f Five Hundred & Sixty Seven; An announcement to make.


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Five Hundred & Sixty Seven; An announcement to make.

September 1, 2013 /

I'm not here to do a 
"wake me up when September ends" post,
but i'm here to hereby announce that........

Due to personal reasons, 
I have withdrawn from the production of the movie,
"The Lion Men".

I thought I should make it clear here,
because some of you have been asking me 
about my role in the movie,
sending me well-wishes, etc.
heheheheh thank you for the love :) 

Even though I have decided to withdraw from this production,
I will definitely still support it!

1. I have met a bunch of fun-loving & nice
group of friends from this journey,
& I definitely want to support them!

P.S Eunice & Zijie, jiayou!!!!
I have lotsa faith in you both :)

P.P.S The "Bodoh" peeps, 
pls dont forget me this Nanny!

2. Each of them may have different reason/goal
for being a part of this movie,
& whether it's the AhBoys or the new faces,

please do not doubt the amount of effort that

they have put in for this. 
I have seen how hard they have trained,
& they definitely deserve the support for the hardwork they put in,
& the sacrifices that they have made!
Jiayou guys!!!! :)

3. I have always believed in supporting local productions!

that's all that I have to say for now :)
Have a good weekend everybardee!!
  1. I think I saw you the other day at Great World City. You are so pretty! :D