f Five Hundred & Sixty Three; freedom is mine to take.


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Five Hundred & Sixty Three; freedom is mine to take.

August 25, 2013 /

In my dream yesterday night, I was flying. 
Not the high up in the sky kind of flying,
 but I was off the ground & flying from places to places. 
& I was escaping from some escaping tigers. 
Yes, the tigers were charging towards some people, 
but surprisingly they were not trying to attack the people, 
they were just trying to escape & jump over some walls at the corners of different streets. 
The dream was so vivid I could remember these details. 
(It was my second time dreaming of tigers! 
First time was having tigers in a house, not mine though.)

I know a dream is just a dream.. & lucid dream or not, 
I take it as a hint/reminder to me that, freedom is mine to take

In my dream this time, I crossed obstacles & barriers smoothly 
& faced no difficulty while I traveled around (by flying). 
That carefree feeling, was priceless. 
I was in total control of my direction & pace. 
I stopped at some places, met people, & continued to fly. 
In reality, of course it is the opposite. 
Challenges & tripping stones are inevitable..
Well, I guess my career path so far is already a great significance 
of how I chose freedom over the norms, 
& that I will still continue to accumulate my own experiences 
& explore the world at my own speed & with ways that are suited for me. 
& as cliche as it sounds, 

I visualize myself crossing these obstructions/challenges 
eventually no matter how tough they seem to be. 

I don't know about you, 
but I have a habit of finding out what my dreams mean 
if I wake up the next day remembering what I dreamt of. 
That freedom to fly was definitely one of the most splendid 'experiences' ever. 
I'm not a fan of heights (I dont exactly have a 'phobia' though). 
But this flying experience was so.. awesome.

What are some interesting dreams that you have had before?

& suddenly, this photo which i posted a few days ago seemed so apt. :)

Spend more time on knowing yourself; 
& use the ways that are suited for you to experience life & explore the world. 

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