f Five Hundred & Eighty Five; Crabbylicious @ Mellben Signature (new outlet).


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Five Hundred & Eighty Five; Crabbylicious @ Mellben Signature (new outlet).

October 15, 2013 / ,

I'm pretty sure this brand is a familiar brand to many of you.
Mellben Signature has officially opened its second outlet 
at 12 Prince Edward Road!
(besides the very first outlet at Ang Mo Kio Ave 3)
FYI, the other 'Mellben' outlets that you would probably have seen around..
are NOT under the same boss as the authentic Mellben seafood restaurant in Ang Mo Kio,
which has been around for several years.
According to the boss, they only have these two outlets.
I've been to the Ang Mo Kio outlet before,
& yes, it is well-known for the long queues.
So.. guess what?!
This new outlet has decided to take in reservations!

So anyways, we were invited for a food-tasting,
& thanks to Maybel, I could bring my love along this time!
\She was feeling so shy the whole night. hahahah!

Mummee, you don't know them but they know you! :p

YuHao & Maybel;
it's been long since we attended events together!

Maybel, my Sheen khaki.

 Now.. let the food tasting begin!

We started with the Crispy Beancurd.
(Small: $8, Medium: $10)
A simple but good appetiser to begin with.

 Seafood Beancurd Broth with Real Crab Meat
(Small: $10, Medium: $20)
The first thing we asked was, "Is this Shark Fin?"
& when the reply was a "no",
I was really glad! :)
The broth was sweet & tasty,
with the chunks of crab meat that gave it a lil' "oomph".

Bloggers doing what they do best!

Next up.........

Claypot BeeHoon
(Price: Market Rate)
The soup was as awesome as the last time that I had it at the Ang Mo Kio outlet.
No doubt it is one of their specialty dishes!
The soup was soooooo flavourful & the crabs were fresh,
I think the simplest way of cooking the crabs brings out the freshness best!

Salted Egg with Pork Ribs
(Small: $15, Medium: $20)
It was so shiok that Nic requested for one additional plate of it,
& so we had more than one piece each!
So sinfully delicious.

Dragonfruit Fried Fish
(Price: depends on size of fish. Market Rate.)
A refreshing combination.
Don't remember anything bad about this dish.

Chilli Crab
(Market Rate)
This was one dish I wasn't impressed with at all.
The chill crab lacked in flavour & that "oomph" to it.
It was also too starchy!
I was disappointed with this.
Even the fried mantou with the sauce couldn't make up for it.

Don't know the exact name for this dish but it was basically "Zhai Er" with ginko nuts & vegetables.
Hmm.. interesting combination, but hit or miss?
i'll say miss..

Salad Prawns
(Small: $35, Medium: $45)

Huge & fresh prawns,
with the colourful balls of fruits.
A pity that the fried prawns were a lil' too dry,
but overall still quite an appetising dish to have.

Butter Crabs
(Price: Market Rate)


Another of Mellben's signature dish.
Rich & fragrant, & the butter wasn't over-creamy.
Finger-licking good!!!

Last but not least, it was the dessert: Yam Paste
(Small: $18, Medium: $36)
Best way to end off my meal with my one of my all-time favourite desserts!
I didn't have high expectation of the yam paste because I was thinking,
how good would it be? it's a seafood outlet.. not a dessert outlet......
but hey!
It caught me by surprise.
It was sooooo satisfying!
The yam paste was smooth 
& most importantly, it was of the right sweetness.
Thumbs up!

Here's the good news:

To celebrate the opening of the new outlet opening, 
vouchers of 15% off 
(with a minimum spending of $100)
would be available for grab at the store before payment.

Mellben Signature

12 Prince Edward Road Singapore 079212
(Inside Bestway Building)

How to get there:
Tanjong Pagar MRT Exit D or H.
Plenty of parking lots available at the open space carpark infront of Mellben Signature

6220 5512 (Yes, you can make reservations!)

Opening Hours:
Monday – Friday: 11am to 10.30pm
Public Holidays, Saturday and Sunday: 5.30pm to 10.30pm.
Last order at 10.30pm

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