f Five Hundred & Eighty Nine; New regime at Salon Vim to target hair thinning/hair loss + Paddlepop nails at Sensual Nails Spa


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Five Hundred & Eighty Nine; New regime at Salon Vim to target hair thinning/hair loss + Paddlepop nails at Sensual Nails Spa

October 18, 2013 / , , , ,

Remember I mentioned about embarking on a new treatment journey with Salon Vim?

I have started a new regime,
targetted at hair thinning/hair loss.
You see, I have very fine hair since young,
& I really don't have a lot of hair. :/
Some friends thought I was just exaggerating,
until they see me tie up my hair in a ponytail.

I think my ponytail is only 1/4 or at most 1/3 of a normal lady's long hair. 
You prolly wouldn't know about this issue of mine,
because I've learnt to hide it quite well.

for filming, a zigzag curling iron is usually used 

to make my hair look more volumized & less flat;
for photoshoots, my hair would be backcombed like crazy.....
When i'm out, as much as I want to avoid using the heating equipments
(zigzag curling iron - i bought it! & straightener/curler)
because too much of heating equipments aint good for the hair..
(we'll come to that later)
I still have to do so because otherwise, my hair would look REALLY flat. :(
& I really hate it!

Well sometimes, i would bun up my hair (easiest & most convenient ;p),
& even for that, i would use a "donut" make my bun look like a bun.
Otherwise, it would just look like..
a pathetic xiaolongbao.

Especially in this photo:
hahhahah so you get my drift about how fine & little my hair is.

Thing is, due to my job nature,
I have to be exposed to heating equipment all the time.
& we all know how daily usage of it can make the hair weak,
if not properly taken care of.
There was once when I had to dye my hair & perm it on the same day,
for a filming assignment,
& my hair was destroyed after that.....
I started facing even more hair loss than before,
which really made me worried!!
I already have so little hair to begin with..
So you could imagine how devastated & panicky I was
when the hair loss problem worsened.
I even started feeling paranoid that I had signs of turning bald;
I was really afraid that one day I'll suddenly realize that I have a "hole" on my head..

Each time I shampoo my hair,
I would worry about seeing that many strands of hair caught in the foam 
i.e hair dropped.
I'm not exaggerating.....
I mean, it's not that I dropped a lot a lot a lot of hair,
but it's just really worrying because I don't have a lot of hair to begin with!
If my hair continues to drop by quite a bit,
& they dont grow out quick enough..
you know the consequence :(
I told Gary about my concerns,
& we decided to try out this Kerastase regime to salvage the situation.
So so thankful to Salon Vim for coming to my rescue
before it gets even worse!
This regime will help me in hair growth,
 minimize the hair loss,
& at the same time, thicken & strengthen my hair.

Went back for my second treatment last week,
(hair was drenched from the rain............)

I'm currently going through intensive treatments, so as to see quicker results.
You can also choose to do the treatment monthly instead of weekly. :)

Kerastase Acti-base product was applied on my scalp

This product helps to "open up" the hair follicles to aid in the growth of thicker hair.
 My hair follicles are relatively narrow,
thus my hair grows out too fine all these while.
So by opening up the follicles, it can allow my new-grown hair to be thicker.
Makes sense right?
Narrow hair follicle, thinner hair;
wide hair follicle, thicker hair.
Also, you see, when hair follicles are constricted,
the root of the hair grows slowly.
So this acti-base product can help in stimulating the production of hair cells from the roots.

At the same time, I also had hair treatment to strengthen my hair.
This vita-ciment works like a "booster" for my hair!

Hair mask next!
This soothing hair mask aims to tame my frizzy hair.

& the famous "steamer" after application of hair mask.

Last but not least, my treatment was completed with this spray for the scalp,
which is a leave-in treatment to help in maintaining the hair thickness.

By the way!
I made an arrangement with the winner, 
whom I chose from the "#ilovesalonvim" contest,
to head down to Salon Vim together.
Her name is Malvina,
& I was really hoping for her to win one of the Top 3 prizes!
Her videos were really AWESOME!!
Too bad she was not chosen as one of the top 3.......

So anyways, she received her free Redken treatment :)

Together with my stylist, Lilian!

Besides the treatment at Salon Vim,
my regime includes day & night treatments at home, daily!

For the day treatment:

Basically these two work like toner & moisturizer for the face,
only that these are for the scalp.
These two products help to nourish the scalp & keep it healthy to prevent hair loss.

& at night,
I would use this to "awaken the follicle stage".
It helps to stimulate the hair renewal process, 
& therefore maintains the hair density to obtain fuller & more texturized new hair!

These daily treatments help to re-activate the hair follicles which have become dormant,
& brings them back to active growth phase & focus on cell generation on the scalp.
The nutrients directly feeds the follicles & gives them the major boost for
healthier, thicker & stronger hair!!

Last but not least, to complete the regime,
I use this shampoo targetted at thinning hair.

I've completed 3 treatments so far (just had my third yesterday!).
 I will need to give it slightly more time to see more visible progress,
but so far, I think the regime has been helping me.
My hair loss problem has definitely been reduced!!
I don't see as much hair dropped when shampoo-ing,

& that is worth rejoicing about!!!!!!!!

Thank you Salon Vim!!!
If you have been facing similar problems like me,

or any other hair issues, feel free to call them up & fix an appointment!
The stylists will be more than willing to help you with your hair issues :)

Of course, if you have any question with regards to the regime that i am undergoing,
you can also email me or leave a comment.
I will try my best to answer your queries!

Salon Vim @ 313 Somerset
313 Orchard Road 
 Singapore 238895 
Tel: 68847757/68847767 

There is another outlet at 235 Victoria Street as well.

Quote 'Shine Koh' for 10% off regular-priced services :)

Sensual Nails Spa

If you noticed in the photos above,
I just had a new set of nail design recently! :D

I removed my previous gelish nail polish & stayed with normal nail polish for about 2 weeks.
& because I wasn't very careful with my nails,
2 of my nails chipped off.
Thus, I had extensions on this time to ensure that the nails are of an equal length!

You see how they can handle it so well that they don't even look like extensions at all!

I've been wanting to do a rainbow/paddlepop design for very long,
& tadah!! finally got them this time. *grins*
The colours are nicely spread & smooth.
Happy colours!
Looking at them can really cheer me up!!

(my fingers seemed oily because i had some cuticle oil applied to nourish my cuticles.)

This time, my manucurist was Serene.
She drew my unicorn & fairy really well!
Received a lot of compliments for this set of nails.
I requested to have them added on.
They are like my lil' guardian angels to remind me that,
"All I need is faith & trust, a lil' bit of pixie dust."

Thank you Sensual Nail Spa, for the monthly treat! 
What I really like about them, 
is that despite the skilled designs that they have been constantly producing,
they remain humble.
I think it's really important to be humble,

some others just don't realize that. ;)

If you are looking for a trustworthy nail salon,
with skilled, humble & friendly manicurists,
drop them a call to fix your appointment! :)

Address: Blk 507 Bishan Street 11 #01-398 Singapore 570507
(3 minutes walk from Bishan Interchange)
Opening Hours: Mon - Fri: 11:00 - 20:30;
Sat - Sun
: 10:30 - 19:00
Hotline: 6259 0889

Quote "Shine" to get 10% off regular-priced services!
  1. how much did you do your hair for? like all the treatments and everything

    1. hello! my treatments were sponsored by Salon Vim. You can call in to ask them the price for Shine's treatments! :)

  2. Just curious, how's the hair treatment going? Did your hair grow out more? :( cos I'm facing hair loss too and I'm so youngggg :/

    1. hey! i've not been gg for the treatment as regularly now.. but i would say that for me, my hair has stopped dropping as much :)