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Five Hundred & Eighty Two; $10 facial package deal for you!! {Asian Skin Solutions}

September 30, 2013 / , ,

Hello there!
I'm here to blog about my facial experience with Asian Skin Solutions :)

It was actually my third time doing facial in the past 23+ years.
My first was 3 years ago, when I took part in a pageant &
we had to go to this random facial place at chinatown before our competition.
Second time was when I bought a groupon deal online.
I've always been very cautious about facials,
because I'm worried that the treatments are not suitable for me,
& will end up worsening my skin conditions and all.
(especially since the recent incident of a blogger you know.....)
Do y'all feel the same too?

So before I made the decision to give Asian Skin Solutions a try,
I did my research first of course!

I found out that Asian Skin Solutions (as the name suggests)
targets at Asians.
In fact, they are the only one in Singapore which specialize in dealing 
with Asian Skin types & Asian skin problems.
They are also one of the few beauty salons customizing facial treatments for Asians.
Due to the differences in weather & climate,
Asians generally have different skin concerns as compared to the Caucasions.
& what are the common problems faced by Asians as compared to Caucasians (in general)?

-Oily skin
-Dull/uneven skin tones

-Dry skin

So yup! I decided to give it a try to see how Asian Skin Solutions could help me with my concerns.
I went to the outlet at ParkMall (just 3-5minutes walk from Dhoby Ghaut MRT!).
The place looked really classy & exclusive,
I was greeted with the friendly consultants, & they made me felt comfortable despite it being my first visit.

After filling up a registration form,
I was brought to a room to have my skin conditions analyzed.

My skin was tested for: Elasticity, Serum, Pores, Pigmentation, Collagen & Wrinkles.
Honestly, I was so nervous to find out my skin conditions.
Due to my work nature, I have to put on makeup
& sometimes, very heavy makeup,
& sometimes, having makeup on my face using brushes 
which has been used on many others..
& that could be really detrimental to the skin if not well-taken care of.

The manager, Jade, asked me if I knew what my skin problems were.
& I told her.. I was concerned with pores & dull/uneven skin tone.
That was my bare face (with only eyebrows drawn).

& I was right! 
From the analysis, open pores & uneven skin tones were really my main concerns.
My skin was the "combination" skin type,
which means that it is more oily at the T-zone area.

From this picture, you could see that for my "roughness" level was on the good scale.
Phew! (HENG ah!)
However my pores condition was not as good,
some were "little wide" while some were "wide".

Pigmentation was on the "very many" side.
& the part which I drew the "Alert!", are areas of dark spots.

Certainly glad that the other areas (collagen, moisture, elasticity) were fine.
Wrinkles was on the moderate range as well.

Jade patiently explained to me the specialised treatment that she would be using on me.
She has decided to go with the "Nanolight" treatment for me,
to help in whitening, which was what I wanted! 

Oh! by the way, I asked Jade for the duration of the treatment
& she told me it would be no more than 2 hours.
Reason why I asked was because.........
I had another appointment to rush to!
Thankfully, it fitted into my tight schedule well.
Good thing was that Asian Skin Solutions was located at Dhoby Ghaut
(they have another outlet at Bugis too!), which was in the town area.
They were really understanding & in fact, my treatment only took around 1.5 hours. 

Next, I was brought to this comfortable room.

The consultant began with cleansing & scrubbing.

As you can see, my face is on the duller side.
I want a fairer skin tone!!

Whitening in progress~

The mask used was mainly made with yogurt & honey.
It felt so comfortable throughout & I,..
dozed off twice. 

My favourite part was the facial massage!
I asked if this was to help in lifting my face. hahahahah.
The consultant told me the massage was mainly to help improve blood circulation,
which was especially good for the eye areas.
They do have another type of massage method for face uplifting,
to prevent sagging.
Well, different massage techniques for different purposes. :)
It ended with a shoulder massage.
& by then, I was in a super relaxed & comfortable mode.

Snapped a photo immediately to look at my skin's progress.
I was rushing off so I couldn't snap much self-shots,
but I think this photo itself proves it all..
(no edit, no colour filter okay!!!)
My skin was obviously brighter & slightly fairer.
& the increase in radiance was really noticeable!!!
I think even my dark circles became one tone lighter
from just this one session.

I had a good experience at Asian Skin Solutions,
& you could try it for yourself too.

Here's an awesome deal for YOU!

$10 for Aesthetics Milky Facial Peel + Brightening Eye Treatment + Eye Mask
(U.P. $1088!)

Say whatttttt?!
$10 only?!!
How can you miss out on this, seriously!!
What's more.. all you have to do is.......

1. Leave your details at this link:


2. Just call in to 6767 0077 for enquiries on this deal!

Terms and Conditions:
- Above 18 years old and above only
- Valid for both Male and Females
- Strictly by appointment only.
- Promotion valid for 2 months

It is THAT simple!!!
You don't have to participate in any contest, lucky draw, etc.
Anyone above 18 years old can try it,
& it is available for both males and females.
GO TRY IT!! :)

I had a photoshoot two days after the facial treatment.
& I noticed that with my improved skin conditions,
my makeup could stay for a longer time!!
I was out for more than 8 hours & I only touched up once.
It felt really good, because you know,
if the skin is not in good conditions, the makeup can't stay & you will have to keep touching up;
the face will then appear "cakey" & it really doesn't look good on screen..


I love the makeup done on me that day.

I was definitely satisfied with the result of the facial treatment.
As an artiste/model, it is really THAT important to have a good skin 
so that we can look our best on screen, in photos, 
during castings & when we attend events.
So besides proper daily skincare routine,
I am now convinced that facial treatments, 
that are targeted at the specific skin concerns,
are important as well.

Remember to sign up for the awesome deal!

Asian Skin Solutions
• Parkmall 9 Penang Road #11-04 Spore 238459
• Bugis Village 154 Rochor Road Singapore 188425

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