f Five Hundred & Ninety; Kko Kko Nara Restaurant for Anniversary!


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Five Hundred & Ninety; Kko Kko Nara Restaurant for Anniversary!

October 23, 2013 / ,

Le buddy & I went to check out a Korean restuarant:
Kko Kko Nara 

Whenever we visit that area, it would usually be for 2D1N or Keisuke Tokyo Ramen.
This time, we explored something new to us!
Kko Kko Nara, is well-known for it's Fried Chicken.
By the time we reached, we had to wait for 7 names on the waiting list before us.
So we went to walk around,
before heading back to wait a while more.
There were some seats outside.
Total waiting time: prolly around 45 mins?

The restaurant was a lil' dark;
the seats were spacious & cosy.
I think there were around 10 tables? (didn't exactly count..)
& there only open 5 tables for reservation.
So I guess that explains the waiting time.
Service was okay!

J ordered this drink: Rice Punch.
It tasted like some local drink which we have,
but we both couldn't figure out what drink!
He insisted that it tasted like waterchestnut from this specific brand,
but I insisted it was something else.
hahahah okay that aside,
it was refreshing & had the bits of rice inside.

Bu Dae Jji Gae ($30)

When he wanted to order this, I told him, 
"but that's just vegetables!!! & it cost $30 for vegetables?
We should have went for steamboat instead!
Can eat-all-you-want & it's cheaper........."
--that was just me, being the usual auntie.

Obviously, I was wrong.
It was more than vegetables.
Lemme recall the ingredients:
Vegetables, mushrooms, rice cake, spam (luncheon meat), sausage, beancurd, baked beans, leek & noodles.
& not forgetting, a tasty soup base.

Pricey? Yes a lil'.
But I stopped 'complaining' to him the moment I took a sip of the soup.
It was really good & satisfying.
The noodles went very well with the soup.
Once the soup boiled & the ingredients were cooked,
let it simmer at low heat.
Oh yes, I love the rice cake in it too.
A pity they were sliced too small & thinly,
I had to constantly search for them.

We also ordered this Chicken Combo set ($25),
which had 3 pieces of 3 different flavours:
Original, Soy garlic, Sweet.

The original version was a tad too dry, especially for the chicken breast part.
(Yup, you get a combination of wings, drumsticks, breast, thigh)
Other than that, they were really well-marinated with the herbs & spices.
Flavourful & not too salty, crispy yet not too oily.
A lil' pricey but worth it!

Kko Kko Nara
Address: 57 Tras St  
Singapore 078996
(Nearest MRT: Tanjong Pagar)
Contact No: 6224 8186

Happy 1 year (+ 14 years) to us!
Thank you for accepting me who I am,
yet constantly helping me to be a better person.
Thank you for keeping me sane amidst the superficial world outside,
& instilling positive thinking all the time.
The rest that I have to say to you, I'll keep it to the two of us.
Thank you, my buddy, my soulmate. :)

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