f Five Hundred & Forty Eight; Blessed, I am.


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Five Hundred & Forty Eight; Blessed, I am.

June 11, 2013 / ,

Good morning world! It's now 607am, & I'm typing this as I'm waiting for my train. This morning, I woke up feeling blessed. I don't know why, but I just felt really blessed. I slept for barely 1.5hrs so perhaps my brain has not quite rested & thus all the random thoughts. Hahahah. In any case, I thought I should jot down this feeling here. I know I have a habit of ranting here when I feel stressed/confused/emotional & all, so I thought, I should also jot down these positive feelings. *inserts angel emoticon*

I woke up feeling blessed,
because I feel that no matter what happens, my family will always be here to stay. I do not come from a well-to-do family, & my family has our own problems/issues to deal with,"家家有本難念的經";  but at the end of the day, we have each other. This itself, is a blessing. We may have been through our fair share of hardships, but if we were to compare to some other families out there, we are still fortunate to have what we have. I guess it's human nature to compare. You see someone who seemingly leads a far better & comfortable life than you, & you envy, & you wish you could be like him/her. Guilty as charged, I feel that sometimes too. So may I suggest, that the best way to balance ourselves, is to not merely compare with someone 'above' us, but also compare with someone who is living far worse than we are. It may not be someone we know, but hey, there are really still others who are not so lucky as we are, to even be able to stay in a house with no worries of basic necessities. I've had my experience of worrying about electricity & water being cut off & even having to worry about basic 3 meals. No exaggeration, but I've experienced those when I was much younger. But it was also because of those experiences, that I can now count my blessings & be grateful for all that I have.. I am blessed, because I have a mummy who, despite all the hardships that she has been through for the past two decades, loves us so much & puts in her heart, soul & everything for the family. At the end of the day, we stay strong & happy, all because of her. I am blessed, because I get to receive her unconditional love, which has kept us going all these while. Her health has not been good recently, & all I ask for, is The One up there, to please be kind to her & bless her with a healthier body. I think she deserves to lead a better life from now on.. 

Despite the stress & dilemma that I've been facing recently due to my mum's health, I strongly believe that this ordeal that we face, is but a blessing in disguise. I belive that this is just a test, for the family to become even stronger, & for us to work even harder. I stil believe in silver linings, I still believe in seeing the pot of gold at the end of the rainbow. Life may be tougher, but we can still pull through. Because once again, my mum is the main source of motivation.
My mum is my pride, my joy, my life! :)

I woke up feeling blessed, also because I think I've been really fortunate thus far with the opportunites that I have. Although there are many times that I wish I could achieve much more, but when I really sit down & think about it, I know I ought to be really grateful for what I already have, while continuing to work harder to achieve more. I told myself that 2013 is the year to make or break. Almost half of June is gone now, & I would say at this point of time, I still can't decide if I'm making or breaking it thus far. I could be sad & emotional that I haven't quite "make" it & met my expectations, or I could choose to be positive & look on the bright side of life, that I still have another half year to strive even harder (& at the same time, crossing my fingers toes hair & eyes for lady luck to smile at me. hahahah) 

In any case, in short.. what I really want to say is.. no matter how tough it may seem, try counting your blessings more than your problems. & I think you can get by your days easier & better. To all who is facing some sort of problems/difficulties at this junction, don't give up. Have some dosage of 'Positivity'. It's not any ''magic', but you may be amazed by the wonders it can do so long as you choose to stay positive. Okay abrupt ending because I've reached my stop. Ganbatte!! :)

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