f Five Hundred & Fifty Five; Uma-uma ramen, 4 fingers, The Tiramisu Hero, Grill & Pasta, Sho Teppan, Old School Delights.


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Five Hundred & Fifty Five; Uma-uma ramen, 4 fingers, The Tiramisu Hero, Grill & Pasta, Sho Teppan, Old School Delights.

July 11, 2013 / , ,

I was just about to start on this blog entry,
when I saw a comment on Instagram which mentioned that I've not been 
posting food pictures recently.
HAHAHHAH true enough,
I've not really been food-hunting these few weeks.

But I still have a few recommendations,
so here goes!

1. Uma-uma! Ramen

Been hearing quite a bit about Uma-uma!
&.. to add on to #TheRamenAdventure,
le buddy & I finally tried this!

His order was Uma-uma Ramen & I think mine was Tonkatsu ramen 
(im sorry, I really forgot my order!)


Both had different broths & ramen,
Mine was saltier, & had the 'maggie-lookalike' ramen,
while his was the thinner ramen.
I love the tamago & the melt-in-the-mouth-yet-not-too-fatty meat.
As for the broth.. it was good of course!
But I think my favourite thus far would be the Santouka Hokkaido Ramen's version.
Nantsuttei was my second favourite.
Actually.. Marutama has awesome broth too!
The very simple yet tasty version.
I've been wanting to try Ramen Keisuke at Tanjong Pagar (Orchid Hotel)
(I've tried the one at Millenia Walk, but apparently, 
le buddy mentioned that the outlet at Orchid Hotel was better)

Uma Uma Ramen




2. 4 Fingers Crispy Chicken
I've always wondered why the long queue all the time for this.
Seemed overpriced to me, so I've never tried.
But when I finally did.......
It's so awesome!!!!!!
The crispy skin that were not too "flour-y" & the tender meat,
& most importantly, the marination was the bomb.

Shared the 3 pc chicken meal with le buddy.
My advice is.. do not order the "Hot" version.
I can take spicy stuff very well,
but I felt that the hot version did not do justice to the chicken.
hahahah. like the tasty marination was covered by the spicyness;
the other one was much better!
We took the seaweed version for the fries.

4 Fingers Crispy Chicken
2 Orchard Turn #B4-06A
ION Orchard, Singapore 238801

3. Sembawang Hill Food Centre

The place to come whenever I crave for cheap yet awesome pasta!
For a price much lower than most restaurants,
you can get a same (if not better quality) plate of pasta @ Grill & Pasta (#01-34)
I'm sorry I didn't remember the price of the pastas but if I am not wrong....
this plate of Arrabiata cost $5.90

& $7.90 for this Carbonara.

Very generous amount of servings!
Comfort food, at a much more affordable price than most restaurants.
& it never fails to get le buddy & my pasta cravings satisfied!

The fish soup beside is awesome too!
One of my next best alternatives to Han Kee Fishsoup. 

Fresh Fish Seafood Soup #01-36
The fish is really fresh, & the uncle gives generous servings too.
If you are there, check out the stall.
Take a look at how the uncle placed the coins & utensils orderly.
Apparently, he created those "tools" himself.
Really interesting & creative!!

Sembawang Hill Food Centre
590 Upper Thomson Rd, Singapore 574419

4. The Tiramisu Hero

Received these cute tiramisu on a Monday,
& that totally brightened up my day!

Besides tiramisu, they have them in other flavours 
such as milo, horlicks & strawberry.
I received the tiramisu & milo (for my niece!) ones.
& of course.. I shared the love with my family & friends!
Apparently, my Mummee loved them.
I was kind of surprised because she has never liked tiramisu!!
My sis & I felt that the taste could be slightly stronger,
but still, it was good enough for us.
I think the owners made them less sweet & the taste less strong,
to cater to my Mummee's taste.
You can customize your preferences of course! :)

The Tiramisu Hero

5. Sho Teppan

Met up with Mandy & Kylie over lunch.
Headed to Sho Teppan for a relatively healthier lunch.
Psst, lunch value meal: $8.90++
I ordered chicken slices, with Kimchi soup.
I think among the 3 soup bases, the sweet one was the best.
(forgot the name. but you can check with the staff!)
 I changed my udon to salad as well
(so I had 2 servings of salad instead. Act yi ge, I know.)
& I was glad I did.
Felt soooooo full afterwards even without the rice/udon.

By the way, I've tried the Teppanyaki before too.
& I liked it!

My crazy friends, I like.

Actually.. we did some random crazy Instavideos.
If you want some entertainments,
you can check them out here: #Thecrazythreefriends

Sho Teppan

Raffles City Shopping Centre252 North Bridge Road

#B1-44B Singapore 179103

(There is another outlet @ ION)

On that very same day,
I met up with special friend & Melvin for some prata @ Upper Thomson.

 Didn't take any photos of the food.
you can imagine them.

6. Udders 

The next day, I headed back to Upper Thomson again.
This time, for....... Ice Cream!
Wanted to have ice cream with waffles,
but ended up having just the cones.
Reason? $2 cheaper. hahhahah.
 2 scoops of ice cream + cone, $7.

Zann's ice cream Sundae.
 $10.90 if I'm not wrong.


246D Upper Thomson Road

Singapore 574370

It was a Friday, & by 8++pm,

the place got really crowded.

So we left, & I brought Zann to Old School Delights!

7. Old School Delights

Mentioned this place before.
I thought Zann would like the ambiance of OSD,
True enough, she did.
& also, the moment she stepped in,
she fell in love with.............

This robot.
The chicken nibblets & chocolate teh-cino were gooooooooood.
so sinfully shiooooook.

 Old School Delights
Upper Thomson Rd, 574408

That's all!

Anyways, I read another book by Andy Andrews
(the same author as The Traveler's Gift) recently!
Will share the things I've learnt from this book soon.

Ending off with my favourite photo of the week. :)

  1. My favourite is Santoka Ramen too! I will keep a look out for the western food at Sembawang Hill Food Centre when I next visit the FC.

    Thanks! The food all look so yummy.

  2. That's not an Aglio Olio?

    1. Made a mistake! Thank you for pointing it out to me :)