f Five Hundred & Eighty Three; Back to BLACK!! with L'Oreal Paris Excellence :)


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Five Hundred & Eighty Three; Back to BLACK!! with L'Oreal Paris Excellence :)

October 4, 2013 / ,

I had to bid goodbye to my recently coloured hair due to work,

so.... hello to black hair!

& I actually got back to black from my very outstanding colours,
using a DIY product this time.
Honestly, I was so worried that I would not be able to transform my hair to black fully,
& I had an audition the next day.....
Guess my worries were redundant.
Thank you L'Oreal Paris Excellence Fashion for coming to my rescue at the right time!

My choice: 'Sapphire Black' 

Why did I choose to go DIY with L'Oreal Paris Excellence this time?
Firstly, I have tried their DIY hairdye before,
(I had red previously!)
& I felt that this product is user-friendly.
Secondly, from my previous experience,
I felt that the brand has provided me with excellent results
yet still caring for my hair.
The pre-treatment & post-treatment conditioners worked really well for me.
Last but not least,
I had quite a hectic schedule that two weeks, 
so I thought it would be good if I just go for DIY,
where I could do it anytime at my own convenience.

So.. yup!
Allow me to share with you more about this DIY-process :)

Firstly, what's in the box?

The tubes & bottles were labelled clearly with numbers 1, 2, 3 & 4;
there was a pair of gloves 
& a booklet which had clear instructions on the procedures.

Let's begin dye-ing!

Step 1: 
Put on an old t-shirt

Step 2: 
Spread lots of newspapers on the floor & grab a chair!

&.. one last look at my hair colour before I turn it to black.

Step 3: 
Grab the tube which has a '1' on it. 
It's the pre-treatment conditioner!
& I find the conditioner useful in protecting my hair 
before I allow the chemicals from the hair-dye to be absorbed by my hair.
I just feel better that there was a layer of conditioner to protect my hair!
Apply generously, especially on the dry ends.

I'm getting really protective of my hair nowadays,
so..... I just wanted to make sure every strand of my hair was well-protected!

Step 4: 
Squeeze the contents of tube 2 into bottle 3

My expression..........
I dont know why la.
But I was very serious okay!!

Tried my best to squeeze every bit of it into the bottle.

By the way, camo nails were done by Sensual Nails Spa. *GRINS*

Step 5: 
Put the cap back & shake it vigorously!

See, I told you, shake it v-i-g-o-r-o-u-s-l-y!
I was really very serious in shaking it.
Didn't wanna risk any chance..
I wanted it to turn out nice of course!

Step 6: 
Change the cap to the other cap which looks like a 'comb'

Step 7: 
Start applying!!!! 

I 'rubbed' in the colours each time to make sure the dye could be absorbed by my hair..

To be honest, because I've never tried doing DIY on my own before,
(The previous time when I had my hair dyed red with L'Oreal Paris Excellence as well,
my sister helped me with dye-ing it!)
I struggled a little towards the end so I got some help from Le Buddy.
Lemme clarify.. it is definitely possible to do it on your own for sure!!
I just decided to seek some last minute help from J,
who was my photographer for the day,
to make sure I will have the best result possible :)
I wasn't quite sure if I covered EVERY strand of my hair,
& I was paranoid that my hair would turned out half brown & half black.
So, I would suggest, if you could,
just get someone to help you with application part :)

Step 8: 
I left it on for approximately 40 minutes,
which was longer than the time stated in the instruction booklet,
because I was transforming from such crazy colours!!

Step 9: 
Rinse off with warm water

Step 10:
Apply the post-treatment conditioner, leave it on for 3minutes,
rinse off!

& now, the nervous moment......
I was really anxious to see if the outcome was good!



A complete transformation!!
Amazing right!
From my outstanding colours to this,
with a DIY product!

It had a teeny weeny tinge of blue in the black,
because it was sapphire black.
I was so pleased with the outcome!

Left the house & headed to Riders' Cafe with my new look! :)

Thank you L'Oreal Paris Excellence Fashion,
for never disappointing me with your DIY hair-dye products! :)

This product will be available from October 2013
(so yes! it's available on the racks now),
& can be purchased at Watsons, Guardian & 
any supermarkets, hypermarkets & selected departmental stores.

Here's an awesome deal for y'all!!
For the month of October,
you can get this product at just $15.90 (U.P. $18.90!) 
from Watsons, Guardian & Fairprice.
I think it's really affordable & worth a try!
go grab yours now!! :)

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