f Five Hundred & Ninety Six; Victoria's Secret Pop-up store, i.t labels singapore @ bugis, Ootoya japanese restaurant


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Five Hundred & Ninety Six; Victoria's Secret Pop-up store, i.t labels singapore @ bugis, Ootoya japanese restaurant

November 19, 2013 / , ,

Never allow the LIMES thrown at you to take away your SMILE.

The past few months were rough.. 
& of course there were days when 
I just want to coop myself at home & not do anything at all.
Or perhaps just stay home to eat some junk food, 
listen to music,
waste the day away by watching dramas whole day long, etc.
I'm pretty sure you have 'Those Days' too..
I will still snap out of those days eventually,
by constantly reminding myself to think positive,
& of course, being busy helps.
Exercising & happy food help too :)
How do you deal with your 'Those Days'?

So anyways, instead of cooping myself at home last Thursday,
it turned out to be an eventful (pun intended) day.
Attended three events that day:
-Victoria's Secret Pop-up store
-SK II Empower Me Preview
-i.t Singapore opening at Bugis
(& I'll be blogging about VS & i.t in this post)

Since I was free in the afternoon before the series of events,
I decided to make a visit to Salon Vim to style my hair.
(made my appointment 2 days before of course!)
I reckoned if I dolled myself up that day,
I might feel better, somehow. 
hahhahah basically just felt like making myself look a lil' prettier that day laaaaaaa.

My usual stylist, Lilian, was away for holiday;
so Ymond helped me this time.
& look at the awesome hairstyle he did for me!!

I've gone through more than a month of treatments for my new regime,
& I've witnessed the improvements :)
Not extreme changes of course,
but my hair-dropping has decreased!

Thank you Ymond!!!! :)

Salon Vim @ 313 Somerset
313 Orchard Road 
 Singapore 238895 
Tel: 68847757/68847767 

First up, Victoria's Secret Pop-up Store at Wisma!
So eye-catching it's impossible to miss it!

The first person I saw was... Le Very Hawt Asyiha!
P.S Pardon us, we were trying to be.. different.

Asyiha, Francesca, Sophia, Mae

With Tricia who joined us!

Stepped into the store & was instantly amazed.
 I am not a huge VS fan;
I mean like, of course I never fail to go "oohhhh, ahhhh, ohgosh" etc 
whenever I watch VS runway shows & admire those gorgeous ladies
& their never-ending legs & washboard abs,
but honestly, I don't know their names except for two: Miranda Kerr & Behati Prinsloo.
I don't purchase VS stuff at all..

So.. from a non-biased point of view,
trust me when I say this store is a ladies' heaven.

There were so many pretty items and nice fragrance around.
You can start your Christmas shopping earlier!!
Need to get gifts for your friends or girlfriends?
You really should pop by this pop-up store.

With Tricia :)
I like this woman a lot!

Just goofing around with Asyiha

& guess who were there as well?
Dearest Hayley!
& Peishi :)

Eunice joined us later since she had school 

Eunice is a huge VS fan!!

We had a mini test to find out which category we belonged to:
Sexy, Romantic, Playful.
Guess mine?

So the test showed that I belonged to the 'Playful' Category
& I was brought to the section to try out the fragrance.
The fragrances here are more to the sweet & fruity side,
the kinds that I love to wear on casual & normal days :)

Honestly speaking, I think I would love the fragrances at the other categories too.
Different perfumes for different occasions, right? :)
If you are spoilt with choices and really don't know what to choose,
you can try out the test too to narrow down the choices!

There was a photobooth,
& we spent a lot of our time in there.
With special friend (Melissa), Drea, Elaine & Jem.

Act-yi-ge swag, obvious fail. hahahah

Brought home one of the latest fragrance: VS 'NIGHT',
which I absolutely adore!
If you visit the store, please do check it out!
The pop-up store right outside Wisma Atria, Orchard, will be there til 24th November.
So drop by if you are in town! 

i.t  Singapore has opened a new outlet at Bugis Junction.
Thanks to Gushcloud,
we were amongst the first few to experience Chocoolate at their opening.

Photo credits to: i.t Labels Singapore

Targeted at the fashionable youth (males & females),

i.t Singapore carries an array of 10 exclusive brands:
Izzue, Chocoolate, b + a b, 5cm, tout à coup,
fingercroxx, Venilla suite, PAGEBOY, mysty woman and AS KNOW AS.

With Sonia Chew :)
I walked up to her to say hi.
We've never talked before & I don't think she knows about my existence. 
I told her that I just wanted to say hi to her because I've been seeing her around.
You know in this industry, sometimes someone just has to break the ice.
I don't like the feeling when you have been seeing someone around on few occasions,
but none of you says hi or smiles.
It's just so.. yea you get my drift.
Besides, I think Sonia is a very real and nice lady so.. Hi Sonia! :)

Went to all three events with my special friend,
P.S still waiting for le busybee special friend to dropbox me more photos!

 Jon joined us for 2 out of 3 after his work.
Everyone's favourite couple!

With Collette & Joanna :)

 Photo credits to: Gushcloud
Photo credits to: Gushcloud

Jeffrey was at the launch too :)

i.t Labels Singapore
Bugis Junction #02-11

Will be back to blog about my eyebrow embroidery, which I did recently,
& also the SK II Empower Me preview.
Before I end off my post, I NEED to share with y'all this good japanese food
which le buddy and I had last Sunday.

Ootoya @ Orchard Central
Le buddy ordered this.
I don't remember the name though..
It was good, but a lil' too salty for me.
Huge serving!
I had this Grilled Pork Loin with Shio Koji Sauce

And it was way tooooooo awesome!
Simple yet tasty.
When I ordered it, I really didn't have much expectation of it.
I would usually prefer seafood > chicken > pork.
It seemed quite plain on the menu and not as appealing,
but of course I was wrong.
The pork was grilled to perfection.
Very tender and succulent and not fatty; there were more lean meat than the fats.
 Perfectly marinated.
It already tasted so good on its own without the Shio Koji sauce!
The Shio Koji sauce, which was made of fermented rice, salt & water,
further enhanced the taste with its refreshing taste.
I thought the soup was remarkably good as well.
Each set comes with a chawanmushi as well.
$23.50 for my set I think.

Orchard Central, #08-12

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