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Five Hundred & Seventy Two; StripSG.

September 6, 2013 / ,

Made my first visit to 'STRIP: Ministry of Waxing' last week.
I went to the outlet at Great World City.

I was there to try their latest STRIP-A-LICIOUS "sundae"!
hahahahah you must be wondering what is that....
It is actually their Brazillian Wax!

As the name suggests, "STRIP: Ministry of Waxing"
is an international concept waxing boutique
that has been founded since 2002.
STRIP provides hair removal services (waxing & IPL) 
for both males & females.
To date, STRIP has its presence in 9 cities: 
Singapore, London, New York, Shanghai, Hong Kong, 
 Kuala Lumpur, Jakarta, Manila and Bangkok. 

It was my second time doing waxing,
& to be frank I was still feeling a little nervous at the beginning.

So I was told to grab one of these squeezy toys!

hahahahah so adorable!
These are for us to squeeze at if we feel nervous during the treatment.

I guess for such services, most of us will be concerned with one thing:

Fret not! 
STRIP lives by its mantra:
Hygiene, Speed & Quality.

See these hygiene packs?
Be ensured that each customer will receive a brand new sealed pack,
which contains all the disposable waxing equipment.
P.S they also strongly abide by the "No Double Dipping" rule!

I was then brought to the room,
which looked really cozy.

my choice of squeezy toy!
First step: cleansing wipes for hygiene purpose.

Next, I was given 7 drops of a calming essence,
which was dropped under my tongue.
It was said to help in calming down,
& is specially created for first-timers.
(I mentioned this was my second time already,
but they were nice to let me try it!)

& then.. comes the secret recipe to the STRIP-A-LICIOUS ice cream:
Strawberry, Chocolate & finally, topped with Vanilla.

1. Strawberry 
This strawberry wax is specially created for first time Brazilian virgins.
It includes Chamomile & Aloe Vera,
which are known for calming & soothing the skin.
It removes hair with minimal discomfort
& leaves the skin enveloped in a comforting strawberry scent.

My therapist, Jenny, was really professional.
With her skilled way of handling the equipment & wax,
the bit of nervousness that I had previously was soon gone.

I would be lying if I said the whole session was painless.
Yes, I did experience a split second of pain for a few times,
but the pain was bearable.

Besides the squeezy toy,
they actually had
mantra written on the ceiling,
for you to read & distract yourself with.
hahahahah! those were really interesting.
I also started using my handphone to distract myself.

2. Chocolate
The Chocolate Berry Wax is used for the removal of the really short or stubborn hair,
so that the skin can be as smooooooth as possible.

Last but not least,
the best part of the session.......

3. Vanilla
Topping off the 'sundae' is
their aftercare product 'Ice Cream',
which is a specially formulated for post
hair removal care.
The moisturizing properties found in 'Ice Cream' helps to
hydrate & soften the skin.
It is an awesome aftercare product
specially for post Brazilian skin.
It basically helps to calm the treated area :)

Thank you so much, for the professionalism :)

With my therapist, Jenny & the beautiful manager of the outlet.

This is an intimate advice:
If you have been using the shaving/plucking (for armpits in this case) method,
I strongly urge y'all to STOP!
These will cause your skin to darken, it's true.
Go for waxing/IPL instead,
it's worth the investment.. really.

PSSST!!! Anyways,

here's some amazing news for y'all!

1. Get a $10 voucher from STRIP! 
All you got to do is snap a photo with this ice-cream stand,
(which can be found at their outlets)
upload to instagram,
tag @StripSG 
& hashtag #stripalicious,
flash it to the Strip counter and receive a $10 voucher! 

2. Indulge in a serving of STRIP’s Ultimate Brazilian Wax Combo at $25 (U.P. $62) by purchasing a voucher here!

Apply promo code 'ShineK' during check out and get additional 10% off! 
3. Ice Cream can be found in all Strip outlets, retailing at S$51.36. 

  1. Hello Shine ;D I really admire you and you are my inspiration. I have dark armpits :0 but too young to go for waxing. Thus, unable to wear sleeveless :( is there anyway to solve this? :((

    1. hey! thank you :) hmmm im not too sure if there are armpit whitening products in the market, you can try google search for natural remedies :)