f Five Hundred & Sixty Five; The Recruit Diaries!


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Five Hundred & Sixty Five; The Recruit Diaries!

August 29, 2013 /

Hello guys!
Making my appearance in Recruit Diaries tonight :)

In case you have yet to hear about it,
Recruit Diaries is a sitcom,
with the story mainly revolving around army guys & their army stories.

Decades ago,
there was a drama production titled "新兵小传",
which was a big hit back then!
And now, Mediacorp has finally produced another similar production,
but instead of a drama, it was made into a sitcom.
I think it's a good thing,
since we do not have much sitcoms nowadays;
and the thing about sitcoms is,
it's usually funny & very relaxing to watch.
Ideal for those of us who just wanna relax after a day of school and work.
I miss those days when sitcoms such as "敢敢做个开心人", "我爱精灵, etc,
were shown!
Anyways, here are some behind-the-scenes photos for tonight's episode.
SNEAK PEEK for y'all! :)

My role in the show is........ Bi Feng!

In every episode, there is a "topic" which revolves around 
past popular drama titles such as “迷离夜” 、“最火搭档” etc.

Tonight, the topic is “青春123”!

& I finished watching the 20 episodes of this show! 

Hayley, Shelia & I took up the roles of ShuXian, LiBing & Bi Feng respectively :)

What will our connection with the guys be like?

We had a lot of fun filming for this show for sure!
Especially with Jeremy around......

I had my first experience of wearing the "army uniform",
& filming in the ulu ulu forest......

You know what is everybody's favourite during shoots like that??


Besides that..
we had another SUPER FUNNY scene at the beach!

My dearest Hayley :)

I wouldn't reveal too much........
but this is a hint:

That's all for now.
Remember our date tonight,
830pm on Channel 8! :)

P.S you can catch up on the previous episodes on XINMSN.
Just search for "Recruit Diaries"!

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