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Five Hundred & Seventy; Group Therapy Cafe

September 4, 2013 / ,

Hello there! I'm blogging with my mobile phone hence the not-so-nice alignments. Please bear with this before I reach home tonight to edit it!

So anyways, I met up with Snowy yesterday (okay her name is Xueli, but I just address her as Snowy all these while); we were thinking of chillaxing at a cafe, & I suggested Group Therapy Cafe. Been wanting to check out this cafe all these while!

It took us quite some time to locate the place though. Not that it was that difficult to get to the place, but rather, because my sense of direction aint that strong......... so i brought her to walk one big round literally. It is actually just approximately 10 minutes walk from Tanjong Pagar MRT :)

Located at the second storey, this cafe gave us a cozy feeling once we stepped in. Simple designs, no fanciful furnitures, yet comfortable. (pssst, I spotted powerpoint plugs too. sounds like a good place to get some work done there. 

They do rent out the space for events.

I wasn't feeling hungry, so I only ordered a cup of skinny cappuccino, which I was craving for the whole day! (Skinny cappuccino = low fat milk) Chilly weather + a cup of cappuccino = best mix!!

Cappuccino: $5.50

They placed the sugar satchets on the egg plate. What a smart & cute way!
I don't add sugar/syrup to my cappuccino though.. do you?

Snowy ordered the Honey Mustard Roast Chicken in a Wholemeal Bun ($14)

Which tasted really good! (because I stole two mouthfuls from her). The chicken was well-marinated & you don't need any chilli/tomato sauce to match it with. The potato chips were a lil' too tasteless though. I'll say.. save my calories and skip the chips! 

She also ordered this Mango Passionfruit Mint Smoothie, which was really refreshing! There was this tinge of sourness to the drink which I really liked.

Back in those days, say 3 years ago,
we would be able to snap numerous shots with all sorts of stupid & annoying faces (dont judge! im sure you did that too!!) So yesterday, we realized we were really too old for such. Le sigh. Signs of ageing. hahahah! But we still attempted to......

hahahah. this girl, i love. 

A.. tourist shot. 

I guess you would see more Cafe posts soon, because I've been in the "i-want-to-check-out-more-cafes" mood! Any recommendations??

Group Therapy Cafe
49 Duxton Road #02-01

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