f Five Hundred & Fifty One; Mummee's birthday! :)


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Five Hundred & Fifty One; Mummee's birthday! :)

June 25, 2013 /

Today, my wonderwoman turned 54.

For the first time in 24 years,
I could not celebrate with her on her actual birthday,
due to studio filming..
I was a lil' affected initially because she means a lot to me,
& I really want to spend her birthday with her,
a dinner at least..
I got over it though,
because I knew this is my job nature & I've kinda gotten used to it.
we celebrated her birthday 2 days in advance!

The beautiful birthday you see here,
is proudly sponsored by My Sister Bakes.
I requested for a blue cake because my Mummee likes blue.

You know how some cakes looks gorgeous on the outside,
with super prettaye designs/figurines and all,
but the cake inside is barely edible i.e too dry, weird taste, etc?
This one caught us by surprise!
It was a heavy & moist dark chocolate cake inside
that was not too sweet because the owners knew I wanted it for my Mummee.
Very considerate :)

By the way, the owners also sponsored me three boxes of cupcakes one week ago.
I brought it to the studio & shared the love!
Apparently, it was really well-received!
(Left to Right): Red velvet cupcake with nutella filling; Lemon meringue with lemon curd filling; 
Blackforest with black cherry filling; 
Apple & strawberry crumble.

I tried the Red Velvet with nutella filling, 
& it was so shiok!!

The fillings inside the cupcakes are one of its unique selling points I guess.

You can find out more about them here:

Back to my Mummee's birthday!

& then the cutie pie aka my niece decided that she wanted to too!

Such sweet & precious moments.. :')
My Mummee is a happy grandma!

Headed out to Swensen's for dinner.

Public Display of Affection!!!! (PDA)

Mummee's order: Fish & Chips

My order: Crayfish Pasta (with additional Chilli Padi!)
Honestly, it wasn't as tasty/shiok as I expected it to be.

Bro-in-law's order: half BBQ Chicken

My niece's order: Crabmeat Fried Rice
Technically speaking, it was us who ordered for her.
hhahahah she wanted burger set but she still having her cough & all,
so we didn't want her to have the fries.
Bought this for her so that she could have the rice.
Soft-shell crab...... in our tummies.

Sis's order: Chicken Mushroom Penne
 I think this was prolly only my third visit to Swensen's in 24 years.

Sticky Chewy Chocolate for Mummee!

happywoman59 because she gets to have her chocolate ice cream ;p

希望您能永远健健康康、笑口常开 :')
My wonderwoman, I love you so so much!!
It's really time for you to rest & to enjoy life..
I will work really hard.
Thank you for supporting me,
& believing in me all these while.
I wish you health & happiness for eternity. :')
& I hope for your birthday next year,
we can bring you for an overseas trip.
Your first plane ride ever! 

I love you!!!!!!!

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