f Five Hundred & Seventy Five; Nana's Green Tea & Jara Petit!


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Five Hundred & Seventy Five; Nana's Green Tea & Jara Petit!

September 13, 2013 / , ,

My special friend, Melissa, has left her desk job recently,
& we finally had more chances to meet up for.. FOOD!

On one of the afternoons,
we went to try out Nana's Green Tea @ Plaza Singapura.
Are you a green tea lover?
I am!!

So anyways, Nana's green tea is like the "Starbucks" in Japan.
Apparently, they have 32 outlets in Japan,
& Singapore is the first outlet outside of Japan,
& the outlet at Plaza Singapure was opened just last year in December.

We thought they only have green tea-related drinks/desserts,
so maybe we could act yi ge healthy & just have some green tea....

Obviously we were wrong;
there were so many food items to choose from as well!

Mel's choice: their signature drink, Uji-Matcha (served like an espresso).
It was really concentrated & came in a small serving,
just like espresso.

You know you know?
Matcha has A LOT of health benefits,
& here are just some to list:

-Boost immune system
-Control high blood pressure, cholestrol
-Improve metobolism 
-Support anti-ageing
-Reduce bad breath

& my choice: Matcha with white pearls & ice cream
Not so healthy choice......
but it was my cheat day!

I liked the rich taste of it,
together with the ice cream + chewy white pearls..
*Inserts heart-shaped eyes emoticons*

 Started our feast with their appetisers.
& our choice?

Salmon Carpaccio
which was really awesome!
The salmon slices were not as thick as the usual kind of sashimi slices,
but of just the right thickness to match with the peppery sauce
Very refreshing.
The sauce was a lil' too salty for me though.

We also tried the tuna version
I think it's like the "apple/orange" kinda thing;
it's not that the tuna one wasn't good,
but we just preferred the salmon version. 

 Chicken karage was average..
I'd say.. save your calories & skip this!

Mel ordered another drink: Hoji tea.
Hoji tea is actually Roasted Green Tea,
so you can expect a slight "burnt" taste to it,
& that's the unique point about this tea.

Our food came shortly after.
& what can you expect from bloggers?

Fried Ebi Curry Udon
I still think that curry would go better with rice.........

 Unagi Don
The unagi was really good!
Sukiyako Goma Dare Don
This was the most unique among all!
 COLD udon with a special sesame peanutty sauce,
which tasted sweet, salty & creamy at the same time.
I liked it!
We decided that we wanna head back here again to try their other dishes,
and their desserts especially!
We were too full on that day to squeeze in anymore desserts.
Coincidentally, we were both in floral prints.

talk about our special connections < 3
This woman, I love.

Nana's Green Tea
  • The Atrium @ Orchard, Plaza Singapura 60B, 
  • Orchard Road, #03-80/82
  • Singapore, Singapore 238891

 & on another afternoon,
we went to check out Jara Petit, together with Melvin!

Jara Petit used to have their business online only,
but they have started their small cafe recently.

Cheesecake? Cupcake?

& as usual...... doing what bloggers ought to do.

we had a mini (imaginary) self-proclaimed competitive competition among the 3 of us.
Of course we lost to the real photographer aka Melvin!

Classic, Blueberry, Durian, Lemon, Matcha,
Strawberry, Oreo, & their latest creation: Banoffee.

Banoffee was my favourite!
Banana cheesecake with toffee sauce,
was an amazing combination.

My second favourite, which was also Melissa's most favourite,
was the Durian cheesecup!
I wouldn't expect durian to go well with cheese.
I mean, both are rich flavours,
how could they complement each other?!
But obviously I was proven wrong!!

The Matcha cheesecup was interesting too.
Actually.. even the classic cheesecup was good enough for me.

The Lemon cheesecup had a tinge of sourness to it,
which was what I loved about it,
but it wasnt as acceptable to Melissa.
To each its own! :)

this were.. act yi ge demure shots.
photo credits to Melvin. hahahah.

Yup! Besides cheesecups,
they also have teas, coffee & fruit juices too.
We had the Peach & Passionfruit tea,
which all 3 of us loved!
We refilled the hot water like.. thrice. HEHEHEH.

What I really loved about these cheesecups (besides the interesting flavours),
was that it didnt feel too rich or "gelat".
You know how sometimes after a few mouthful of cheesecake,
you wouldn't really want to finish the whole slice?
These cheesecups felt light yet not lacking in taste.
I think I could finish 3 at a go with no difficulties at all. *GRINS*
Undoubtedly ideal for parties & gatherings!

These cheesecups are sold at:

Single - $3
Box of 3 - $8.50
Box of 9 - $24

 Jara Petit Cheesecups
15 Bussorah Street Singapore 199436

By the way, I just found out recently that Zalora has JUST launched River Island!
The launch party will be held today, & I wish I could be there for the party!
but anyways, I have just signed up for Zalora's exclusive newsletter
& *TADAH!*, I received a S$10 voucher just by signing up.
Now..... please excuse me while I continue to browse through the items.
Maybe it's time for some online shopping.............


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