f Five Hundred & Seventy One; Together, we are STRONGER!! Go TEAM SINGAPORE!


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Five Hundred & Seventy One; Together, we are STRONGER!! Go TEAM SINGAPORE!

September 5, 2013 /

Last Saturday (24th Aug), Darryl and I headed down to Toa Payoh Central
for a photoshoot activation with some of our Team Singapore athletes.

I was caught by surprise once I reached the location! 

The shoot was at this open area, just right beside a coffee shop.
A photoshoot right at a crowded heartland area.
Getting up-close to the heartlanders..

I love this concept.
It allowed the residents to have a first-hand experience of how the shoot is done.
Besides, it allowed the public to get up close to our talented national players.

The people involved in the shoot besides the 3 national players present that day.
Why them?
& what was the main reason why the photoshoot was held here?
I'll tell you more in a bit!

& this was during test-shoot,
where the crew were roped in to try the different poses/actions
as instructed by the photographer,
so that when the talents arrive, 
they can carry on with the shoot smoothly with the previously tested poses & all.
That was what I inferred, from personal experiences..

Besides the photoshoot,
there was another area designated for the photobooth!

so Darryl & I started having fun entertaining ourselves with the props,
& taking pictures at the photobooth.
Join #ourteamsg!
A simple call out to Singaporeans to show their support
for Team Singapore athletes who will be
representing us at the upcoming at their upcoming
27th South East Asian (SEA) Games in December,
& the Asean Para Games in Myanmar in January 2014!!

There were instant printouts (& free ice cream coupons)
& on top of that, 
the photos will be used for a photo collage for our team Singapore,
which will be showcased at a later date!

On top of the photos,
messages were left to encourage & show the support for our local athletes!

Being a netball player myself since young,
I totally know how it feels like to have all the support & encouragements.
Although I may not had my chance to be a national player before,
I did have my fair share of experiences representing my schools & club 
for competitive games.
There is this sense of morale boost & motivation
when you know that people are rooting & supporting you.
You know, I really love it when I watch the games on TV or LIVE,
& see people from different countries shouting out loud
& rooting for their country representatives.

Our national team players have definitely trained very hard all these while,
& I think the least that we can all do,
is to show our support!!!
Together, we are stronger.
Do you believe in that?
I strongly do.

The 3 young table-tennis players arrived,
& the shoot soon began for them.
So besides the 3 national players,
(Isabelle Li, Pang Xue Jie & Clarence Chew)
who were the people involved in the shoot?

These people have all supported our young athletes in their own special way and
all of them are from around the Toa Payoh area.

-Blk 186 Toa Payoh Central Coffeeshop chicken rice stall owner & his staff 
(well.. the national paddlers frequent their chicken rice stall so much so 
that the staff are able to remember each of their favourite orders
& always give them extra portions of rice - they needed the extra energy!)

- Toa Payoh Sports & Recreation Centre staff 
who maintains the stadium where the paddlers train at. 

- Their common friends, who train with them 
(not in national squad) since young 
and have seen how the 3 paddlers get better in their sport. 

- High Performance Executive of Singapore Table Tennis Association 
who manages the team’s logistical and administrative arrangements….
the unsung hero in short.

- The ice-cream auntie from the Toa Payoh heartlands
(that’s where the free icecream came from!)

So now, you know why the shoot was held at Toa Payoh Central! :)
This affinity between the Team Singapore players 
& the various people who have been there showing support via different forms
in the sports journey..
Truly displaying the
"Together, we are stronger." spirit! :)

Introducing to you the players:
Isabelle Li, 19 years old.
She represented Singapore in the 1st Youth Olympic Games in 2010
and was a silver medallist!

Pang Xue Jie (20) & Clarence Chew (18)
Clarence was also our Singapore representative at the Youth Olympic Games


What can YOU do to show your support?

1. Upload photos of yourself dressed in red onto Instagram,
(anything red! Red flags, Top, bottoms, dress, shoes, etc.)
& simply hashtag #ourteamsg

2. Join them for the next photobooth activation!!
Have your photos taken at the photobooth,
so that the photos can be used for the photo collage
you can leave your message for the team :)
Show the Singapore Spirit!!

Details of the next few activations at the "Fun to be Fit" Open Houses:

1. Jurong West Sports & Recreation Centre
Saturday, 31 August, 9am to 6pm

2. Choa Chu Kang Sports & Recreation Centre
Saturday, 7 September, 9am to 6pm

3. Jurong East Sports & Recreation Centre
Saturday, 14 September, 9am to 6pm

*Photobooth will be at each Open House for a limited time only so be sure to look out for it!

Together, we are stronger!!!!!!!!

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