lil' too expensive though.
$8 each.

Calamari Fritti: $14 
I finished this all on my own!!
(because J does not eat calarmari..........)
One of the best I have tasted!
I loved the batter.
The combination of arrabiata sauce with the mayo complimented the rings.
Some fried food are just worth the calories!

Peperoni Pizzeria is well-known for its pizzas,
especially their XXL pizzas (21 inch!).
We ordered a large-sized pizza (12 inch, $24),
& chose two flavours: 
Prosciutto Crudo di Parma & Pancetta

Prosciutto Crudo di Parma (Parma ham & rocket salad) 
is a MUST-ORDER!! 
 J and I both loved this the most.
The thinly-sliced ham just went really well with the rocket salad & the thin-crust.
very shioooookkkkkk.

The other half was Pancetta,
which had Cured Bacon, Tomatoes & Egg.

I chose this only because having a runny egg yolk in the middle made it seemed unique.
It was good but the bacon was a lil' too salty for my liking.

I will definitely be craving for the Prosciutto Pizza again.....!

Peperoni Pizzeria
Address: 7 Binjai Park, Singapore 589821
Contact: 6463 7800

They have a few other outlets as well.
You can check them out :)

Last but not least, check out my November nails!
Simple, yet has a classy touch to it .
I wanted a simpler design this time,
yet at the same time,
I didn't want it to be too plain.
So when I was doing my 'research'
aka randomly searching hashtags on Instagram,
& saw a similar design as this,
I knew I wanted it!

With much help from Elaine,
we came up with this colour combination,
which I thought was really refreshing!
The thing about this design is that you can change the colour combination in any way that you prefer.
Like.. you can go monochrome, or any other colour combinations.
I really love the combination Elaine chose for me because I can match it easily with various outfits.
The glittery silver parts added a tinge of glamour to the whole design :)
Perfect for important events such as weddings, dinner dates, events, etc;
& at the same time, they are casual enough for normal days.
The colour combination that you choose will make a difference to the 'feel'.
Oh yes,
I think this design is good for the toes as well!

Thank you Sensual Nails Spa! :)
Remember to quote 'Shine' to get 10% off regular-priced services! :)

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