f Five Hundred & Fifty Six; A trip to Paris..... on my nails.


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Five Hundred & Fifty Six; A trip to Paris..... on my nails.

July 12, 2013 / , ,

Just visited Sensual Nails Spa yesterday.
So this time........ 
I decided to do a Paris-inspired nail art.

Why so?
Le buddy is in Europe, & the closest I can be.. 
is to have the Eiffel Towel, Macarons, & some kisses on my nails.
(although.. he is not visiting Paris at all. hahahah)

Very pixelated photos I know......
taken with my not-very-trusty-phone's-front-camera.

Clearer photos of my nail art!

This time, Nicole did my nails.
Sensual Nails Spa has just brought in a new product:
Strengthening Gel.

For the past few months,
I was surviving on Hard Gel,
because of my previously REALLY weak nails.
Trust me..
I definitely shocked the manicurists when I first visited Sensual Nails Spa.
My nails were not in good condition at all.
The hard gel helped to protect my nails (because they were too thin).

Now, my nails in a better condition
& I do not have to depend on hard gel anymore.
This new product (strengthening gel) is good for protecting the nails.
For people who do not need hard gel, yet would like to protect the nails from
chipping, breaking, etc.
Two layers were applied,
one to protect my nails, another on top to protect the nail art.
You can request for this strengthening gel when you visit!

I went with Hayley this time,
&.. check out this video which we did:

Hahahhahah we had a good laugh at the video 
& I hope it brightened your day too!

Her set of Minions was toooooo adorable!

Anyways, as mentioned,
Sensual Nails Spa is celebrating its THIRD birthday!

On top of that, 
you can still quote "Shine" to get 10% off regular-priced services!
Address: Blk 507 Bishan Street 11 #01-398 Singapore 570507
(3 minutes walk from Bishan Interchange)
Opening Hours: Mon - Fri: 11:00 - 20:30;
Sat - Sun
: 10:30 - 19:00
Hotline: 6259 0889

Follow them on Instagram to check out their latest awesome designs;
&.. they are on Facebook too :)