f Five Hundred & Seventy Three; My Amore Journey! TWO AWDO deals to win!


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Five Hundred & Seventy Three; My Amore Journey! TWO AWDO deals to win!

September 9, 2013 / ,

I'm here to blog about my favourite & happieset sponsorship thus far.
it's my journey with....


(PSSSST.. & I have TWO AmoreWomensDayOut tickets to giveaway!! 
So.. read on!)
(pardon my retardness with the shades on,
I was just trying to be funny.
Was really eggcited though!)

I started my journey with Amore Fitness in August;
& I went for my first gym session & joined one of the fitness classes,
right after I got my application procedures done.

What I love about Amore:

1. Most of the outlets are for women only

(Only the City Square & Tampines outlets are for both genders)

Honestly.. HOORAY!!!! 
I've had so many gym sessions where I felt uncomfortable & intimidated
to be one of the few females (& sometimes, the only one) in the gym,
with 10-20 males (& sometimes noisy school boys).
Plus, I feel even more motivated when I see the other ladies working out.
It's like an extra motivation to work harder

2. Fitness classes for me to attend as & when my schedule fits in!

The schedules for different outlets are available on the website.
There is a wide range of classes for me to choose from:
From Cardio & Toning classes like Kickboxing, FitBall & Zumba,
to Dance Classes like Bellydancing & hiphop,
to Body.Soul.Mind classes like Pilates & Yoga,
there are so many choices & I can't wait to try all!!
The classes are held in a studio that looks like this:

I've only tried FitBall & Kickboxing thus far.

FitBall was such a challenge for me!!

According to Amore's website,
Fitball: "An exercise regimen to challenge your coordination, 
and improve your postural awareness while exercising the core muscles for stability. 
FitBall is an invigorating alternative in strengthening the back and the abdominal muscles. 
A fun workout that improves your cardiovascular system and reflexes."

This, is how a FitBall session looks like!

I found it quite challenging to balance on this ball while doing the different poses,
to stretch & train the cores.
Yes, I went alone!
You don't even have to worry about being judged.
Nobody will laugh at you one la..
I remember how I kept struggling to stay in balance,
while most of the other ladies were doing it like a pro!
There's a first time for everything. 
In fact.. it was so fun!
Practice makes perfect!!
I will go for more sessions.
Challenge accepted! 

Went for kickboxing with Sheena & Freda just recently.

I can sum up my kickboxing experience in three words:
Tiring but satisfying!
In short.. SHIOK!
You will feel really satisfied at the end of the one hour session.
& it is really just a test of endurance & determination.


3. The facilities

2 towels are provided (1 for the workout, the other for showering),
shampoo, soaps, drinking water, hairdryer & lockers are available.

There are Steam Rooms available too!

4. Several outlets for me to choose from

I've tried the ones at City Square, Plaza Singapura, Bugis Junction & Woodlands Civic Centre.
City Square is the biggest among these!

This is the Woodlands outlet.


Bugis Junction

Anyways, for me,
because I have been gymming since secondary school days,
I already knew how to handle most of the machines/equipment,
so I do them on my own..

If some of you are concerned because you are relatively new,
you can actually hire a Personal Trainer to go through the fitness sessions with you.
I've observed how the other ladies go through the fitness sessions with their trainers,
& the trainers are usually really encouraging!
They would really encourage you to work hard.
No sweat no results! :)

5. I can keep my progress in check

There is this machine which allows me to keep my progress in check.

So anyways, before my Hong Kong trip,
this was my weight & fat percentage:

 After the Hong Kong trip,
& one week of not exercising,
& lotsa oily food........

 My weight actually decreased,
but my fats increased!
This goes to prove to y'all that..
Muscles weigh heavier than fats!
My muscle mass decreased from the lack of exercise in a week,
but my fat level increased.
So even though my weight decreased,
is it healthy?

So ladies, what I'm trying to say is..
instead of being overly concerned with your weight,
you should be more concerned with toning your body!
The toned kind of slim beats the boney kind of thin,

To the ones who have been asking me how I keep fit,
I've actually blogged about it before:
Look Good, Feel Good :)
So yes, I do go for my food hunts,
but I also make sure I work harder in the gym afterwards!

& after getting back on track with the gym sessions & kickboxing,
You can clearly see that I'm regaining my muscle & losing the fats from the sessions!
That being said,
I still need to build more muscles!!!!!

Allow me to share with you about Amore Womens' Day Out 2013!
I'm so excited & looking forward to that day,
& I will most probably be there to join in the fun!

Amore Womens' Day Out
Venue: Ngee Ann City Civic Plaza 
Date: 9th November 2013,

Amore Womens' Day Out (AWDO) 
is one of the largest women-only fitness national event in Singapore 
with a goal to promote healthier living and an active lifestyle.

This is the 8th year that Amore is holding this event.

So basically, on this day,
all the ladies would come together for mass workout sessions together!

(12 types of classes in 5 segments)

Here is a really awesome deal for you, ladies!!

By signing up for the Amore Womens' Day Out with this $88 deal 
(worth $249.72)
you can receive

•         2 Weeks Unlimited Fitness Pass (worth $94.16)
• Botaroma Swedish Massage (45 mins, worth $94.16)
(Psst.. by the way, Amore has Boutique Spas too!)
• Body Composition Analysis (worth $21.40)
• AWDO Entry Pass (worth up to $40)

Valid till 13 October 2013.
For first time female customers above 16 years old only.
For more info, you can check out the website :)

Sign up & join me for this event!!

Last but not least,
for those who wish to try your luck............
I actually have TWO of these AWDO Deals to giveaway!

How to win:

1. Name the five Amore Fitness outlets

2. Send your answers via email to: contest@gushcloud.com 
with your Name, Email Add and Home Add. . 

That's all!!
Contest ends on 27th September 2013,
& the TWO WINNERS will be notified by Gushcloud,
& vouchers would be sent to y'all!
All ze best! :)

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