f Five Hundred & Ninety One; MBS, Mookata. Rainbow Waffles, Upcoming overseas trips!


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Five Hundred & Ninety One; MBS, Mookata. Rainbow Waffles, Upcoming overseas trips!

October 28, 2013 / , , ,

I had an awesome staycation over the weekend @ Marina Bay Sands.
It was a complimentary stay.
Le buddy & I thought it was a good chance for us to relax this weekend,
in conjunction with our anniversary celebration :)
(besides our meal that day)

Before I continue,
For those who emailed me or left a comment to ask for the recipe for
the Rainbow Waffles which I made for J recently,
It's actually pretty simple!

1. I used Betty Crocker's Pancake Mix,
& followed the instructions for the "Waffles",
with some modifications.
I wanted to make the waffles from scratch but was not too confident yet,
so I just bought the ready-made mixture.

2. Instead of two tablespoon of oil, 
I used 2 tablespoon of melted butter. 
(melt them over heat, & allow it to cool)

3. I used milk instead of water. & added 1/2 teaspoon of vanilla essence.

4. So after the steps stated on the box,
split the mixture into 5/6 bowls,
depending on how many colours you intend to have for your rainbow waffles!

5. Add the colourings.

6. Place them into pipings.
I used ziplock bags & cut a small hole at the bottom.

7. Pre-heat your waffle-maker.

8. Pipe out the coloured mixtures accordingly, starting with the outer layer first.

Add your favourite ice-cream, chocolate syrup/honey/caramel, fruits, whip cream, etc
& have fun decorating it with your own style!

I had two practices the day before the"final product",
which I surprised J with.
This was my second attempt which obviously wasn't very nicely done yet hahahahhah
So glad it turned out well & tasted good eventually!

Okiedokie. back to the weekend!

By the time we checked in,
the sky was a lil' gloomy.
Thankful that it didn't rain though!
We went to the infinity pool first.

It felt so good to just chill, & people-watch relaxingly.
The pool was too crowded & honestly, nobody really swims at the infinity pool. hahah.

I admit I was a lil' distracted with my devices;
spent some time trying to capture nice shots with my phone & camera,
even though it wasn't my first time in the pool.
aiya, just doing my job as a blogger.

 Gloomy sky = no pretty sunset.

View from the pool.

If you were expecting to see photos of me in ze bikini,
sorry to disappoint!

Showered, & off we go for our dinner!
We brought a similar colour top coincidentally :D

Guess what's for dinner?!

My first experience!!!
I have been "niam-ing" to le buddy since months ago that I really wanna try mookata.
So.. finally! heheheh.
We ordered a set.

Which included prawns, sotongs, crabmeat, fishballs, hotdogs,
pig liver, marinated pork & chicken, eggs, tanghoon, vegetables and enoki.

A closer look at the dishes..

I know it didn't look too appetizing for this close-up shot,
especially with the garlic marination & all,
but trust me,
the marinated chicken was DA BOMBZ!
(Actually they had the same marination for pork & chicken I think,
but we preferred the chicken.)

What we placed in the middle,
was actually a piece of lard.
It was that fattening, but sinfully delicious!
Tips: add in some prawns, sotongs & vegetables to make your soup sweeter.
& beat in the eggs for better taste!
Towards the end, when the oil & marination dripped into the soup..
the soup would be even more flavourful (& sinful hahahah)
The sauce was good too!

Ordered the ice tea, which.. I didn't quite like.

 I was greedy, & suggested ordering one more plate of chicken ala-carte.
The chicken was sooooo good!
So we ordered a medium plate.
& I ended up finishing 3/4 plate of the chicken because le buddy gave up.
hahahah! he had 1.5 bowls of rice,
& I only took like 3-4 mouthfuls of the rice,
that's why. 
I saved my calories for what was worth. *just an excuse to indulge*
Soooooo satisfying!

New Udon Thai Food @ Golden Mile Complex
#01-55, Golden Mile Complex, 
5001 Beach Road

P.S We reached at around 730 I think.
Waited for approximately 20minutes in the queue,
which I thought was reasonable especially since it was a Saturday night!

Went to Haji Lane after dinner to chill & caught the Liverpool match.
Suarez was unstoppable that night!

Had brunch at the food court.
& decided to give Vietnamese Coffee @ Trung Nguyen (besides Gong Cha)
The vietnam drip coffee concept seemed really interesting.

So basically, we had to wait for the coffee to drip into the cup.

by the time the cup was 3/4 full,
the coffee was already cold.
This drip coffee is not for the impatient coffee-drinkers, i.e. me. hahahah!
Good to give it a try nevertheless!

& then..... my family came!
My lil' sunshine was so excited for her swim. Qtpie!

She had her swim at the kids' pool,
supervised by my sis.
Mummee & bro-in-law sat there to chill,
while le buddy & I headed to the gym!


I left for J's grandpa's birthday celebration,
while Sis & bro-in-law brought Mummee & my niece to tour the place & had their dinner.
& then I headed back to the hotel after dinner,
& for this second night,
it was just Mummee & I. :)
Her first staycation!

Checked out at around 10am,
& brought Mummee to try Han Kee's Fish Soup!!!!!!!!
I missed it so much!

It's now $5 for the smallest bowl,
& as usual, I ordered the medium bowl w/o rice/noodles,
because the small bowl wouldn't be enough for me!!
Thick & fresh slices of fish.
One of the best, ever!
(The soup seemed to taste a lil' different from the last time that I had it though..)

 Han Kee Fish Soup
#02-129, Amoy Street Food Centre, 7 Maxwell Road 

All in all,
I had an awesome weekend & I hope it went well for you too! :)

By the way, I'll be heading to Japan (Hokkaido) with le buddy, in December
& to Korea (Seoul) with my special friend, Melissa, next year.
Looking for potential collaborations/advertorials (outfits, accommodations, etc.) for the overseas trips!
If interested, please drop me an email at shanshine@shinekoh.com okie! :)

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