f Five Hundred & Eighty One; Weekends are gold. {Riders' Cafe, Marmalade Pantry, Julie's 21st}


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Five Hundred & Eighty One; Weekends are gold. {Riders' Cafe, Marmalade Pantry, Julie's 21st}

September 24, 2013 / , , , ,

Now that le buddy has started working,
weekends are gold.
Saturdays are spent with him,
& Sundays' dinners are still reserved for family.

Two weeks ago,
we decided to check out Riders' Cafe, on a rainy Sunday afternoon.
Unfortunately, the waiting list was too long & we did not make any reservation.
So we hopped over to The Marmalade Pantry instead.

I go for Cappuccino while he goes for Latte, usually.
The difference?
Latte has more milk.

I wasn't at all pleased with my Cappuccino though........
It didn't look appealing at all!!
I think it makes a whole lot of difference when your cappuccino comes with a nice design on top.
Or am i the only one? hahahah.
Okay but to be fair, the cappuccino didn't taste bad, it was normal.

Eggs any style ($20) 
for me because I was craving for scrambled eggs.
Hmmm.. it was good, but average.
Just like.. any other English breakfast, it usually wont really go wrong.
The scrambled eggs came in quite a small serving.......
so I would say.. it's not really worth the price.
Make another brunch choice if you visit!

 Spaghetti Carbonara ($24)  for le buddy.
It was good!
Generous servings of bacon, with a poached egg on top.

Sticky Date & Toffee Pudding ($14), which we knew was a highly recommended dessert.

& indeed!!
It was awesomeeee.
The vanilla ice cream went really well with the warm chewy pudding.
Satisfied for sure!

Red Velvet ($4.50)

I love the texture & taste,
& it was an interesting mix with the coconut slices;
but I felt it tasted better after i took out some of the coconut slices,
because i felt it kinda overtook the taste of the cream cheese with the cake.

Marmalade Pantry 
55 Fairways Drive  
Singapore 286846

We decided to make reservation for Riders' Cafe the next week,
since we couldnt try it the week before.
(& we promised to stick to our hawker deals 
for brunch the next few weekends.

It was less crowded this time, 
but I think it's still safer for you to make reservation if you want to check this place out!

We had a seat with the carpark view,
not the horse view unfortunately..

Le buddy's choice
I'm sorry I forgot the name of this &
I think it's a new dish because I can't find it on the menu online!

Basically it's duck with pasta & cheese toppings,
together with a really unique sauce.
At the very first few bites,
he didn't quite like it.
But eventually he agreed with me that it was actually quite good.
Very unique taste but I couldnt quite guess what were the ingredients used.

Now you know what I meant by "nice designs on top"!

Truffle fries ($10) was good!

My choice: Pacific Benedict ($16)

& if you are a seafood lover like me, you would love it too!
bread + spinach spread + chunks of swimmer crab meat + poached eggs + shrimp hollandaise sauce,
it was soooooooo satisfying!

I ordered the strawberry milkshake.
Huge serving.
Very rich & thick,
it was good but could be better if the strawberry taste was stronger.
It was a lil' more on the milky side.

Last but not least,

Death by Chocolate Cake ($12)
As the name suggests........
it was sinful to the max,
but you know..
save your calories on food that are worth it.
& this dessert here, is worth every calorie.
I was overwhelmed by the thick & sticky chocolate sauce,
which went well with the dense, moist & rich chocolate sponge cake.
& the vanilla ice cream helped to distract a lil' from the otherwise over-dosage of chocolate taste/
Might be a lil' too thick & chocolatey for some..
Sweetness overload for sure,
but it was heavenly. Period.

I want to come back to try other dishes!!!!

Riders' Cafe
51 Fairways Drive
Singapore 286965

Took a lil' walk around the area to explore a bit.

Bukit Timah Saddle Club..
so you can expect to see.........

Perhaps it's due to my horoscope (Sagittarius!), I've always liked horses. 
To me, they signify "freedom"; & precisely because I like them, 
I wouldnt really want to learn horse-riding.. 
I just feel that they are meant to be running freely & not to be kept just for human to ride on......
 but anyways it's just a personal opinion! 

Yes I went back to black!
Will blog about it soon :)
White dress from Vaingloriousyou

Left the area & went to check out Pasar Bella next!

There are several stalls in this farmers' market,
selling food, organic items, fruits, seafood, red wine, etc. 

My sister's good friend, Kathine just took up a stall
& started operating few days ago!
 Caribbean dishes: A fusion of African, Amerindian, European, East Indian & Chinese cuisines

SeaSalt is located nearer to the "East End" (turn left when you enter)
I've tried Kat's dishes when I went over to her place & I personally liked it.
Didn't try the dishes at her stall this time because we were way too full from Riders' Cafe!


This recent week was a fruitful one for sure.
Besides Riders' Cafe & Pasar Bella,

I also celebrated Mid-Autumn Festival with my family!

Annual affair :)

Look! My lil' sunshine is now playing with sparkles!
Her first time!!!

The only time when we will allow her to "play with candles".
It was her first time as well!!
Such tradition should not be forgotten.
But of course,
kids should be under supervision!!!

Look at this cheeky happy girl :')

& on Friday night, we attended my cousin's wedding dinner.
Outfit from Vaingloriousyou

"Love is everything. 
It is the key to life, and its influences are those that move the world."
-- Ralph Waldo Trine.

The dessert was my favourite, Orh Ni.
& what was so special about it was..
The word written on every individual serving.
Blessings sent to the newly wed, & blessings received for all of us too :)

On Saturday night,
le buddy & I went for Julie's 21st birthday celebration. :)
happy nth month because i edited the photo on 22nd & it was our monthsary :)

my first time singing a birthday song in Zouk.
Furthermore, there were three cakes not just one!

With Leron & Weiling 

While I attempted to snap a photo with Silver..
*Photobombers alert!*

This lady here may have only just officially turned 21,
but I think she has already achieved quite a bit, from her determination all these years,
& she will definitely go further.
Whether you like her or not for her headstrong personality,
to me, she is someone who knows very clearly what she wants 
right from the beginning,
& it is that very personality that brought her to where she is now.
Some people think she is just lucky,
but I think she deserves all this luck.
Because when the opportunities came for her,
she was already all prepared, 
& that is why she could progress steadily all these years.
A bright future awaits for sure!


Hope the weekend went well for you too! :)
I'll be back with Hong Kong Food Post & a facial post soon!

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