f Five Hundred & Ninety Nine; Erabrowlogy @ Erabelle.


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Five Hundred & Ninety Nine; Erabrowlogy @ Erabelle.

November 26, 2013 / ,

Hello there!!!
I'm here to share with y'all my recent visit to Erabelle, 
for the Erabrowlogy service.
I have awesome deals & giveaway for y'all, so read on to find out! :)

I am so satisfied with my brows now!!
*flicks hair*
When Erabelle approached me for this collaboration,
I was actually really glad.

Firstly, I dont have natural thick eyebrows,

in fact I think they looked quite pathetic w/o eyebrow liner drawn on;
I've always wanted to have them properly 'filled' in,
so that I would look better.
Eyebrows make a huge difference in case you don't realize yet!
(Unless you have bangs to cover them,
which I did & kept the bangs for more than a year,
mainly because it can cover my brows hahahah)

Secondly, I am honestly not very good with shaping and drawing my brows.
There are some ladies who can shape their brows really well,
but for me, I usually visit those eyebrows trimming place
once or twice a month to settle my brows :/
So I thought, with Erabrowlogy,
my sparse eyebrows will look much fuller;
& they will also be able to help me shape them naturally according to my face shape.

Made a visit to Erabelle Prestige (Orchard Branch)

Very Japanese 'feel',
& the place felt really relaxing & cozy.

Took a tour around the place,
which was really spacious.
That's a good thing because the huge space did help in making me feel relaxed and comfortable.

Across all the 4 outlets islandwide, 
all the rooms have different design.
this is so that the customers will be able to have enjoy a variety of ambience 
according to their preference.

These are just two of the rooms.
There are a few VIP rooms as well.

Common wash-up and changing area

Besides Erabrowlogy, I also did a Japanese Sake Facial that day.
Lemme share with y'all about that too because the facial was good;
it made my face really radiant!

Started with a footbath session.
Erabelle believes that this helps the customer enjoy the facial in a fully relaxed mode.

Longan Red Date tea with a small snack

& then I was brought to my room for the Japanese Sake Facial

Receiving instructions on how to inhale the essence which is meant to aid in relaxation

Specifically, this step is called:
Healing Breath Therapy with Pettigrain Essential Oil

I came from work before this appointment,
thus I had make up on.
So........ the therapist helped me in the cleansing and removing of makeup.
Did my first cleanse with cleansing milk and customized treatment water,
before a deeper cleanse with cleansing foam.

And the treatment began!

Sake Cold Compress Mask in the making
Sake? On my face?
Sounds interesting aye?

What is it exactly about?
Sake is known to be an elixir that geishas used to keep their skin smooth. 
It’s been used by geisha as an all-purpose tool to exfoliate and brighten the face, smoothen 
rough hands, detoxify the body and regenerate the skin. 
The Japanese Sake Facial is a deluxe treatment using this age-old Japanese 
organic ingredient to work its magic. 
Purifying while actively renewing your skin, natural Kojic acid from sake will inhibit 
production of melanin, 
aid in lightening and leave you with a radiant glow
(It really did!! wait til you see the photos) 

 Next up: Sake Cold Compress
which left me looking like this..........

Scalp massage next.
I think I dozed off a little by then.
It was too comfortable.

Next step: Extraction
 I wanted to skip this step because I was never a fan of extractions during facial,
just.. paranoid sometimes.
Eventually, I agreed to have my blackheads/whiteheads extracted,
& also an annoying pimple on top of my brows extracted.

P.S Real nose, that's why she can bend and squeeze in any way :p

Next: French Red Clay Mask with Sake Infusion

Had this clay mask applied on my face,
& NO!
Im not going to show you how I looked.
hahahaha you can imagine it.
this customized concoction for me is made of 
Red Clay + Sake + Moisturising Vegetable Glycerin Oil. 
Red Clay was selected to combat my dull skin,
& also to target the signs of fatigue of the skin.

Had a relaxing shoulder massage, 
face massage with essential oil blend,
sake hot compress
last but not least,
total skin protection & hydration with these home-grown products.

The treatment lasted for approximately 90 minutes.
The usual price for this treatment is $260 (excluding GST),
but I have an awesome deal for y'all!
Will share it together with another deal for Erabrowlogy at the end of this post :)

Had some home-cooked dessert before I moved on to my Erabrowlogy treatment

Before the treatment started,
I discussed with my artist on the shape that is suitable for me.
Firstly, I mentioned that I will be having filming two days later, 
so I cannot have my embroided brows too dark.
Secondly, I would prefer my brows to not be too thin/thick.
In short, I wanted them to look natural!

I realized my second worry was redundant,
because, Erabelle has been well-known for shaping of the brows
according to the six common Asian face shapes.
The shape of the brows will be tailored to perfectly frame our faces & eyes,
& the colour of the dye is selected to complement our skin tone & hair.
I think it is really important to have brows that suit your face shape,
instead of blindly following the "brows trend"!
For e.g. thick & straight eyebrows may look really good on some,
but not so complementing on some.
Anyway, my face shape is a combination of oval + heart, somehow. hahahah.
So after the discussions, we began the embroidery treatment!

Step 1: Brow Preparation
A brow mask, which helps to remove dead skin cells & excess sebum,
was applied onto the brow area.
This is an important step!
With a cleaner skin, the colour retention is expected to be better.

Step 2: Erabrow Design
By the way,
I only had falsies, eyeliner & a bit of concealer applied under the eyes after the facial.
(Have another appointment to rush to after Erabelle,
so had to look presentable.)
The main point is:
Look at the radiance after the Japanese Sake Facial!

At this stage,
the artist will take a close look at my face shape & brows,
and then begin to design, trim & tweeze the brows to desired shape.

my brows were fine and pale in colour.
In addition, they lack in definition,
and that would make me look listless :(

Next, the 'Erabelle Long-Lasting Brow Pencil' was used,
so that I could have a look at how my brows will roughly look like after embroidery.

Adjustments could be made after this.
(longer, thicker, balancing, etc.)
Because after this stage, the application of colour would be done on the brows,
according to this shape.

Step 3: Patch Test was done, & numbing cream was applied
The ink is tested on the neck,
to test for any possible allergic reaction.
This step is so important!!

Step 4: While waiting for the numbing cream to set in,
the artist prepared the equipment. 
New micropen tips & colour caps are used for each customer,
for obvious hygiene purposes.

Step 5: Application begins!

I was a little nervous right before the application.
Because I was afraid there would be pain experienced.
Once again, my worry was redundant.
It was not pain AT ALL!!

The softstroke technique was used,
coupled with topical numbing cream and micropen seeks to 
induce an experience of minimal discomfort.

&...... TADAH!
I had what I wanted:
Natural-looking brows that complement my face shape & skin tone!

Please kindly ignore the red spot above my brows. 
Remember I mentioned about the annoying pimple.....

Note: It could have been slightly darker,
but I personally requested it to be not too dark due to filming remember?


I followed the instructions and applied the cream & mask diligently for all five days.

I was afraid that I would experience redness on the brows.
Fortunately, there was no redness at all for me!
There was only slight itchiness experienced on the third day,
but i was told it was the 'healing' process.
The slight itchiness disappeared after I applied the skin calming mask.

I also brought home a Techno-Tweezer,
and the Erabelle Long-lasting Brow Pencil in Grey.
Seemed like grey was the suitable colour for me! :)
P.S The brow pencil and tweezer were not included in the aftercare kit.
However, they are retailing at $34.24 & $61 respectively.
I've tried the brow pencil & I really liked it!

You might be thinking:
Do embroidery already still need to draw eyebrows?!

The answer is.. yes you should!
The brow pencil helps to enhance the brow colour,
especially when we have heavier makeup on;
or when the colour has faded unevenly.
This helps to fill in gaps in the brows to enhance it and allowing it to look perfect!
Note: do not apply it anything on the brows until 5 days after embroidery,
to avoid risk of infection :)

So now.. when I hit the gym..
At least I have nice-looking brows despite the bare face!

Day 2

Day 3

Day 6
I filled my brows a lil' with the eyebrow pencil this time :)

Day I-don't-know-how-many-already

Thank you Erabelle for this amazing transformation:)

And now......
I have THREE awesome deals for all of you!

1. Japanese Sake Facial
Enjoy 30% off this facial (worth $260) 
Complimentary Sake Neck Treatment (worth $60)
Complimentary 30g Fairness Sunblock SPF50+/PA+++ (Worth $130)

2. Erabrowlogy
Quote “Shine” at any outlet to be entitled 10%* off all Erabrowlogy packages.

Usual price: $1,314 (for customers with 'virgin brows')
If you have done eyebrows elsewhere before, 
their artist will advise you on the suitable package and cost 
upon assessment of changes required for your brows :)

* Terms & Conditions: 
-Discount applies on 1st visit only.
-Discount does not apply on Master Artist surcharge of $214.
 -Promotion will be valid for 1 year from your blog entry. Expires November 2014.
-10% discount will also be applicable on Eraliner & Eralip packages 
if they are purchased on the same day as Erabrowlogy.
-Prior appointment is required

3. Complimentary Eyebrow Design + Door Gift
Erabelle will be having an event on 3rd December,
& I will be attending the event, together with TWO of you!
The TWO lucky winners will receive an complimentary eyebrow design on the spot, 
enjoy macarons & moscato at the event,
& bag home a door gift each!
There will be props around for everyone to take photos too! :)

How to win this:
1. Drop me an email at shanshine@shinekoh.com 
to inform me that you would like to be picked for this
2. Leave a comment on my Instagram's latest post on my Erabelle visit with:
"I would like to win the pass to the Erabelle event on 3rd December!"

Simple as that!!
Deadline: 29th November 2013 

For more information, you can 'like' their facebook page to
stay updated with all their ongoing promotions!

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