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Five Hundred & Sixty Four; TWG!

August 26, 2013 / , ,

Just yesterday..
I blogged about my "flying" dream.
& today, I felt the sudden realization of how the dream couldnt be more apt.
I knew it was a hint to tell me something :)

Nevertheless, I do not regret the choice that I made.
I am really glad to have met a mentor who is ever-so-willing to guide.
Thank you for listening to my thoughts & hearing me out.
Thank you, I am really grateful,
& you know who you are!
& I am also thankful to have met a handful of people,
whom I sincerely want to keep in touch with :)

& now.. I'm moving on from this episode,
& finding my next focus!
Will be learning something new in September,
& I can't wait!!!!!!

I guess, when I look back at what happened one year later, 
the future me will laugh at the present me. 
But then again, I take such experience as part & parcel of my learning journey. 
I have learnt to look at it lightly, & most importantly, clearly. 
Current mood: Relaxed. 

 lemme tell you.. learn to laugh at yourself. 
Laugh at your own foolishness, laugh at your own silliness, 
laugh at yourself for not being witty enough, just laugh at yourself! 
When you are able to laugh at yourself, 
you will be able to take the negative things that happen in life with a pinch of salt. :) 

Anyways, today, I finally tried out TWG!!!!
I have always wanted to try the tea here.
It was an impromptu trip though.
Le buddy & I were at ION,
& he wanted to bring me to have some happy food for dessert.
He suggested Marmalade Pantry,
while I wanted to look around for more options.
& tadah!
TWG was the choice :

Did you know that TWG Tea (The Wellness Group Tea) 
was established in Singapore?
Out of curiousity, I also googled to find out what 1837 on the logo stands for..

It was actually the year when tea trade was made official in Singapore.
"A date which TWG Tea honours 
as the commencement of Singapore’s domination 
as the Far East’s most illustrious trading post,
a haven for celebrated tea clippers loaded with the most precious of elixirs."
--TWG website

The menu, tea list & tea book (with information about the different teas)
took me by surprise.

Just look at the number of different tea choices!!
& there were a few more pages!
Felt.. overwhelmed.

We really couldn't decide.

You can ask the staff to let you have a smell at the tea leaves
that you want, before you make your final decision :)

So we chose London-Singapore Tea & Pu-Er Tea eventually.

London-Singapore Tea.
It was....... literally not our cup of tea.

The Pu-er was awesome though!
They have different grades I think,
& buddy chose the grade which cost $18 if I'm not wrong,
& it was reallllllly good.

 Don't remember the exact name,
it was some Choux with ice cream.

The macarons were the bombz.
 We chose the matcha flavour + vanilla something with kaya.
Do not judge them by their colours!
The matcha flavour especially,
I loved it!
$2 each was a lil' too pricey,
but that's just how macarons are priced at right?
& I think it's even more expensive at some other places..?

This impromptu tea session was definitely an luxury to me,
& that is why......
this was definitely an "once in a blue moon" affair.
Mood-lifter nevertheless!

Well at least..
Checked! :)

TWG Tea Salon & Boutique

ION Orchard, 2 Orchard Turn

#02-21 Singapore 238801

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