f Five Hundred & Fifty Two; Asia Style Collection 2013


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Five Hundred & Fifty Two; Asia Style Collection 2013

June 30, 2013 / , ,

Asia Style Collection

Remember that I mentioned about Asia Style Collection recently?
I'm finally here to blog about it!
Lemme start off with the fitting session.


Fitting session was at Robinsons @ JEMS (ze new shopping mall at Jurong!).

So Marcus, the creative director & project coordinator for ASC,
allocated us each to a local designer rack.
& from there, we chose the items that we liked the most.

ODDS by Reckless Ericka for me 

Tried on quite a number of items

& my final pick?


With Asyiha & Eunice


Headed down to Sensual Nails Spa
to get my nails done for the show!
& check out my monochrome design..........!
Follow them on Instagram to stay updated with their latest designs!

Decided to go monochrome this time to match my red dress.
Very satisfied with my nail design, as always!

Headed to Expo for rehearsal next.

This runway is at least 30 metres long.
& this, is my longest runway show ever.
Thank you Gushcloud & styleXstyle for allowing me to have this experience.
I received a model casting notice for this event as well,
but if i went for it.. 
the likelihood of me getting selected would have been very low.
The models are either really tall, or non-local. 
so yes, I was there as one of the Gushcloud bloggers :)

Actual Day

We reported at 5pm for hair & makeup.

4/6 of us.
Tricia, Asyiha, Eunice;

After the hair & makeup was done, 
there was a lot of free time.
So, it's..... photo time!

With Jayley;

With Tracy & Jayley;

With Shane;
Spot the difference........
in the difference in our heights this time!
Back in the days when we were filming for "It Takes Two",
I had to wear 4inch high heels on some days,
& when I had the heels on,
I always like to put my arm on his shoulders to tell him that we are almost of the same height.
(but he was still taller. 
okay, shanethics, he IS taller! ;p)

With Yang Tian;
I asked him if he could remember who I am.
& to my surprise, he did.
I doubt he remembered my name,
but he remembered me from the show which I had a small involvement in,
which was surprising enough! 

With GePing 大哥; 

We had some time to attend 2NE1's Press conference.

& yup, we were this close to them.
Photo credits to: Gushcloud

& then there was Girls Generation,
which I didn't see cause we were busy changing i think?
Photo credits to: Tricia

With Daniel, from styleXstyle;
Photo credits to: Eunice 

With Sharon;
There is just something about her that is really attractive.
& she is really friendly as well.
Photo credits to: Eunice 

Photo credits to: Tricia

Had our heels on to practise our walks.
Asyiha, Naomi, Rachel, Eunice, Tricia.
Photo credits to: Tricia

Photo credits to: Tricia

With Tricia;
Photo credits to: Tricia

Spot the difference now!

our dearest Gushcloud manager, Sheena, with Ann;

With Ann;

Screams: YAHUI!!!! SHEILA!!
*inside joke*

Changed into our outfit, & all ready to go!

 Salon Vim, I need you soon!!!!

With Sora;


Photo credits to: Reiee

Thank you Reiee :) 
Photo credits to: Reiee

Thank you Tyler for capturing this shot of us! :)
Photo credits to: Tyler

Photo credits to: Tyler

Photo credits to: Tyler

Photo credits to: Tyler

Us, after our walk!

Act yi ge fierce.

Gorgeous Sheila.
It's no wonder she is Singapore's top model;
just look at how she took the runway!

With Chris, a MUA in Mediacorp;

Photo credits to: Tricia

With Issac Dang;
Photo credits to: Tricia

With Tracy;
Photo credits to: Tricia

Thank you Marcus!
Photo credits to: Tricia

in case you didn't know..
'Asia Style Collection 2013' will be shown on Channel U,
today (30th June) at 8pm!
So yes, you can catch your favourite celebrities tonight.
I'm gonna watch it too because I missed out most of the show that night
since we were preparing backstage!

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