f Five Hundred & Sixty Six; New hair colour revealed!!


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Five Hundred & Sixty Six; New hair colour revealed!!

August 30, 2013 / , ,

How was yesterday's episode of Recruit Diaries?
I had a good laugh at it & I hope you did too! :)
If you missed it, you can still catch it here :)

So, anyways......
I headed down to Salon Vim to do a huge change to my hair.
Thought it was time to do something different to it.
If not now, when?? :)

 Almost wanted to chop off my hair.
maybe the next time!

so what was the final outcome?


This was how it looked liked after bleaching certain parts of the hair 
+ dyeing the rest with brown.
My scalp would not be able to take it if I were to bleach the whole hair.
So highlights were the next best alternative!
Well, but I bleached it with the preparation to chop off my hair the next time round :p

Application of colour dye on the bleached part.

In order to strengthen my hair & give it an additional boost
after the chemicals,
I did the treatment next (which was so essential!!) 

This time, I tried the latest Kerastase treatment!

I was given the orange booster,

followed by the hair mask (the big tub you see).

& of course,
the legendary........
Spaceship steamer.

 My hair smells REALLY nice 
(& yes, as I typed this, I just took my hair to smell it. hahah),
& my previous worry of my hair being all cui-ed seemed redundant.
It feels really smooth & manageable now, even after the bleaching!!

what was the final outcome?


Maroon brown with pale ash(slightly greenish!) highlights!

I have been wanting Ash colour since looooong ago,
but never had the chance to do it.

I love how Lilian (my stylist) did my hair.
I took the same angle for at least 5 photos,
but for each photo, the hair turned out looking very differently.
I could choose to hide it, or show it.

Now you see it....

Now you don't!

The ash green part is mainly 'hidden' inside.

Thank you Lilian for this new change! :)

Took some more photos when I reached home,
to show you how the colour looked like under normal lighting.
(The above photos were taken at salon vim!)

Now you could see it's towards the greenish side. :)

I'm sorry you don't see any front shot at all,
because today was a "all-my-front-shots-looked-unpleasant" day.
hahahahah besides, the side shots could show the streaks more clearly!!
Will definitely find a good chance to snap more photos soon,
& you'll definitely see more (camwhore) pictures on Instagram :)

Thank you Lilian, & thank you Salon Vim! :)

Salon Vim @ 313 Somerset
313 Orchard Road 
 Singapore 238895 
Tel: 68847757/68847767 

There is another outlet at 235 Victoria Street as well.

Quote 'Shine Koh' for 10% off regular-priced services :)

  1. May i know how much did you spend for having a haircut or colouring your hair at salon vim. isit very expensive?

    1. hello! im sponsored by Salon Vim currently, so I do not know the charges for the services. but you can call to check for the current promotions! :)