f Five Hundred & Sixty Two; supposedly random post turned into a food post :D


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Five Hundred & Sixty Two; supposedly random post turned into a food post :D

August 23, 2013 / ,

Hello there!
I have been working on my Hong Kong trip photos,
please gimme some more time!
& I thought I should do a quick post about the past few days first.
So here goes :) 


Le buddy & I headed to Queensway Shopping Centre to hunt for his sports shoes.
Gosh this place is filled with memories!!
Back in secondary school, 
I would head there with my good friends 
to hunt for our sports shoes & sports bags (which were so in trend back then!)
We would always try our best to slash the prices too :D

The place looked pretty much the same,
except that there are more shops selling some clothes/caps on the second floor now.
& I think the FILA shop is no longer there. hahahah!

So we had the 328 Katong Laksa there,
which was........ pretty decent.
But wasnt impressive at all to me. :/

I wasn't feeling satisfied by the laksa,
I wanted more stuff to munch on!! 
So I spotted this stall on the second floor......

Such simple pleasure!
Can't remember when was the last time I had this,
but I know it was from a pasar malam,
& it didnt taste good at all.

3 peanuts + 2 coconut, 5 for $2.50.
Not that cheap anymore... but this time, 
it was SOOOOO good I had to resist buying another 5 more.

We continued walking around in search of his shoes,
& as we walked past this stall again..........

I just had to buy the muah chee!!

hehheehh. I was too full though,
so I kept it for consumption like 2 hours later.

& it was really good!!
The texture was so QQ & the peanuts tasted good.
Really satisfying :) 

Headed to Pennisula Plaza to continue to shoe hunt.
& afterwhich, it was........
Finally had a try at Keisuke Tokyo Ramen at the Tras Link branch.

Tonkotsu Ramen for buddy;
& Black Spicy Tonkotsu Ramen for me.

What was the difference?
Black spicy basically had a black peppery taste to it :)
I personally preferred the original broth.

Besides the huge seaweed (which I totally loveeee),
free flow of hard-boiled eggs & seasoned beansprouts,
what will definitely bring me back to this ramen stall again,
is the awesome broth & of course, the tamago.
The meat was pretty average though.
According to buddy who has tried it a few times before,
the meat texture seemed to have dropped a bit of standard.
The serving was pretty huge.
I will definitely come back again soon!!!

 Keisuke Tokyo Ramen
1 Tras Link,
#01-19 Orchid Hotel, Singapore
 (It's just less than 5 min from Tanjong Pagar MRT)

Opening Hours: 11:30am-3pm, 6pm-10:30pm Daily


Brunch for two, made by me!

Spent a bit of time with Winter

Camera-shy girl always refuses to pose for my camera.
She was eyeing on the bread on my hand for these two shots hahahha

& then buddy managed to capture this shot of her..
so sweet-looking! :')
with her new treat!

Headed for an event at Ku De Ta at night with special friend, Mel.

Jumpsuit from DIDD :)

with the couple that wins the hearts of many of us :)

& a sinful supper at Meng's Kitchen after that!


Made my first visit to STRIP.
Will blog about it soon!

Followed by a good sharing session with Minister Lim Swee Say.

Together with Benjamin Lee (aka Miyagi), Tracy Phillips,
Clovis Lim, & Karl Lagerfeld (Founders of PasarBella), 
Vincent & Althea (Founders of Gushcloud), 
Steve, Julia & Eunice from NTUC.

I did not have as much to share as compared to some of them,
but I definitely gained from this session.
From this really casual chit-chat session,
I learned more about NTUC (it's not just about the supermarket........!)
& the labour movement in Singapore.
I realized that the Union really has a lot to provide for the public,
but for most people, like me & you, 
we just do not know about them or have never heard about them at all.
For instance, the e2i scheme implemented to help employers & employees.
I think this scheme should to be made known to more employers & employees out there!
Also, the nEbO membership for the youths by ntuc sounded interesting to me too.

By the way, Minister Lim sounded really fatherly. hahahah!

Anyways, the tea session was held at ChopSuey Cafe.
& I thought this cafe was pretty interesting, so....
photos time!
I heard it is owned by the owners of P.S Cafe (which.. i have not been to before. hahah!)

 We ordered their desserts.

Passionfruit Tofu Cheesecake
It was on the sour side, & I liked it!

 Chilli Chocolate Cake
 Very unique, but.....
hmmm lets just say im not used to the taste.

Vietnamese Chocolate Pudding

I think this was the Spicked Pineapple Galette

French Apple Galette
My favourite among all!!

I think just like P.S Cafe,
the price is a lil' on the high end side (to me it is.....).

ChoySuey Cafe
Block 10, Dempsey Road.

 Rushed off to meet le buddy for our date!
It was our monthsary & he bought tickets to Phantom of the Opera :)

I think this was my second time watching a play
(first time was in secondary school,
when we were brought to watch a production by our own drama club I think)
The actors, were really good with their emotions.
I could see the tears in their eyes at certain scenes,
& at one point of the play,
I almost teared.
It was that intense.
& the fact that some of them who were on stage that day were not the main casts,
it goes to show how really good & professional they all are.
I think this play will end on 31st August,
& if you can afford, I really think you should go catch it!

Late dinner was at 2D1N,
which I had been craving for the past weeks!

the side dishes are refillable!

This is a new side dish, & it was REALLY good.
When I asked for refill, the guy mentioned there was "no more refill".
I don't know if he meant that this particular side dish cannot be refilled,
or that they ran out of it. hhahahah.

Honestly, I dont have a thing for raw cucumbers & we didn't touch this at all..

MY FAVOURITE OF ALL: Caramalized sweet potatoes!
I refilled thrice this time.
Sinful, I know!!!!!!!

 This is my third visit, & we ordered the same dish for the third time.
Dakgalbi ($25)
but basically it's BBQ chicken + rice cake + veggies.
& it was really shioooooooooook.
super huge serving meant for 2-4 people.

aiya actually I just realized I blogged about it before.
hahhaahh okaycan, never mind.

2D1N Soju Bang
44/46 Tanjong Pagar Rd, Singapore 088467
It opens til 3am!

 Okay! My quick entry turned out to be not that quick afterall........
Took me more than an hour!
Maybe I'm too long-winded.
have an awesome weekend ahead!!! :)

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