f Five Hundred & Sixty Nine; {Hong Kong Day 1} Mary Kay One Woman Can Beauty Contest


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Five Hundred & Sixty Nine; {Hong Kong Day 1} Mary Kay One Woman Can Beauty Contest

September 3, 2013 / , ,

I'm here to blog about my recent
"Mary Kay One Woman Can Beauty Contest" journey 
that happened in Hong Kong.
Nono, I didn't take part in the beauty contest as a participant;
I was invited by Mary Kay to fly to Hong Kong to cover this event as a blogger :)
Thank you Mary Kay & Gushcloud for this opportunity!

I will be doing 4 blog entries on this Hong Kong trip.
Besides Day 1, Day 2 & Day 3 of the event,
I will be doing an entry solely on the food that I had in Hong Kong 
during my free time of this trip!
(Tim Ho Wan, Dim Sum Bar, etc.)

I will be doing giveaways on Mary Kay products.

Read on to find out how okie!

So.. here goes!

Day 1
I don't travel often;
(Taiwan, Redang, Hainan & Kuantan, that's about all.)
& when I do, I'll always feel emotional the day before.
Because....... i'll miss home & I'll miss my mum.
No joke......

So anyways, it was my first time taking the plane alone!
My first SQ flight too!

Throughout the 4 hours flight,
I kept looking out of the window (yes I had the window seat!).
I really loveeeee seeing such views of the sky
(who doesnt?!)

*inserts some motivational quotes*
But yea, you get my drift.
Looking at such view of the sky always make me think a lot.
Like.. how there is so much more of the world that I've yet to see.
Like.. how sometimes when I'm facing a problem,
I trap myself in that situation & indulge in those negative thoughts,
that I forget that there are so much more to life
than whatever I was worrying about.
Like.. how my perspectives are sometimes narrowed 
& all I need to do is to change my perspectives.
Etc etc..

Hello Hong Kong!

Stayed at Lanson Place for this trip. 
The hotel was really cosy!
& the staff are really friendly & helpful.
5 stars to them!

Top & shorts from DamselinDistress

The warm welcome from Mary Kay;
all displayed nicely on the bed.

Lemme share with y'all a lil' more about Mary Kay:

What is Mary Kay about?

"In 1963, Mary Kay Ash founded her Company 
on the personal values that guided her life 
– integrity, honesty and an unwavering belief in the Golden Rule 
and in the power of touching lives. 
Today, these values remain at the heart of everything we do, 
including our passion for developing products 
that can awaken a woman's true beauty inside and out."

So basically, 
Mary Kay produces collections of skin care & body care products,
targeted at helping women look & feel beautiful.

Skin care, cosmetics, hand care, body wash products!

Til date, Mary Kay is a top beauty brand and direct seller,
with its products being sold in more than 35 countries,
& having than 3 million Mary Kay Independent Beauty Consultants.

Beauty Consultants? What do they do?
Adapting to Mary Kay's well-known direct selling business model over the past 50 years,
the beauty consultants purchase the Mary Kay products
from the company at established wholesale prices
& then sell the products directly to consumers at suggested retail prices.
The consultants can choose whichever ways they prefer to reach out to their customers,
be it via social media or one-to-one consultations.
They provide customized services,
& help the customers find the right products that best bring out their beauty.

I've heard from the Singapore contestant, Ephraim,
that her consultant, Leslynn, actually visited her house,
to take a look at her wardrobe & current beauty products,
so that she could give better recommendations on the products to purchase,
to complement what Ephraim already has
& to help her discover the products she would need to match her outfits,
instead of blinding pushing the sales of all Mary Kay products.

You know, instead of the usual recommendations of products at the makeup counters
(where the staff do not even know the character/style of the customer
& the clothes that she usually wears.)
I would say that such personal touch, is one of their unique selling points.

Mary Kay 'One Woman Can' Beauty Contest
So this was why I was sent all the way to Hong Kong for!
I was there as a blogger,
to cover the "One Woman Can" Beauty Contest,
for the Singapore team.

To celebrate this 50th Anniversary, Mary Kay came up with a global makeover contest.
24 pairs of finalists (1 contestant + 1 beauty contestant = 1 pair)
from seven countries
(Hong Kong, Taiwan, Korea, Singapore, Malaysia, Australia, Philipines)
 around Asia Pacific were selected for this finale,
which was held in Hong Kong.
There was a total of 9,270 entries!

What was the contest about?
No, it's not a typical beauty pageant,
where you would mainly have only tall & slender contestants.
This contest, is for the contestants to undergo transformations,
for them to discover their inner & outer beauty.

The contestants would have undergone an exceptional transformation
with the help of the Mary Kay consultants;
& the contestants went through one glamour-packed day of intensive training
on the second day of stay in HongKong,
by the celebrity judging panel to complete their transformation.
Last but not least, on the third day, it was the Finale,
where the ladies were put to test on their transformations.
Will blog more about the glamour-packed day & finale in the next two posts!

This contest allowed the ladies to experience the life as a model.
Most importantly,
it was all about going through the processes to discover their beauty & confidence.
A transformation, to help the ladies know how beautiful they can be,
if they allow themselves to be.

So yup!
It was the Welcome Dinner for us on Day 1, after our arrival.

Introducing to you:
our Singapore contestant, Ephraim (middle)
& her Mary Kay consultant, Leslynn (right)
The both of them are more than just customer-consultant now;
from their interactions over the past 3-4 years,
they have became good friends/sisters.
I've heard how they have both helped each other along the way,
in overcoming obstacles & rediscovering themselves.
I could totally feel their bond..

We were brought to a restaurant for the welcome dinner.

We had the guest judges seated at different tables,
together with the contestants, consultants & bloggers.
This itself, to me, goes to show a lot about Mary Kay's culture..
You know, usually at such dinner events,
all the VIPs would be seated together,
while the rest of the people will also be grouped accordingly.

But in Mary Kay,
I could see clearly that it was really one big family.

By the way, all of the Mary Kay staff went up to do a silly dance. 
hahahah too cute.

While the emcee was introducing all the 24 contestants from different countries.

Sean Lee Davies (photographer), as one of the judges.

Dinner was pretty awesome!
(this is not a food review post ah.. so I'll skip the dish-naming part. hahahah)

I was seated at the same table as Mr K.K. Chua,
the President of Mary Kay (Asia Pacific Region)
& his eldest daughter, Charmaine.
It was really interesting to hear him share about his experiences,
& it was so easy to see his close connection with his (super gorgeous) daughter.
He sounded really family-oriented.

Psst.. here' a lil' quick fact about him:
"K.K. graduated in Business Studies from Ngee Ann Polytechnic in Singapore 
as the most outstanding student in his faculty 
and attended the Executive Development Program at Cornell University. 
While residing in Sydney, 
K.K. was a member of the Council of Governors of the American Chamber of Commerce in Australia."
He has been staying in Hong Kong for the past 30 years (if I didn't get it wrong!)
His strong belief in the need to align values with passion, has motivated me.


That pretty much summed up Day 1.
Will update again!

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