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Five Hundred & Seventy Four; {Hong Kong Day 2} + Giveaway Part 2!

September 11, 2013 / ,


Here are the results for the first giveaway:

Product 1: @seetoh1963
Product 2: @hadihsarrun
Product 3: Sherry Lee

Please email me at shanshine@shinekoh.com,
with your mailing address! :)

Thank y'all for participating!
Giveaway Part 2 will be announced..
at the end of this post :)

Day 2

Black raven romper from DIDD

Day 2 started really early in the morning.
We had a long but eventful day planned for us!
The consultant-model pairs were grouped into different groups,
& we were the first group to set off!

We were brought to The Space,
for one glamour-packed day of intensive training for the contestants & consultants!

This is our Singapore representative, Ephraim;
who had her "Before Makeup" photo taken.

A quick recap of what Mary Kay One Woman Can Beauty Contest is about:

So on this day,
the contestants would get to experience being a "model" for a day.
They would go through professional catwalk workshop 
by Asia supermodel & guest judge of Asia's Next Top Model, Cara G;
a styling workshop by Christie Simpson,
who is the personal stylists to Lisa S & Daniel Wu;
a photoshoot session with renowned fashion photographer, Sean Lee Davies.
As for the consultants, they would undergo makeup training from Gary Chung,
whose celebrity clients include China Show, Adrien Brody & Sophie Marceau.

We were led up to the second floor, & boy,
was I surprised when I saw how the area was set up for this training day!

Just like how it's like when for my fashion shows & competitions,
they have a standard "look" to follow for all the participants.

Everything was so professionally done!
& I could see that many of them were really excited. 

So our group who arrived at The Space first started off with the makeup/hairstyling session.

Half of the group started with makeup, 
the other half with hairstyling.

Malaysia consultant with her contestant.

Australia pair.

Another Malaysia pair.

Ephraim was all ready to begin her trainings.

Our Singapore consultant, Leslynn, was so focused on her work throughout;
I kept snapping close-up shots & she was not bothered at all!

& that's Gary.
He was busy supervising & helping the consultants perfect their makeup techniques
& the transformed looks.

With Chency, blogger from Malaysia :)
we took a break while the consultants were working on the makeup.


TADAH! Completed!

Meanwhile, half of the group started with hair styling,
by the hairstylists from Toni & Guy.

Told you, the contestants were living the life of models for the day!

Ephraim moved on the hairstyling side once she was done with her makeup.


Ephraim was (almost) all ready for her shoot..

not until our super perfectionist, Leslynn, was done with the touch-up!

The sisterly pair :)

Ephraim was looking so gorgeous.
She really suits red lipsticks!
Besides the makeup & hair which enhanced her features,
it was her confidence that made her stood out.
& that was what I love about her too!

Due to the tight schedule,
they had to complete their makeup & hair on time.
By then, the other group of contestant-consultant pairs have already arrived,
& the place became more crowded.

The Malaysia contestants were all ready for their photoshoot session!

& this is Sean Lee Davies :)

The first contestant to start off with the shoot

What were they so engrossed with?

They were busy discussing which final photo to choose for each contestant! 

Trust me, it was not an easy task at all.
The contestants were good!!
Most of them do not have much experiences with such photoshoots,
but they were good!
Some of them were nervous initially,
but they soon got the hang of it :)

I was so proud of Ephraim.
She definitely worked it awesomely!

VJ Dominic Lau "invaded" the area,
& started interviewing her.

& then...... came the surprise hug!

Look at the happy faces!!
Wedding photo worthy, making others envy!
(not bad hor, RHYMES.)

As if that wasn't enough to make some of the ladies scream.....

Next came the surprise kiss!!
Just look at the blissful face on Ephraim. hahahahah

Dominic left, to interview the other contestants while she continued with the shoot.

Shining from within from the energy boost given by Dominic!

Next up!
It was a styling session with Christie Simpson.

During this session,
the ladies had a better understanding of their body shapes,
& the types of outfits that they should wear to compliment their figures
& hide the unflattering areas.
The ladies were also given their outfits for the finals to try on!

Last but not least,
the ladies had their modelling workshop with Cara G.
(Cara is so stunning I couldn't stop admiring her. heheheh)

Cara shared her tips on health & diets.

Cara also taught the contestants how to do a proper catwalk,
& each of them had their chances to do a mini catwalk.
From there, Cara pointed out their mistakes & the areas they had to improve on.

With the bloggers: Chency (Malaysia) & Shen (Philippines)

It was definitely a fulfilling day for all of us!
With this, I have concluded the Day 2 training day :)

For Giveaway Part 2!

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I've been using the "Color me Coral" shade & I really love it!

You know, I am not usually a lipstick person.
But recently, I've realized how the application of lipstick 
can change the outlook completely.
W/o lipstick, I look slightly paler.
So yes, I've been depending on the lipstick from this series!

I actually wanted to give out 2 of these lipsticks (Wild about Pink & Pink Cherie),
I clumsily slightly smudged the Pink Cherie lipstick while trying to cap it back
after snapping photos of it.......
so I don't think it's good to give it away anymore..

This Mary Kay True Dimensions Lipstick has been made available since 16 August.
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Price: $30 

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Giveaway ends: 15th September 2013, 1159pm


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