f Five Hundred & Forty Nine; GOOD NEWS!!! [Asia Style Collection]


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Five Hundred & Forty Nine; GOOD NEWS!!! [Asia Style Collection]

June 15, 2013 /

I'm here to share some awesome news!!!


I'll be involved in Asia Style Collection on 22nd June!! 
I was so happy when I saw the confirmation email!

Together with 5 other Gushcloud bloggers: 
Eunice Annabel, Rachel Wong, Naomi Neo,Tricia & Asyiha, 
we will be involved in the runway segment
featuring outfits from local designers :)

Some time ago, 
about 15-20 Gushcloud bloggers 
went for a casting at Mediacorp with the Style X Style department. 
6 of us were eventually selected. 
We are really lucky because..
We will be sharing the stage the Asian stars such as..
Girls' Generation & 2NE1!
In addition,
our Caldecott Queen (Zoe Tay) 
& many other Mediacorp artistes 
i.e Paige Chua, Ann Kok, Dai Yang Tian (just to name a few)
will be walking the runway too.

What is Asia Style Collection about??

Asia Style Collection is a catwalk-meets-concert held by Style X Style
at Singapore Expo on 22nd June 2013 (that's next Saturday!!). 
The event features the first-ever collaboration of 
with performances by some of the Asia's most popular stars s
uch as Girls' Generation & 2NE1 .

So yes, THIS is what Asia Style Collection is about! 

ThinkFashion + Music
This is one of the most grand events held in Singapore.
Now you know why I couldn't contain my excitement!!
If you have not purchased your tickets, you can still do so here!!

I understand that some of you may not be able to afford the tickets.. 
Lemme tell you a piece of good news....... 
You can win a pair of tickets!!


1. Visit Style X Style
2. Sign up for an account
3. Post up your OOTD photo(s)
4. Hashtag #styleXstyle #Gushcloud in order to qualify for the contest. 
5. The user with the most ‘loves’ on their OOTDs will win 1 pair of ASC CAT C Tickets (worth $376). 

There will be 3 pairs to be given out!

It really is that simple!
I've signed up for an account & uploaded my photos,
all done using my mobile phone while in the train.

So yes, hurry & send in your entries!

Looking forward to the fitting session on Monday
to find out what clothes I'll be wearing!!!!!!
Sneak preview?
Instagram maybe? :D
& of course..... counting down to 22nd June already!!!! 

  1. Hi dear, any idea how do we know if we get selected for the tickets?

    1. im so sorry! i only just saw this comment.. the winners were notified before the event. :)