f Five Hundred & Sixty Eight. -Camo Nails + Barbie&Ken themed birthday celebration!


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Five Hundred & Sixty Eight. -Camo Nails + Barbie&Ken themed birthday celebration!

September 2, 2013 / ,

My nails for the month of September!!!!!!

Yes, I decided to go with Camo Nails,
to show my support for Recruit Diaries.

(& also to match my new hair colour actually heheheh.)

I always discuss about the nail art design with Elaine
before the appointment.
& I was telling her that I wanted camo this time,
& she suggested adding in this skull shape,
which was a new thing brought in just few days ago!
(Psst, skull is gonna be the next thing in trend!)

During my nail session today,
Pei Wen (super awesome manicurist) mentioned that my nails 
are now much stronger as compared to the first time
when she did my nails, months ago.
My nails used to be very weak & soft,
& were in a really bad shape!
It became much better after the application of hard gel,
which I had on for a few months.
The hard gel helped to prevent my nails from breaking/chipping.

Recently, they brought in a new "strengthening gel",
which was used on the nails twice on each nail,
& it has been protecting my nails really well!

Address: Blk 507 Bishan Street 11 #01-398 Singapore 570507
(3 minutes walk from Bishan Interchange)
Opening Hours: Mon - Fri: 11:00 - 20:30;
Sat - Sun
: 10:30 - 19:00
Hotline: 6259 0889

Quote "Shine" to get 10% off regular-priced services!


So anyways, last Saturday,
I attended our dearest friendnager (friend + manager) & Kimberly's
birthday celebration at Sentosa!

Clearly, the theme was.......
Barbie + Ken

The place was beautifully decorated & it seemed really cozy.
(didn't snap photos of the whole place though....... hahahha)

I'm kinda in a rush now,
so.. it's pictures time!

The happy GC peeps!
(excluding ZM. hahahha)
Thanks to fellow Huishan (Joanna) for the pic!!

he tried to photobomb!

There was a Barbie box at the photobooth area!

Dress from VaingloriousYou :)

Le happy couple; my dearie Lin & William.


It was Eric's exact birthday on that day!

Happy happy birthday!
you deserve all the happiness 
& you must know,
that there are many of us who love having you around,
because you are just this real & fun to be with.
Very funny also. heheheh.

Trying to "werk it" with this selfshot pro,
but apparently im not werking it like how he did.

Sheena & her khakis

The happy peeps!

Tyler dressed up so formally for this,
thumbs up!

with Le Brothers,
JianHao & Ridhwan

Eunice came later because she had a surprise celebration 
for her boyfriend, Fai.
So.. one & only photo with her this time!
(Actually there was one more,
very unglam shot which Fai purposely snapped. TSK!)

 Zhou sisters,
Lucinda & Jolene :)

 Kimberly :)

Happy Birthday ladies!
(whatever I wna tell y'all, 
I've mentioned in my smses to y'all.)
So... just wanna say..
Stay awesome! :)

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