f Five Hundred & Eighty; {Hong Kong Day 3: Mary Kay Model Finale}


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Five Hundred & Eighty; {Hong Kong Day 3: Mary Kay Model Finale}

September 19, 2013 / ,


Here are the winners for the second giveaway!

Product 1: @rodarollaa
Product 2: @callista_

Email me your mailing address: shanshine@shinekoh.com
Thank you all for participating! :)

& now......
I'm back for the final post for 
Mary Kay One Woman Can Beauty Contest! :)

I do not know if we are lucky or unlucky,
but the typhoon hit Hong Kong during this period..
They said we are lucky to get to experience it.
Anyways, all outdoor activities had to be cancelled........
As such, the organiser had no chance but to change some of the plans.
Firstly, we were supposed to visit The Peak on the third day morning,
but thanks to typhoon, it had to be cancelled.
Secondly, the finals was supposed to be held at the famous Sky100,
& honestly, we were all anticipating the gorgeous view from the building.
Sadly, the building had to be closed for safety reasons..
Hence, they had to make a quick last minute change in location.
The finals was eventually held at The Space.
I would not deny that I was a lil' disappointed,
& so were the others,
but this change was inevitable.
I think the organisers have managed it well though!
They managed to set up the place in such a short notice,
& turned it into a "runway" for the contestants.
Alrighty, lemme share with you more about Day 3!

It was a pity that we did not get the chance to visit The Peak,
but we definitely did not waste our morning away!
We had a chance to visit Mary Kay office,
& had an interactive session with the important people who are managing Mary Kay.

We had an exclusive interview session with:
(from left to right)
Ms Mimi Gumelaty (VP Marketing, Asia Pacific Region)
Ms Sheryl Adkins-Green (Chief Marketing Officer, Global) 
Mr K.K Chua (President, Asia Pacific Region),
Mr Dave Grant (VP Sales Department & Education, Asia Pacific Region),

Basically, it was a good sharing session which helped us to learn more about Mary Kay.

  I've shared about Mary Kay in my Day 1 post,
so I shall move on & fast-forward a lil' to the finale itself! :)

Headed back to the hotel to wash up,
& prepared for the finale!

#OOTD: Self-manufactured dress from Vaingloriousyou!
 I love the floral prints too much!!
& the material of this dress is of a really good quality.


Arrived at The Space for the night that we were all looking forward to.
I was excited to see the contestants' transformations!

With Chency & Yuyu, both from Malaysia :)

I found our dearest Singapore representative, Ephraim.
That confident smile on her face, I really love.

She looked gorgeous for sure!!

Leslynn did a fabulous job for the makeup!

 Went to the backstage to check it out.......

& it was sure busy & a lil' chaotic in there;
I was not at all surprised because that's how it usually gets during fashion shows/pageants too.
It's normal, chill~~~~

While Leslynn was doing the touch-up.......

Ephraim was making use of the time too. hahahah!

Soon, more guests started to arrive.
So we went back to our seats & waited for the night to begin officially!
With Nancy, from Taiwan.
Pretty hor!

With Charmaine!
Okay a proper photo this time.
& lemme repeat myself again,
she really is stunning.
Natural beauty. Period.

With the bloggers.

 The judges for the night:
(from left to right)
Cara, Gary, Dominic (host for the night), Christie, Sheryl, K.K & Sean.

It was amazing how they transformed this space,
the same place where we had the training day on Day 2,
into this:

Dominic gave his opening speech for the night, introduced the judges..

&.. TADAH!
The night began with the contestants doing their solo walks.
They had to stop in front of the judges to pose & impress them in that short 3 seconds.

Here are some of the contestants for the night:


Official photo

Official photo

Official photo

Official photo

Official photo

Official photo

Official photo

Official photo

Spotted any favourite(s)?
Honestly, you can't just judge from the photos.
You ought to see how they sashayed their ways down the "runway"!
Most of the have transformed SO MUCH
as compared to the day before when they were just undergoing their trainings.
It's like somehow..
They have all injected a boost of "confidence" & "radiance".
They were all shining!!

I'm very sure the consultants, who have watched them grow/change,
would be even more touched by their transformations :)

Mr K.K gave his speech after all the contestants did their solo walks.

& soon, the contestants came out again.
This time, with their consultants.

Official photo

Official photo

Official photo

 Official photo

Official photo

& then..........
4 out of the 5 judges had the chance to pick 2 favourites each, to pick up the Top 8,
They had their own criteria & areas which they looked out for in picking their favourites.
& TADAH......

Announcement of Top 8

2 from Phillipines, 2 from Korea, 1 from Malaysia, 1 from Australia, 1 from Singapore & 1 from Taiwan!

They were each given a question.

The thing about Q&A is.......
it's not exactly about whether you gave a "right" answer.
There is no right or wrong;
rather, it was about how you are able to carry yourself & bring your message across,
yet not losing your composure & confidence! :)

& soon............
The Top 3 were announced!


 We have Arianne (Phillipines), Fatima (Phillipines) & Ephraim (Singapore!!)

2nd runner-up.. Ephraim!
I was already very proud of her by then.
Her confidence had truly made her shine,
& I really think she has portrayed the Mary Kay One Woman Can image well :)

& the winner is..........

She won herself a trip to USA for a Cover shoot for Mary Kay! :)
See the happy tears of her consultant!

This beautiful young lady had appeared shy to many of us,
but on this night, the moment she took the runway,
she was a different person.
Her transformation was beyond amazing.
She was so confident & she took it all so naturally & gracefully.
She totally deserved the win!

Ephraim with Sean Lee

(& then..... my camera died on me. Apologies!)

That pretty summed up my experience for Mary Kay One Woman Can Beauty Contest,
which is one of Mary Kay's greatest events in the 50 years.
& I'm definitely glad to have taken up this opportunity 
& to be able to experience the Mary Kay culture, from this short journey.
Thumbs up to ALL the contestants & consultants.
I truly hope that this transformation will bring you further in life!
Your journey does not end here..
Bring along all that you have learnt from this journey to help you in your future endeavors.
YOU are beautiful, & you know it.
Never let anyone take away your shine, ladies!
(okay I sound naggy here....... but i mean it!)

Last but not least, thank you so much, Mary Kay, for having me. :)

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